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Jaywalkers for Jessica

Christine isn’t the only one knitting Jaywalkers these days. I have been, too. And mine are finished, too.


These aren’t actually mine, though, they are for my stepdaughter Jessica. And Jessica has teeny feet. In fact, they are a whole inch and one half shorter than mine and that makes for a fast knit. And Jaywalkers fit her feet perfectly.


Aren’t they lovely? The yarn is Socks That Rock, of course. And I’ve finally made peace with the pooling. To the point that I actually look forward to seeing what it will do.


I just think it’s wicked cool to watch the yarn colors line up and break up and change. I’m not sure what it says about me that I’m entertained by this simple thing. But I do know I’m in excellent company.

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  1. Lucky Jessica. I wonder if knit in a larger size that you have had all that pooling. At least it was in the same place on each sock. What colorway is that? Great socks btw.

  2. Those are lovely socks and Jessica is so lucky to get them. Pooling has never bothered me in socks but when I’ve knit baby sweaters it drives me insane to have a bullseye on it.

  3. STR works really well with the Jaywalker pattern. The ones you knit turned out lovely, pooling and all. I’m sure your stepdaughter will love them!

  4. I am constantly entertained by watching the stitches wrap around the needle. And if they are technicolor, like your socks, then that is an added bonus!!

  5. Very cute!! But oh, they look so teeny. How fun to knit socks for teeny feet (I’m knitting a pair for Pea right now – NOT teeny!!!)

  6. The colors in those socks are great even with the pooling. I think it’s fun to watch the way that the colors follow each other and combine too.

  7. So pretty! Those are great colors – it’s good to see that the Jaywalker is a pattern that can stand the test of time. Maybe I’ll make a pair one of these days.

  8. Carol, I love to look at colors pooling too. I get excited sometimes when an especially nice color stacks up. And that magenta is the perfect little blob for little feet.

  9. Very nice socks. I love to watch the colors change on the yarn and don’t mind the pooling, sometimes it makes neat patterns all its own.

  10. I am going to guess that the colorway is Love in Idleness (I adore that name). Jessica is doubly fortunate, because she has tiny, Jaywalker-friendly feet and because she is now equipped to enter Maryse’s contest. I vote for a brown tweed skirt (or pants, but a skirt would show off the socks better) and yellow shoes.

  11. Hee! You said, “wicked cool” ;o)

    Love the sockage – I’ve been trying to justify attempting that pattern AGAIN to see if it finally works…AGAIN…

  12. Jessica is a lucky girl! I like the colorway. I have never been bothered by pooling in handpainted sock yarn, I think it adds character to the knits.

  13. I guess I’m the oddity — I’ve always enjoyed the way certain yarns pool and flash, it keeps me interested to see how the colors will develop and makes each set of socks seem more “personal”… Love the way those wee-tiny looking Jaywalkers turned out, nice job!

  14. I’m working on a pair of STR in Lucy and am still coming to terms with the pooling. Since they are for me, I actually dropped down 4 stitches just to see what would happen. I didn’t get the stripes back, but the pooling area are definitely smaller.

  15. Lucky girl! Those socks turned out great! I also don’t mind pooling. It’s fun to watch how hand-painted yarns knit up. There’s always a surprise or two in store 🙂

  16. The colorway came out very nice! Sometimes you just had to live with the pooling. Otherwise what are you going to do… never use the yarn? NOT. I’m glad to see that they came out looking a lot like the Jaywalkers I made – almost boot-like in appearance. But they don’t fit like boots, thank goodness. heh

  17. Those are lovely!

    What’s the trick to becoming okay with the puddling? I’ve tired two different colorways of STR and I just can’t stand it.

  18. I just love those! Are these for a special occasion or just because she’s your stepdaughter? Makes me think I should knit a pair for my stepdaughter!

  19. Those are cute…and a great colorway, too! I never even made a pair of these for myself.

    You asked about the mitten book…I say it’s worth it if you can find it at a reasonable (not eBay) price. I’m not sure I’ll use it as much as the SKS book, but it’s still fun to have.

  20. We should start a club! We used to hate pooling but now we don’t club! Like you, it’s become entertaining to see what will happen next.

    Lovely socks. What color?

  21. I love seeing how the colors pool or stripe too.

    My aunt knits lots of socks for my grandma, because she wears size 1 1/2(?) kids shoes.

    I should knit some for my mom, she wears a 3 1/2 in boys.

  22. I guess marching to a different drum has it’s advantages, I’ve never met pooling/flashing I didn’t like! Your socks are lovely and much like your other readers, I must know the colorway!

  23. What sweet little socks! I wish I could figure out how to avoid pooling too….it’s hard. You’ve got a great attitude about it tho’ 🙂

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