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At the Fair

I had planned on posting about spinning today because I have been spinning. And I’ve made some half-way decent looking yarn lately. But, since I never actually photographed the yarn, and now it’s raining, that post is going to have to wait. Instead, I’m going to share some pictures taken at the fair we went to last weekend.

There were sheep.

And, for the uninformed, a sign explaining about the sheep. It seems to me they left out a step or two in the explanation about turning a fleece into two jackets but maybe I’m just being picky.

There was a kangaroo. I wonder if his fur is spinnable.

There were rides.

Doesn’t Hannah look thrilled to be on a kiddie ride with her nephew Patrick? Ah, the joys of teenagers.

There were deep-fried twinkies. And deep fried candy bars. Because, you know, a plain old candy bar is just so 2005.

There were also things of which there are no photographs. Like corn dogs and fireworks. And Dale soaking the bloke and Patrick winning a prize at the dart game.

It was a great night.

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  1. Someone must have figured out you can deep-fry anything and people will eat it! Looks like a fun weekend-I’m feeling a bit like a ‘roo lately myself!

  2. It looks like loads of fun. I’m sure a man wrote up the sign for the sheep. A woman would never leave out the part about how you make yarn!
    Can’t help thinking the kangaroo needs a pal…poor thing.

  3. I’ve had deep-fried Oreos. Nasty.

    The sign was obviously created by someone who still believes in the Knitting Fairy.

  4. Thank you for the sign about sheep and jackets. YOur blog is not only entertaining, it’s informative. And deep fried Twinkies, whodathunkit? (I grew up near the Wonder Bread Factory in Natick, so I know all about the Twinkie. lol)
    And the kangaroo? That’s a surprise.

  5. Your Hannah is a good sport ’cause my Hannah would kill me if I posted a photo of her riding a kiddie ride.

  6. I agree that this rainy weather been such a bummer for photography. When the rain finally stops all my neighbors crank up their lawnmowers and I am outside with knitting, five different ‘posing chairs’ and my camera 😉

    That fair looks like so much fun. My little guy loves that ‘Speedway’ ride! He went on it for the first time last year at the Big E.

  7. I’ve never tried a deep-fried twinkie (or seen one, for that matter) are they good? They must be good, they’re FRIED!

    Hannah does look absolutely thrilled. Deep-down thrilled. Deep-down-in-the-innermost-recesses-of-her-being thrilled. I recognize that look – Dobby adopts it frequently. ;o)

  8. Gorgeous fair photos. I’m sure glad they explained about sheep because some people might have been confused. I’m with Margene – the kangaroo needs a friend. Deep fried twinkies and candy bars? Are they good?

  9. I haven’t been to a good old fashioned fair in probably a decade! I keep meaning to go to our county fair but then it always passes me by because they have them so much earlier here than back in MN that I never remember until it has already left, LOL! It looks like a great time!

  10. Oh how fun! Our county fair has “Treat Street”, loaded with the usual fair food and some California specialities… one of the highlights of summer! Great photos, but looking forward to seeing your yarn.

  11. Are deep fried twinkies actually good? Or are they just for those with dangerously low cholesterol?

    And, um… what is soaking the bloke? It well, kinda sounds like a nice way to say there were porta-potties at the fair…

  12. Excellent signage – I guess they skipped “and then a miracle occurred and the fleeces became a coat.”

    I boggle to think what the next deep-fried fair food sensation will be…

  13. “Soak the Bloke” = Dunk Tank (at least where I’m from) Some willing soul sits on a board over a tank of (usually icy cold, often cloudy…) water while the “soaker” throws baseballs at a small target located on the side of the tank. When the targer is struck with enough force, the plank on which the “bloke” sits gives way, dropping him into the water. The teens in my camping club have done this as a fund raiser during our massive Camp-O-Rama on the beach in Rhode Island, and they are particularly successful at getting various club officers and “names” to volunteer as “bloke”.

  14. Deep fried twinkies!! Oh, good lord.

    The candy bars, not so unheard of for me–this is a staple at all English fish & chip shops I’ve ever been to, no matter how teeny: deep fried (battered, of course) Mars bars. Don’t ask me why Mars bars. It is a Mystery of Life.


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