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Random Wednesday

I think all the shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking and entertaining has turned my brain to mush. I can’t seem to get my act together today for a coherent post so you’re going to get one of the Random Wednesday variety.

*It’s hard to get a shot of the grandchildren that’s good of both of them. Especially when one is 18 months old and the other is much more interested in his new video game than in having his picture taken.


*The only knitting I’ve been doing is plain stockinette on an Opal sock. I can’t even seem to muster the energy to work on a very basic red scarf.

*The new wheel is fun but, like any new wheel, it’s going to take some adjustment. I have a hard time getting it to spin consistently in the same direction. Any advice from you hitchhiker owners?

*Yarnival submissions are still open but only until January 1st. If you haven’t entered yet, now is the time.

And finally, because my random stuff doesn’t seem all that entertaining:

My Fortune Cookie told me:
The skeletons in your closet are rattling.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

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  1. I can’t even put a post together, so good for you! The babies are too cute! Rattling skeletons? Uh-oh, but don’t they ALL rattle?

  2. I’m dying to know what the skeletons know;-)
    It’s ok to just relax and knit in the round. At least you’re knitting but it would also be ok if you just stared at the wall after all you did in preperation for Christmas!

  3. Those fortunes are great! I can totally relate to the post-holiday brain mush re: posting. Good thing I have a healthy backlog of cat photos… probably no one will ever notice! 🙂 Cute grandkids!!

  4. No worries — the only thing I seem able to knit is basket-weave washcloths. I cast on with one color left over from past projects, and when it runs out, switch to some other color. Bind off, and cast on for the next one. When that color runs out (repeat). As for the Hitchhiker, my recollection from the one I tried at Rhinebeck is that I needed to have my foot pretty far back on the treadle, so I could ‘rock’ over the pivot point and always be powering the wheel, rather than just powering it on the downstroke (does that make sense?).

  5. I’d say that’s a pretty good picture of both of them! At the very least it seems to capture them as they probably actually look. How many interesting kids will really sit primly on the couch anyway?

    I have just made a couple Yarnival submissions and will probably make one more — I’m sure you don’t need me to say that obviously I have no expectation that you’ll use all (or even any) of them!

  6. Photos like the one you showed us of the adorable grandkids always turn out to be my fav’s in the long run – it shows the kids exactly as they are – big brother busy, yet lovingly tolerating little sis. It’s a great shot, and they are beautiful!
    btw – I agree with whoever said it before me, that with all you did over the past few weeks, it seems like you deserve a rest for awhile. Anyway you can take a short one?

  7. Hi Carole,

    You have to make sure your toe goes all the way down and then follow with your heel the same way. It is a bit harder than most wheels to get it going consistenly. Keep working at it.

  8. Cute grandkids. I still can’t believe you HAVE grandkids. Aren’t you supposed to be mushy brained after the holidays? Everyone I know is.

  9. Yeah, my brain is mushy too, but it’s not completely comatose. Good grief, woman! I am going to start calling you Carole the Crazy Wheel Lady.

    I’m glad your Christmas was bright, and those kids sure are cute.

  10. I feel really badly about the Yarnival thing because I have not entered anything, but . . . I have no idea what kind of post of mine you’d be interested in! Glad you had a good Christmas, though.

  11. Great picture of the grandkids :o)

    As for Hitchhikers – I’ve heard some people have those issues. Have you tried looking at the Yahoo groups? There’s one for Lendrum owners, so there might be one for Hitchhiker owners…? Maybe?

  12. I have a Hitchhiker–one of the 5 left handed ones. The heel & toe actions gave me fits at first, but with practice it’s become second nature. I love the portability and ruggedness of the Hitchhiker. I do have to start it with a push to the wheel, can’t do the thing where I just start treadling and it goes the right way.

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