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Hitchin’ A Ride

When I showed a picture of my newest wheel I sort of forgot that not everyone has access to the fabulous Dave. Therefore, some of you are not familiar with his reproductions of Canadian Production Wheels, his restoration of antique wheels, and his charming little HitchHiker Wheel. You can read all about it here.

I must admit it’s taken me some time to adjust to this little wheel. First, I couldn’t get her to treadle consistently in a clockwise direction. Then I couldn’t get the tension adjusted right. Either the fiber wasn’t getting enough twist and it was falling apart or it was getting sucked right out of my hand and winding on too quickly. I actually put the wheel in time out for a week because I was getting so frustrated. It was hard to resist her cute little thumb, but I managed.hh_thumb.jpg

Monday afternoon, though, I started to rally a bit from my cold and I could hear her calling me to spin again. I moved her over in front of the couch and started to spin. I was still having trouble so I finally did the first thing I should have done. I stopped spinning with the mystery fiber I had grabbed on Christmas and I started spinning with some BFL instead. Suddenly, everything clicked. The treadling was easy, the wheel spun in the right direction, and the twist was just right. I do believe that the BFL has magical qualities and I need to remember this when I’m adjusting to a new wheel.
See? It’s not as thin as I usually get but I’m making yarn with my new wheel and that’s a good, good thing.

Since I intended this wheel to be my travel wheel, I brought her to spinning at the library last night. She sure is easier to haul around than my Reeves Saxony or even the Lendrum. Luckily, the time I had spent with her in the afternoon paid off and allowed me to spin without embarrassment.

Now she needs a name. I generally take the “brand” name of the wheel and use the same first letter as inspiration for the personal name I choose. That’s how I wound up with Alice the Ashford, Lucy the Lendrum, Rosie the Reeves and Tallulah the Toika. Abigail, my Canadian Production Wheel, is the exception to that rule. Her name was chosen because the woman I bought the wheel from is a docent at the Abigail Adams House and it seemed right to honor both women in naming the wheel.

So, what’s it going to be? Right now I’m leaning towards Hazel but I’m open to suggestions.

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  1. When I saw her I thought Hilda but Hazel is good too. Your singles look good. I’m glad to hear that you feel better.

  2. Carole,
    I like Hazel! She sure is a cutie. I’ve got my eye on the traveling Kiwi for purchase at SPA. I’d like to trade or sell my traddy first though. I was going to try to make the spinning gp last night but weather and body got in the way 🙁

  3. Personally, ladies shouldn’t be hitch hiking. It looks like a Harry the Hitcher to me.
    How do you find the height of the wheel? When we were at the NHSW, it seemed that folks were sitting on low stools to get into the right position. What’s your opinion?

  4. i think the hitchhiker is a boy. so i’m with dave here. i’m thinking “hank” or horatio if you’d like a classier name. i mean look at the size of the foot! that’s not a lady’s foot.

  5. i like Harriet. It is an old classic name and it’s my grandma’s name. I guess that makes me kind of partial.

  6. I had a hard time with my hitchhiker wheel in the beginning too but after of a week or so I was spinning on it just fine! I too agree wiht Dave. Harry the hitchhiker is a pretty cute name.

  7. Hazel seems like a great name. I love your new Hitchhiker. I’ve seen them before, and always thought they were dang cute!

    Glad you’re feeling better. I’ve got a killer sore throat this morning, did you breath on me? 😉

  8. How about Holly, since you got her at Christmas time?

    I’m glad you are getting used to her. I spun on my HH last night at my spinning group. I had her put away for a while and it was hard to get her going again!

  9. Of course, I am partial to things named Hank, so I can totally support Hank the Hitchhiker…

    But! If you really feel that the HH is a girl, then I think she’s a Heidi. Or Hedda.

    And she’s damn cute, too.

    I’ll be bringing my modified Kiwi to SPA! yay! SPA! I can’t WAIT!

  10. You’ve got some good suggestions: Harriet, Holly (like that one). I was thinking Helen, but I like Holly better.

    BFL is magical. I used Romney, which has similar properties, to test drive Nina Skye.

  11. I think that wheel is male, too. Homer? Since he (if it IS a he) could whisper epic tales to you of the sheep whose wool you are spinning! Ulysses used sheep to escape Cyclops and you could use Homer to move from the pressures of daily life into your own quiet space.

  12. Is it a girl? Sounds like it’s a girl… In that case, I like Honoria. Or Helga. No, I like Honoria better. She’ll be getting around a little more than the other girls, and will probably show it sooner than the others, so she needs a refined name that sets her apart, makes you stop and take notice. What do you think? ; ) Good luck!!

  13. I wasn’t thinking about naming my HH, but after Lucia’s brilliant reference, I may need to call him Arthur. He’s not flashy enough to be a Zaphod.

  14. I just love that cute little wheel. Glad that your spinning mojo has kicked in. Hazel’s a great name — you and Julia Roberts would then have a common link (in addition to your intelligence and good looks, that is.)

  15. We’re having enough trouble finding a name for our kid… How about Holly, as in Holly Golightly? Because it sure is a portable wheel!

    When I first spun on the Hitchhiker at MDSW I remember having trouble getting it to go smoothly, takes some getting used to. Glad you’re getting acquainted!

  16. The name has to suit both you and HH, so Hazel may bethe name HH whispered. But if HH is male, I suggest Hans, meaning “God’s gracious gift” according to the baby name site I consulted.

  17. Fun! I know Judy J loves her little wheel, and it sounds like now that you 2 have gotten acquainted you’ll be fast friends. What about Hilda?

  18. Hazel is cute, used to call girl 2 that when she was a baby cause she ran everywhere she went, like Hazel the maid ran for Mr. Baxter. I also like Hillary I don’t know why.

  19. Your wheel is adorable! I’m terrible at naming things though. I’ve had my wheel for 1.5 years and it doesn’t have a name yet, nor doest my now 7yrs with me car or my 1 year with me iPod, or any of my cameras… The only object I’ve really names was my first car – Edward/Eddie… I can’t wait to hear what the wheel gets christened though!

  20. I agree with Dave.

    Henry or Hank. Yes, I love Mr. Rollins. Why do you ask? ;^)

    Oh! And I wonder if that mystery roving was evil or tainted or something.

  21. I like Hank too. I’m curious too on how you find the height of the wheel. I have always thought they were cute, but wondered if they make you slouch when you spin on them.

  22. I’m with Dave on the hitchhiking part, so I’m throwing the name Harvey into the ring. Darling little wheel and glad you are quickly getting the hang of it. Wheel piggie!

  23. Hildegarde? Harriet? Harvey ? Hank?
    I’m glad that you’re beginning to feel a bit better. There’s such a nasty cold going around out here (and there too from the sounds of it!)
    Don’cha just love that BFL?!

  24. Don’t ask me for names – it was all I could do to come up with names for the QP. 🙂

    I like your new wheel. I’m so envious. 🙂

  25. Hi Carole! Long time no read! heh The new wheel…. the thumb reminds me of the “Gig’Em Aggies” logo for the Texas A&M Aggies. Also with that reddish maroon color on the wheel part – the A&M colors are maroon and white! I would be inclined to think of it as a “him” but also feel the urge to refer to the wheel as Aggie. Which is totally away from the male name and also the H thing. But all I can see is that thumb and the maroon color when I look at it!

    I can only imagine how it must be to adjust to a new wheel. I’m going to stick with the spindles, I think. I really feel no serious urge to get a wheel. I’m very intimidated by the adjustments and various parts… plus the fact that I can’t just pick it up and put it on a shelf to get it away from the babies! 🙂

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