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Wednesday Knitting

Look! A finished baby sweater!

This is the Child’s Placket Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and it is indeed a gift. According to the book this sweater is supposed to take 4-6 hours. Yeah. When pigs fly. Now granted, I started and ripped and started and ripped because first my gauge was too loose and then I realized I didn’t have the corrected version of the pattern. I’m sure that threw off my timing. I was also confused about attaching the arms and, even with wonderful help from Rachel and Cari, that did slow me down a bit. Bit still. 4-6 hours of knitting? Doubtful.

Look! Cables!

You guys really inspired me with your comments and encouragement about my irrational cable fears. So, while I was between projects this past weekend, I pulled out this book I got from Knit Picks, Cable Needle Freedom by Carole Wulster. And I’m working my way through it and it’s not too bad. I think it hurts my wrists a little bit and I know I could use sharper pointed needles but the charts and symbols, which have been my biggest challenge, are starting to make sense. I can see that at some point it might even be kind of fun.

Look! Handspun yarn cakes!

Next up: Susan’s Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl and Voodoo Wristwarmers with my own handspun. Squeee!

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  1. Beautiful handspun! My wrist burns from plying with a spindle. I’ll be happy for a wheel. YAY for cables! Good needles are essential for cables. Addis just don’t work that well for me and you might find another needle better, too. The baby sweater is so cute.

  2. Great baby sweater.

    That cable looks like the Saxon braid that makes up Samus, among other popular knits. I never did finish my Samus, but I did finish the braid part. It’s the first project where I did the cable without a cable needle. Much easier for me, the person who loses whatever she puts down, especially if it’s small.

  3. That placket sweater is so cute! It’s high on my list of things to knit for the coming neice/nephew. I don’t see myself finishing it in 4-6 hours though.
    I like those little buttons you used, looks like they match the yarn perfectly!

  4. Your cables look wonderful! Glad you’ve overcome your fear of them. You are such a talented knitter, cables must seem truly simple to you.
    The baby sweater is so adorable.
    Oh, and the handspun, lovely!

  5. You’re doing great with those cables. Funny how our own thinking can be an obstacle. Glad you got past that. And that baby sweater – so woot cute.

  6. The cables are beautiful! Isn’t it fun to step outside your comfort zone now and then.
    The baby sweater is so cute! I always laugh when I see a sweater, even a tiny one, saying it can be knit in 4-6 hours. I like to knit. Why would I want to be done so quickly?

  7. Good for you for overcoming your fear of cables…. then you even pick a harder one to practice. I am glad you mentioned the sweater correction. I have a friend who is working on that sweater and very frustrated.

  8. Oh, handspun looks fab! So does the baby sweater! I love knitting baby stuff. Even if it does take longer than 4 hours to do, it’s still quicker than knitting for grown-ups. 😉

    I love your cables! Believe it or not, my first knit project was a cabled sweater. I didn’t know any better I guess! Ignorance is bliss. heh.

    Cable on!

  9. Love the cables and the green. I have to write out cables — you know, words instead of charts. It’s the one area where I can’t use charts — I’m with you, I think it’s the symbols.

    I’ve heard that sweater pattern has a few snags, but yours sure is cute.

  10. I just finished the FCS and it is a real pleasure to knit. I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be in your very own handspun!

  11. Cute baby sweater! I have been looking around for baby sweater patterns for 2 babies coming the beginning of next year. I’m glad you noted there were corrections to this pattern.

    Your cables look great. Looks like you tackled that fear. I haven’t tried cabling without a needle yet. I kind of get stuck doing things the way I learned them and don’t deal with change well. lol

    Two new handspun projects! Cool. I want to start using up some of mine too.

  12. Such a cutie, the baby sweater — but yeah, no way 4-6 hours! Yay for the cables. Aero needles are great for cables, I find. I suppose those new Knitpicks ones might be, too, but I don’t have those.

  13. Everyone is knitting baby sweaters lately. Hmmm… I need to make a couple myself come to think of it. Yours is really cute. But you know the only baby thing I’ve ever knit in 4-5 hrs was a bonnet. I think those people are nuts!

