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K is for Kissing

I hope I don’t sound too shameless, but I love kissing my husband. The man can stop me dead in my tracks with his kisses. I am completely incapable of coherent thoughts when Dale works his magic. And there’s nothing more magical than wedding day kisses.

June 14, 1997
Our first kiss as husband and wife. I love the way the sun is literally making Dale’s hair just glow. And I love the way his hands are laced together against my back. Sigh.

This one was outside the church. Do you see that dreamy look on my face? Now that’s what I’m talking about.

And, finally, one last kiss before we depart for the reception. I’m swooning with the memories.

Our 9th wedding anniversary is next week and the kissing hasn’t slowed down yet. I’m betting it never will.

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  1. Those are wonderful! Look at the minister’s expression in the first one — he seems to appreciate a good kiss too. Wonderful 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the upcoming 9th wedding anniversary, Carole.

    Here’s to many more years of smoochin’ for the two of you.

  3. you rock girl! aren’t great kissers just the best!
    and it seems this may well be a trend with the “K” theme – check out Karen over at needlesandwool 🙂

  4. Awwwwwww. Love the bouquet, and the dress. Happy anniversary! (We are coming up on, er, more than 9 years. OK, 25. Yikes.)

  5. Happy anniversary. Our 25th is next week. We don’t have any pictures as we eloped. Cherish those photo-memories.

  6. Aw, so sweet and romantic. What a gorgeous bride!
    Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!
    Our 10th is tomarrow. 🙂

  7. You go girl! I totally understand what you mean; swooning and a good kiss sure make you feel good. Congratulations Carol.

  8. This is the most delightful “K” I have found yet! I can just see that dreamy look, and that man is one lucky guy since you haven’t gotten over him yet. That first photo is so very romantic!

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