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Post Christmas

I didn’t make my usual 7:00 am posting time today. You see, I usually write my posts a day in advance and then they are ready for posting in the morning. But the weekend was such a whirlwind of Christmas activity that I never got a chance. Forgive me for being late?

Our Christmas was wonderful. Family and friends gathered at our home on Christmas Eve to eat and celebrate with us. We had traditional Swedish foods, of course, and mostly just spent the evening enjoying everyone’s company.

Christmas morning got off to a slow start. You know you have a teenager when she doesn’t even got up until 9 am on Christmas! We spent the morning opening gifts, drinking coffee and eating leftovers. Then we spent the afternoon leisurely preparing the prime rib and some side dishes for dinner at my father-in-law’s house. Thirteen of us gathered for an early evening dinner and it was so nice to have everyone together at the same table! The food was fabulous, everyone helped and it was a great meal.

Let’s see. What’s left to tell you? Oh, my gifts. I got some wonderful things from Dale and the kids and other family members. In the end, everything fit in my new, gigantic L.L. Bean bag.


Well, everything except this.

My new Hitchhiker Wheel. Thanks, Dale.

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  1. The red one! I love it — use it well!!!! So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. (And the LL Bean bag — well, you know my love of that product.)

  2. I’m so glad to hear that you had such a nice holiday! It looks like you got some lovely gifts. I love the LL Bean tote bags. I have a couple of the really big ones, and I use them all the time. Very handy! Enjoy the new wheel, too.

  3. Wow! Cute hitchhiker! That bag will make a nice carrying case for it, but probably not with all the other presents still in there.


  4. Now THAT’S a gift! Yeah, the teen thing…can’t even get a kidlike grin at Christmas-until they start opening that is. A very Merry season to you and yours. Enjoy!

  5. Wow! What a fun looking wheel. I’ve never even heard of that one. Love the LL Bean bag too. Think of the fiber you could care in that baby!!

  6. Ooh, congratulations! It sounds like a great Christmas. We had a leisurely one, too–we ate breakfast BEFORE opening presents . . . not even Chappy got to open one earlier! (grin)

  7. Gone are the days of trying to hold off the child. My baby is 21 and didn’t get up until noon (and then only because that’s what time her boyfriend came over). This year I was the one anxiously awaiting for her to get up!

  8. Great wheel! My boys didn’t get up until after 8 and they are 9 and 4. I had to wake the youngest up so that he would be ready when everyone got there!

  9. I do my posts the same way! 🙂 Ok, I’ve never seen a hitchhiker wheel before – love the authentic hitchhiking hand detail…

  10. I used to use a gigantic LL Bean bag for carting Christmas gifts back and forth to NJ. Now it holds a small portion of the stash. Yikes. Dave can have Dale’s gay brother, I’m wondering if Dale has a straight brother? 😉

  11. You will love your hitch hiker! I take mine camping all the time. Why use that beautiful new bag for your wheel – you can a similar one at Ocean State Job Lot for $6 that fits the wheel perfectly!


  12. Glad your Xmas was great. I have to tell you in that photo you posted of your new wheel… it sure does look like an odd duck! But I bet it spins wonderfully.

  13. whoopdiedoo, a new wheel!
    you’re lucky you have grandchildren, i mean really, what’s the point of my having a son who got married at an early age, if he doesn’t fork over a grandbaby!!!
    your chirstmas sounds wonderful 🙂

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