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Bead Soup Bracelet

I first saw one of these bracelets on Emma’s blog. Then I saw several on Katy’s. And Katy assured me that it was fun and easy to make one. So, I bought a kit from EarthFaire to make one for myself. And then I procrastinated. Truth be told, I was a bit intimidated by the whole process. But again, Katy assured me that I would enjoy it. Finally, a week ago Sunday, on a hot and humid afternoon, I sat in the air-conditioned bedroom and watched 24 and strung beads. And then knit the bracelet on the 4th of July while Dale was singing at the parade in Plymouth.



I’m quite pleased! Katy was right – it’s fun and easy. It took about an hour to string the beads and maybe two hours to knit. I do highly recommend stringing beads one day and knitting another just so you don’t go completely blind with these teeny beads but you could do it all in one day if you had to. And it definitely stretches quite a bit, so make it shorter than you think it should be. This purple one is actually a bit big on me now but I still love it.



I got so excited, I ordered 4 more kits. I just think these will make fantastic gifts. But that red one up there? That is so mine.

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  1. I’ve seen those and almost ordered. Now I must. I just started the “Perdita” pattern in the new Knitty and found that knitting with beads is so fun! I think the way the Knitty pattern has you knit them on seems to let them slip around too much though (unless I’m just doing it wrong), so I hope to learn more techniques for putting the beads on.

  2. Very cool! I did a little bead knitting last summer and totally enjoyed it. Those bracelets look great. No doubt I’ll be adding a kit or two to the stash myself 🙂

  3. I really like those. And I really like purple (surprise, I know). I may have to cart myself off and do a little lemming shopping now.

  4. Knitting with beads is fun, isn’t it. Much more fun than crocheting with beads.

    Your granddaughter is quite precious!

  5. I keep meaning to bead crochet an evening bag–I have all the materials, I just need to chart out the design–but I keep not getting around to it. Maybe I should put it on the holiday gift list…

  6. Everyone is saying “oooooooo” so I feel like a dork for just doing the same thing, but man, Ooooooooo – I love the bracelet! Tres fun, and just a little flirty!

    And hey!!! How about that nomination for your Amazing Lace Poem!!!! Congrats! You go girl!!

  7. Guess what I just bought….. did you have them make cuustom mixes for you? I just ordered the random one, and if it is fun and easy for me, I am going to do the wine and olive one.

  8. I think small amounts of bead knitting works best; you are so right about stringing one day and knitting another! Lovely gifting plan.

  9. wow! I love the random quality it seems to have! I’m eyeing the kits now… hmm… time to start my Christmas knitting, methinks! Thanks for the link. 🙂

  10. You know, I don’t know if you swing both ways or anything, but if you check out her crocheted bead bracelets, you’ll start to think that the bead soup bracelets are an absolute endless chore. You can do one of the crochet bracelets in an hour. Seriously. Great gifts. I gave a crocheted leaf bracelet to my SIL last xmas. Now I want one of the bead spinners…and there has been some purchasing of bead crochet books, I won’t lie. Now in storage, though.

  11. Damn you! I have a budget, you know. Stop making me want new and sparkly things. But they would make such great gifts, you’re right….STOP IT, I SAY!

  12. Oh my goodness, beautiful. I’m waiting for mine in the mail and all of a sudden they are popping up everywhere. I was at EarthFaire to order some beads for a lace project and these kits popped in my field of vision. I enjoyed seeing yours and now wait for my package in anticipation. I’m thinking Christmas gifts….

  13. ADORE the bracelet…but, being an avid 24 fan, I’m baffled how you could do that AND watch simultaneously!!! That’s one show I have trouble doing anything but stockinette while I’m watching–and even THAT’s iffy! I’m tres impressed, and again, LOVE the bracelets. I think I’m in for some online ordering asap. Thanks!:-)

  14. I love your braclet! I tried to order the kit but for some reason I couldn’t get past the delivery page. So I emailed and Ellen was kind enough to send me her phone number. So I have been able to order the kit and 2 spools of the thread to make more! Wow, now I can combine 2 of my favorite crafts. Knitting and jewelery making.

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