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X is for Xmas Decorations

Boy, coming up with a post for the letter X was tough! And I’m breaking one of my strict rules because I don’t ever refer to Christmas as Xmas. The things I’ll do for the blog, man oh man. So anyway, yeah, X is for Xmas Decorations. I have a few shitload.

This is the mantle in the living room. The print that hangs there is one that Dale and I bought together for our first married Christmas. It’s the first Christmas decoration that goes up, usually on Thanksgiving night.

A close up of the mantle shows the Nativity that I cross stitched on perforated paper about a million years ago. It was actually a really fun project and I’m so happy to pull this out every year.

Also from the living room, this is how I decorate over my windows. Of course the greens are artificial (remember W is for Woodstove) but I think they’re pretty with the red berries and pine cones.

I have four of these Swedish Dala horses. I think I started collecting them when I was in college. My mom used to buy me one every Christmas but as they got bigger they got more expensive so she stopped. I’d love to get more, though. (hi Dale! hint, hint)

Finally, there are the many, many snowmen. These guys hang out in the dining room on the hutch.

And these guys hang out in the kitchen. There are more snowmen on the piano and on the kitchen hutch, too.

Of all the snowmen, though, this guy is my absolute favorite. He has to be placed on top of the refrigerator, though, because Mason has a thing for his fur collar. I kid you not when I tell you that the cat will drag this snowman, and he’s pretty heavy, through the house and hide him from me if he’s not placed somewhere beyond reach. So, it’s the top of the fridge for this guy. I think he likes it up there, though, where he is Lord of All He Surveys.

Of course, this is just a sampling of my Xmas decorations. There are more greens and more lights. There are wreaths on the doors and lights on the bushes and a decorated sled by the back door. There’s no tree just yet (remember again W is for Woodstove) but things are quite festive at Chez Carole Knits.

I told you yesterday that it looked like Christmas had thrown up all over my house. Now you know I wasn’t kidding!

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  1. WOW! Great use of the letter X. Your decorations are so nice. All those snowmen. It’s a good thing they aren’t real what with the W. Has your home ever been photographed for a magazine? It looks like it should be!

  2. Fabulous! Now I know where to go to get into the spirit. Funny thing how all of this decorating for businesses just does not do it for me.

  3. So cute! Love it and if you’re going to do it you may as well go all the way. I have a collection of Santa’s that rival your Snowmen…too much fun!

  4. Your decorations are so beautiful! You’re way ahead of me though…I too love collecting snowmen–I also have a collection of santas!

  5. WOW!!! We just have some cheapass Charlie Brown Christmas tree and it’s even questionable if that makes it out of the box this year…maybe I’ll just print pics of your and tape them around the house 😉

  6. I love decorations any time of year, but Christmas is the best. And you do it up quite well! I made a snowman family a number of years ago and DH bought a couple. That’s as close to snow as he wants to get.

  7. Ditto on the Swedish horses–how beautiful!

    Have you got eight million lights outside, too? 🙂 There’s actually a family up the road from us that has their own cherry-picker (!) to help them hang their decorations. Their house literally stops traffic.

  8. Man, I love the Swedish horses! Love love love them. Need to lookout for some of those. And thanks for the inspiration…I need to start making it look like Christmas in my house too!

  9. So, do you like snowmen :)? I love Dala horses too. We spent a year in Denmark when I was younger and I got hooked on them too. Also, the log cabin mantel thingy is gorgeous!

  10. We decorated last night – but I don’t have nearly that many! 🙂 I do love the Swedish Dala horses – those are beautiful! and the greenery atop your windows is a great touch as well 😉

  11. I will never, ever doubt your observations when you say that a holiday has thrown up in your house! You weren’t kidding! (It all looks wonderfully cozy and homey.)

  12. Gorgeous decorations. You’re getting me into the Christmas spirit. Maybe I’ll try to get most of my decorations out this weekend (we wait for the tree too) – then it will be fetive even without the tree.

  13. Throw in a few Santas and some little trees and my mom’s house looks like that ALL YEAR LONG. o.0

    But once a year like that is cute since you like it and all. 😉

  14. I was just bemoaning to DH last night that no shops around here have any Swedish decorations. There are no Tomten, no Dala Horses, no straw ornaments or straw goats… *sigh* I wonder if we’ll get to Willmar earlier enough to procure a few things from House of Jacobs to have for next year…

  15. It was x-mas or x-ray and we don’t want you breaking anything.

    I would love to see Mason dragging that thing across the house. *L*

  16. No you weren’t kidding but it all looks wonderful! So fun and festive! I’d love to see Mason “working out” with his snowman, LOL!

  17. Wow. You weren’t kidding. And that’s no polite little ‘urp’ either. ;o)

    I just can’t bring myself to put Christmas decorations up before December. Not like I’ve got long to wait now though.

  18. Wow…that is a lot of xmas decorations! It’s so festive! I used to decorate for the holiday’s like that…then I became lazy. 🙂

  19. Holy coldfront Batman! There’s a boatload of snowmen here! i’m packing away the evryday stuff myself to make room. Your place looks lovely!

  20. Carole, your place looks so inviting! Guess I’d better start digging things out soon…you’re making me feel like scrooge!

  21. Oh man – your home is already looking lovely. I just love Christmas. I collect snowmen too – another thing we have in common?!
    That painting above your mantle is so beautiful.

  22. Dang, I was going to use Xmas, but I have virtually no decorations, so it wasn’t going to work very well anyway… There’s a REALLY big one of those horses in Mora, MN, if Dale feels adventurous and felonious. 😉

  23. That’s a great X–why didn’t I think of that?? (grin)

    (And, I agree, you shouldn’t refer to it as Xmas . . . but, well, this was one time the abbreviation was merited!)

  24. Wahoo! What a fun tour of your house.. you could be on some kind of map of best-decorated houses for the holidays. I love it; thanks for helping me “get in the spirit”.

  25. What beautiful quilts you have made. I love the one over the fireplace….beautiful. Snowmen are my winter favorite colletibles too…we must have been sisters in another life…LOL

  26. Wow, you don’t mess around with the decorations! You have a great collection. I’m afraid I don’t put out many decorations because I just hate putting them away again — I find it so sad. I love homes that are well decorated, though! Enjoy the season!

  27. So glad to learn that someone else enjoys snowmen! Yours are darling. I found your blog with a link from Anne at knitspot and will be returning. Have a Blessed Holiday Season.

  28. Your snowman collection is cute! Did you see the felted snowmen Cindy photographed on her blog? I thought of you when I saw them.

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