  14. cute baby sweater – I always wonder if they mean it when they say 4-6 hours. duhhh.
    congrats on conquering the cables! once you get into a rhythm they are very fun… but I have to knit them in a quiet place.
    have fun with your handspun – it’s lovely.

  15. Cute sweater! I love the wrist-warmers too- I made a pair last year, and they came in handy on our camping trip last weekend. I could sit by the fire and toast marshmallows without getting the fingers messy!

  16. Hey Carole! Beautiful cables!!!!! I knitted the same ones once and they were the most difficult ones i ever knitted!! standing ovation for your courage!!!

  17. Look!!! I’m catching up on your blog. I’ve missed you! I love the baby sweater and am very impressed with the cables. You rock! TTFN, but will be back soon. 🙂

  18. Wow! Look at the nice stuff coming off your needles. For me, if the book says an hour, it will take me a week. Your cables are great!

  19. The sweater looks great! I’ve made three of them, but have no idea how long each took me… Now I’m curious and kind of wishing I’d kept track. It is a fast project, but I certainly spent more than four hours on each.

  20. I think the time estimates in LMKG is a bit on the generous side. Hourglass took longer and Ombre took a LOT longer than she said they should. Oh well, the sweater is adorable. Your cables are wonderful and I can’t wait to watch you knit w/ your handspun.

  21. Hurray for the cables! Way to tackle your fear! (grin) They look great, too, which always helps.

    And the placket sweater? Adorable. I liked that pattern–baby knits just come up so fast!

  22. Well gee Carole, you could have started out with some easy’ish looking cables. Here I was thinking “hm, I’ve never had cable fear”. The fearless are obviously the less intelligent of us. hehe Not bright enough to be intimidated by cables – that looks AWESOME!!!

    You’re beating me at EVERYTHING – I was hoping to use some homespun to make Susan’s Forest Canopy Shawl too! Oh, and the baby sweater – so teeny!! 🙂

  23. The cable swatch looks fabulous — you have definitely *got* it! And I LOVE the baby sweater — it’s adorable; but 4-6 hours — no way. I actually don’t really think that there is a true “Last Minute” Knitted Gift — things always take longer than projected. Maybe a washcloth can be done quickly, but not much else.

  24. Carole, I love the baby sweater and the cables are fantastic! You look like a pro – cables are great, all you have to do is check to make sure they are going in the right direction, before you are up 10″ from the mistake! I LOVE your handspun; good thing all your girls get along so well LOL

  25. Nice cables! They really pop in that yarn. Sharp needles are key for so many knitting projects, I can’t really think of anything I’d use blunt needles for.

  26. I don’t think you were scared at all of cables! Your cables look great! I like the baby sweater too. So cute. The estimated time to finish a project is grossly overestimated in my opinion, but that’s a project I’ve been itching to make.

  27. I have insinuated before on my blog that Joelle Hoverson (the author of Last Minute Knitted Gifts) partakes of a series of illegal hallucinogenic drugs. There is no other explanation for her time-to-knit estimations.

    That aside, though, the sweater came out adorably! I hope you’re happy with the result. I’m sure it will go faster the next time you knit it.

  28. And now you can see that cables are a total walk in the park, right? 😉 I mean, there are those crazy St*rm*re-type cables with purls in the middle of them and so on, but your basic three-over-three or two-over-two cable is nothing to fear. I had the same “click” the other day about stranded knitting… “I was afraid of *this*?” 😉

    (Of course, I haven’t had to steek anything just yet…)

  29. YAH! Carole does cables! I knew you could. Cables are cinchy compared to the intricate beautiful lace that you create!

  30. Adorable baby sweater! That pattern is a winner – but yeah – 4-6 hours?? Suuuuuuuure.

    Your cables are looking fantastic. So even! Sharp points really do help! Change up the needles if you need to 🙂

  31. Cute baby sweater! Must be the season for baby sweaters. 🙂 Congrats on conquering your cable fears! And I’m looking forward to seeing those lovely yarn cakes knit up.

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