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Yarn Aboard – Sock Style

You guys know all about Yarn Aboard 2 by now, right? It’s a really simple but fun swap. You get a package filled with goodies for you. You take out your stuff. You say thank you to the person who sent you stuff. You blog about the stuff. You put in stuff for someone else and you send it on to them. And then you’re done. Simple, right?

And yet, people signed up for this swap and are now blowing it off. One person hijacked two boxes. Someone else hijacked another. And then someone else received a package, got mad at Amanda, and then refused to send stuff to the next person on the list. Personalities aside, when you agree to participate in a swap, you agree to follow the rules. And the number one rule of this swap is that you send the package on to a new person.

Luckily for me, most people are following the rules just fine.

Look who made his way to my house from Portugal New Jersey. It’s the long lost explorer, Vasco De Gama.

He sure came crammed with goodies from Ina. Don’t you just love the lime green tissue paper?

Let’s see. There’s Fleece Artist Sock Yarn. I’ve only knit with this yarn once before and I loved the experience. I’m quite thrilled to have the chance to knit with it again. And Regia Silk. Silk Sock Yarn – woot! There’s candy and fruit crisps (which were absofreakinlutely delicious) and macadamia nuts and cappuccino espresso coffee beans. There’s also a very cool sock pattern.

Ina did a fabulous job stuffing this box with things I love. Thanks so much, Ina! I love it all!

And honestly, given the recent drama that has befallen the whole Yarn Aboard swap, well, I feel really really lucky to have my explorer arrive safely. Thanks, Amanda for organizing the swap and replacing packages and sending reminder emails and just generally being a terrific swap hostess. I had a blast!

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  1. Oh it stinks that there have been party poopers! You got a lovely box of goodies. The Fleece Artist sock yarn has been on my radar lately. I may have to get some…

  2. That’s terrible that people weren’t following through on the swap but I’m glad you got your package. It looks like you’ve got a lot of great stuff!

  3. Your box of goodies looks wonderful.
    It is so rotten that some people choose to be slackers! It makes you wonder why they join the swaps in the first place.

  4. I spent a little time catching up on that drama… wow, what a story. It is sad that the swap was effected that way. However, you really ended up with some amazing goodies! That is really neat! Have fun with that luscious silk!! 🙂

  5. How petty and counterproductive! Those swaps are supposed to make you feel good! I don’t join any because I don’t trust my own ability to follow through, but I love reading about the stuff you guys put together! Call it swapping vicariously.

  6. Huh…I wondered why it was taking so long to get a package to me. 🙁 And probably the person I’m supposed to send to is wondering that as well.

  7. People amaze me with their kindness and amaze me even more when they are selfish and unkind. Amanda is a saint! Lucky you! Look at all the socky goodness and I KNOW you’ll enjoy it all. I’ve been dying for some Fleece Artist sock yarn…it might be the only yarn I haven’t tried. Knit if first, OK!?

  8. Amanda is a saint! (I don’t generally participate in swaps because I worry that I will drop the ball somehow)

  9. The Yarn Aboard swaps have been so much fun, and I was so disgusted when I read Amanda’s post about the hijackings. I’m amazed at how inconsiderate people can be. I’m glad to see that de Gama made it to your port of call unharmed, and that he arrived bearing such wonderful goodies!

  10. It has been such a great swap and i loved the goodies that Henry Hudson brought me. It’s such a shame that some people have spoiled it for others. Amanda really is wonderful to put up with it all.

  11. I just read through the”drama” and was flabberghasted by the hijackings and buccaneering. It’s really a shame. Amanda has taken such time and effort to do this and to get such grief in return is mean.

    Your goodies are wonderful.

  12. Yummy goodies! And silk sock yarn!? So very cool. Ina put together a great package for you — enjoy it all. And thanks for the kudos my friend :o)

  13. That’s a fabulous package. Amanda has done a terrific job with these swaps — I’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating.

  14. You did get a good haul — lovely fleece artist stuff. Isn’t drama fun? My yarn co-op is crashing and burning right now… I agree with you, Carole. Participate and have fun. Things are so much more pleasant that way.

  15. Lovely haul! The silk sock yarn looks fantastic – do be sure to keep us posted when you decide on a project for it! Is Amanda sponsoring another Yarn Aboard (3) after all the drama?

  16. I managed to miss this swap entirely, which sounds like it might not be such a bad thing. I’m glad you got such cool stuff, though!

  17. Wow – that’s a fantastic package. I participated in this swap too and had such fun. I was really sad when I heard how rude and inconsiderate some were being. Amanda really IS a saint!

  18. i went back and read through all of the drama too. man…what poor attitudes. and how is it that jackie from PA got two boxes!? i was very tempted to comment on here’s and that tania person’s blog “hey wtf?!” but i didn’t. because that would be rude.

    anyway. looks like you got some cool stuff. swaps are fun but i’m worried i’ll disappoint so i don’t play.

  19. ooo-la-la – belissimo – (is that the right language for Vasco?)
    Silk sock yarn… have you died and gone to heaven, or what! And I love Fleece Artist yarn. very fun box – enjoy your goodies!

  20. We had a family version of the travelling explorer years ago. It was a little statue of ET with a tag saying he wanted to go home. He travelled in family member’s luggage, without their knowledge until unpacking him. I heard recently that he resurfaced after 20 years. Now many of us are knitters and I think we should tack on some yarn for ET to travel with.

  21. What a lovely package. I’m so glad that you’ve had a good time with this.

    Sadly, I’m not surprised that there are selfish greedy people out there who were clearly raised by poorly socalized rabid wolves. I did one swap and, while I had an okay time of it, I know others did not. I won’t be doing that again. Now I’m hoping for a nice invite only swap or something. 😕

    Aren’t people amazing? o.0

  22. The whole Yarn Aboard drama is just ridiculous – and it pisses me off. If you sign up for something, you follow through. If you don’t follow through, karma is going to bite you directly on the ass.

    Thankfully I didn’t have any problems with the Yarn Aboard swap, but I feel bad for those who got caught up in the selfishness.

    Your package looks way cool! I love that Regia Silk – and have been dying to try it for a while. Let me know if it’s as soft after knit up as I think it will be, ok? ;o)

  23. Your package is wonderful! Such amazing goodies! I’m glad it worked out for you but the drama is exactly why I don’t do swaps anymore…I got badly burned twice (so much for “second chances”)and as much as I want to join, I resist. Didn’t even Better Pals which was designed to avoid the drama and flake out, tank too? Sheesh, why do people act that way?

    PS – The regia silk is splendid as is the fleece artist! Ina sure knows the way to a sock knitters heart!

  24. What a great idea for a swap & how sad that a few people tried to spoil it for the rest! Don’t you feel totally lucky that your box didn’t “disappear”?

    What a wonderful package you received!

  25. that person should just forward her box of stuff to the next person–and be done with it. how rude. i am glad you received your box. it looks terrific.

  26. Rules is rules… as the little kids say! I had been thinking how fun and clever this whole swap was, and now feel really bad for those of you caught up in the drama. Good job posting and adding positive harmony, Carole.

  27. I will have to go read about the drama. It is sad when people can’t play nice isn’t it?

    Your box of goodies however looks pretty darn great! It should give you something to smile about this weekend for sure!

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