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Orange You Glad

Three day weekends aren’t the only perk for this public servant. I also have my very own, very nice, very private office. And that means I can take photos like this:


And this:


I can even take a photo showing you the oh-so-pretty picot edge.


Yes, gentle reader, the orange Opal socks were finally completed last weekend. They fit perfectly and I love them. Of course, I always love Opal socks – it’s the knitting of them that doesn’t always thrill me. You see, to get Opal socks to fit me correctly I need to knit 72 stitches on size 0s and this makes for socks that take a looooong time to finish – almost a whole month for these. I’m going to have to knit for someone with smaller feet if I’m going to make my goal of 20 pairs of socks this year.


Nevertheless, they were worth it and my feet are toasty. Given that the predicted high today is only 23° (thanks, Dave), that’s a very good thing.

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  1. Very nice! Opal has become my go-to yarn for “pretty but mindless” stockinette socks. I love how soft they get after washing.

  2. Those are beautiful socks! The Opal yarn is so pretty.
    It sure is chilly this morning. But I think we’ve been spoiled and this really is normal January.

  3. Finally wintery weather! Baby it’s coooooold outside!
    I don’t know what it is about orange. I simply love the color. Now I want some of that Orangey Opal! The picot edge is a really lovely touch. I hope they keep your feet nice and toasty today.

  4. They are lovely. You think you have it bad, though: my Trekking sock is 120 sts around. That’s right, 120. That could go a long way to explaining why there’s still only one.

  5. i love the orange stripes. i’ll have to talk to the boss, my office isn’t nearly as nice as yours (although at least i have an office).

  6. I love orange so much – such a great cheery color! I regularly have to knit with 72 stitches on size 1s for Lorna’s. I don’t want to contemplate the three balls of Trekking I have in my stash. 80 stitches on 0s? It is a horrifying possibility!

  7. They turned out great! Nice and cheery on a winter day. I have socks in that that same style of Opal, only yellow! Heh, I feel your pain – I have to knit 72 st on 0s for myself, too – and I have size 11 feet. 🙂

  8. I love the socks! I have only knit a few baby socks and just one lonely adult sock so far since I began knitting a year and a half ago. I am going to make my next pair for myself out of the Opal. Thanks for the inspiration! And speaking of cold weather — it was -8 degrees at one point on my drive here today. Brrr.

  9. Ooh, those look cozy. Great way to brighten a cold day!
    I have some Opal in the tiger colorway up in the stash. But size 0’s…I don’t know. 😉

  10. Lovely socks! I am a big fan of Opal sock yarn too. When I first started making socks I made a bunch of them on 0’s. What was I thinking? Now I try to never use that size. It kills my hands.

  11. Opal is my fav too, but I do 72 stitches on size 1 needles…………it’s a bit faster, but not much. So just for faster gratification, I almost always have a spare sock on size 2 needles going at the same time.

  12. Opal is my fav too, but I do 72 stitches on size 1 needles…………it’s a bit faster, but not much. So just for faster gratification, I almost always have a spare sock on size 2 needles going at the same time.

  13. I have wool socks on too but I still think my toes got frostbit. I’m sitting here shivering in my Dale sweater and coat. Our heating system is struggling a bit! Seriously, I might go home.

  14. Well then, I guess you won’t be knitting socks for me and my size 10 feet. Love the orange socks! 72 stitches is what I usually use but I can get away with size 1s.

    It must have been a roast chicken/mashed potatoes kind of weekend ’cause that’s what I made on Saturday. No coconut cake though!

    Glad you liked the math problem on my post. She came up with that all by herself.

  15. I’ve never knit with Opal before and although I don’t want to knit a pair of socks for a month, yours turned out so beautiful it may be worth it!

    I LOVE your picot edge detail! I’ll have to try that in the future on a pair of socks although when I tried to do it on my Fetchings, it looked horrible!

  16. Ah, Opal! My first pair of socks were Opal. I knit them on 1s with 80 sts and I’d have people asking me if I was knitting them for a baby. I was a much tighter knitter then and I did K3, P1 rib. They hold up really well though.

  17. I love that picot edge. It is SO cold out. The hubby said this morning, “I don’t know why you Massachusetts people are always complaining about the cold. I’m from California and am fine with it.” Bah!

  18. Yours are making me rethink my attitude toward picot-edged socks. But not about my attitude toward size 0 needles 😉 Great socks and a great photos!

  19. lovely orangie socks.
    You know, 72 stitches on size 0 was what I just did for my daughter – and I totally agree. It took fa-evah!

  20. I love the socks but, almost more than the socks, I love that you took that picture in your office. You’re the bomb!

  21. ONLY 23? PA – lease. Yesterday’s high was 7 here in MN. Just means we get to wear our socks longer in the year I guess.

  22. Love the orange! So fun!

    Socks take me forever because of my size 10 “boats”… I have never tried socks on a 0 – 1 is the lowest I go!

  23. Opal is still my favorite sock yarn, though STR will probably dethrone it eventually. My Opal socks all wear really well (haven’t lost one yet–even the pair J. ran through the dryer are still in good shape) and I love the zillion and one fun colorways. 🙂

    And, of course, one cannot go wrong with orange…

  24. I’m telling you, a month is light speed for some of us. Very pretty, especially the picot.

  25. I just found your blog and had to laugh when I saw “Orange you Glad” because that was our Christmas theme this year – “Orange you Glad it’s Christmas?” And you guessed it – everything was orange, from the tree decorations to the presents. It was so much fun. Your socks would have fit right in!

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