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Walk With Me (and Dixie) Wednesday


Dale and I and Dixie, our yellow lab, went for a walk together last weekend and I took it as an opportunity to prepare a Walk With Me Wednesday post for Judy. Plus, after reading Mason’s post on Monday, the dog is demanding equal time.

We walked where we almost always walk, to the river behind our house. Our family calls this “down back” and it’s where Dale’s brother Randy and his wife Mary live. The walk is nice for the dog because she doesn’t have to wear a leash and she gets to take a dip or two along the way. It’s nice for Dale and I because we see deer prints and turkey tracks and get to experience being in the woods while really only being minutes away from home. It’s a wonderful escape from the real world and we don’t take advantage of it nearly as much as we should.


There used to be a dock just about where the dog is in that photo. When Dale and I were dating we used to visit this spot and sit on the dock quite often. We would sometimes share a picnic of sandwiches or wine and bread and cheese. And we would talk and talk and talk. We talked about the past and the hurts and disappointments we had both experienced. And we talked about the future and what our lives together would be like. We built a very strong foundation for our relationship right in that spot. Sadly, the dock washed away in a storm a few years ago. But the memory of the time we spent sitting together on that dock is something I’ll always cherish.

And now here we are, 10 years later, with a blended family that includes a lovable dog and a very precocious cat. And we’re still walking and talking together whenever we have the chance.


Dixie says, “Thanks for coming along on the walk. I’m going to go harass the cat now. Woof.”

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  1. Dixie is adorable- beautiful smile just like her mommy. I think she and my Rosie would get along famously. Great walk and I love hearing about how special that spot is to you and Dale.

  2. Dixie, you are beautiful and articulate, if not quite so long-winded (or long-tailed) as Mason.

    The true Platonic dock that lives in your heart cannot be washed away.

  3. What a fantastic spot to have so close to home. My Riley is now terribly jealous and demanding I take him to the off leash park for a trundle in the woods today.

  4. The wild turkeys…I miss them. But not the skunks. They were always letting loose in our yard. P U!! And when they were squashed on the road…and say you were stuck in traffic on 3 and you didn’t think driving on the shoulder was safe. 😉 What was that turkey farm down there? We got our turkeys there–and turkey pot pies. Of course, they were delivered by the milk truck. I forget their name too. Hornstra. Sigh. Lovely pictures.

  5. How pretty! Makes me miss the farm, where we use to call it ‘out back.’ Same idea-good memories too. And just not the same unless you have a dog to keep you company…

  6. How pretty! Makes me miss the farm, where we use to call it ‘out back.’ Same idea-good memories too. And just not the same unless you have a dog to keep you company…

  7. Carole – thanks for the pictures! I can visualize the little dock in my mind. And, to Dixie – you’re a pretty handsome dog! Be nice to Mason!

  8. Awww. I love this! And posts like this are part of what makes us love visiting your blog. Thanks Carole. 🙂

    P.S. Hi Dixie – you’re so huggable!

  9. I really enjoyed reading this about your getaway walk. We used to have land behind us that led to a preserve, but they built townhouses on the path behind us so we can’t access the preserve that way anymore. Thanks Carole for allowing me to escape for a few with your walk!

  10. Miss Lulu and Dave seem to share a brain. *L*

    What a wonderful tale and lovely area. Cute doggie, too. Don’t tell the cat I said that, though. She’ll kill me in my sleep for something like that. o.0

  11. Dixie is adorable and I think it’s so lovely that you and Dale still walk and talk together. You should rebuild the dock – such good memories there.

  12. Apparently I am slower than I thought, because it never occurred to me that you didn’t actually have to *walk* on Wednesday. You could walk another day, and *post* it on Wednesday. And to think my mom thought I was the smart one.

  13. What wonderful memories to have, and such a beautiful place, too. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Dixie is such a doll!

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