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Vacation Touring

As my final entry about our vacation on the Cape I’m going to tell you about a little touring that we did. Then I’ll move on, I promise!

We visited Falmouth one day and shopped and walked around a bit. We also visited Hyannis one evening. It was okay but Hyannis isn’t as fun as I remembered. My favorite day of touring, though, was the day we went to Provincetown. I haven’t been to P-town in the summer since I was a kid and, unlike Hyannis, it was even better than I remembered.

We did some shopping and walking around, of course. The stores are fun and full of unique and funky stuff. We didn’t buy too much but we did all manage to find cool sunglasses.

The beaches and beach houses are beautiful!

We had a terrific lunch at Waydowntown. The beach was literally on the other side of our table. And the Mojitos were the best I’ve ever had.

It’s sad to say farewell to such a wonderful vacation. At least I got to bring one of these two home with me. The other is spending the rest of her summer on Martha’s Vineyard. The little brat.

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  1. MAN! I wish I could spend the rest of my summer on the Vineyard. And mojitos are one of my favorite drinks – maybe an off-season trip to the Cape is in order.

  2. After leaving London and moving to MA…all of your visiting friends from the UK wanted to visit the Vineyard….the funny bit was the way they mispronounced it. Truly vIne. It was a bit of fun correcting their mistakes for once!

  3. Ahhhh – to relive my misspent youth of every summer on the Vineyard. I didn’t even know I had it so good, and now its gone. Hope Hannah is NOT doing what I used to do 😉

  4. P-town is great. Did you get to the beaches on the ocean side, by the Lifesaving Station? And the nightlife can’t be beat. I was a bit disappointed by Hyannis too. The main drag used to be fun to walk at night, now it’s turned into a plain vanilla mall that could be in Anytown, USA.

  5. Do you know? I’ve never made it to Provincetown. I think my mother is constitutionally unable to make it further along Cape Cod than Falmouth and Woods Hole and the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Which, of course, is where she is now. Without me. And all these pictures of yours aren’t helping!

  6. Never had a mojito. Never been to the northern part of the east coast. Poor me. 🙁 Thanks for the great pix! I just love to see pictures of beaches (I too, prefer empty beaches).

  7. Cape Cod is wonderful place to vacation. I haven’t been there in years but looking at your pictures really brought me back! Thanks for sharing them!

  8. Oh, that Hannah is a lucky girl!! I’ve enjoyed your vacation quite a lot. ; ) Thanks for sharing a little of it with us.

  9. Its been so long since I took a beach vacation that I am having a hard time remebering when it was. I love to sit on the beach with my knitting. I used to spend most of my summer doing that (or repairing oriental rugs on my beach blanket). What fun. I love the knitters tan. Thanks for bring all those good memories flooding back.
    Maybe in September….

  10. Oh Lucky Gal!!!
    I used to spend summers on MV when I was growing up. My grandfather had a summer house in Oak Bluffs (just on the outskirts of the campmeeting area, near the tabernacle.. behind the main street) My uncle sold the house when my Grandpa passed away unfortunately.

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