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The Blog Turns Turned Two!

Hey! Guess what I forgot? My blog’s 2 year anniversary. It was back on January 29th. Way to go, eh? After all that talk about wanting to have 10,000 comments before the blogiversary, I totally forgot. Thanks, Kristi, for reminding me! But you know what? It’s okay because I came up with a better way to celebrate than I would have had last week. So, really, my brain cramp is going to work to your advantage if you stick with me through this post.

I wrote last year about how CaroleKnits got started. This year, I just want to say how glad I am to still be blogging. How honored I am to have you all reading me. And how fortunate I am to have made some genuine friends through my blog. I’m not going to go all rose-colored-glasses on you and pretend that blogging doesn’t have it’s pitfalls because it certainly does. There is drama and there is angst. There are mean people and wonderful people. There are brilliant and talented writers and knitters and there are those who perhaps should study up on their grammar a bit. Of course we don’t all agree and of course we aren’t all friends. But what we are is a community of people with ideas and stories and skills to share. And that’s why I believe there’s a place at the table for everyone. You. And you. And you, too.

Still here? Good, because here’s your reward. Remember how I mentioned I was test knitting a pattern for Kristi?


I finished them last week and Kristi has now released the pattern. It’s fabulous! She designed an incredible way of knitting the thumb and hand all at once that’s perfectly brilliant. Really, you need to knit these.


I knit mine from Socks that Rock medium weight. The color is “Rare Gem” which was a bonus skein from last year’s Rockin’ Sock Club. They go with everything and they fit perfectly so I can knit and type and do whatever I want without having to take them off. That’s a real plus considering the weather we’ve been having.


So anyway, your reward. Leave me a comment wishing the blog a happy anniversary and telling me why you read CaroleKnits. I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a copy of Kristi’s Two Thumb’s Up pattern along with a skein of Socks That Rock medium weight in the colorway Fire on the Mountain. If you want to double your chances of winning then leave your comment in the form of a poem, limerick or haiku and I’ll enter your name twice.

You have until midnight on Sunday, February 11, 2007 to enter. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, February 12th. I can’t wait to read what you have to say!

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  1. HAPPY BLOGVERSARY! I wish you many many more! The mitts came out fantastic, can’t wait to find out how she did the all in one piece trick 😉

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Starting reading because we seemed like kindred spirits (me and about a million others, lol!). Still here because you are my pal. 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. Happy Belated Blogiversary!
    Why do I read you? Your posts are varied and interesting, the photos are always good, you knit things that I would knit and you regularly post photos of your husband in uniform and there is something about a man in uniform!
    The mitts are lovely. I’m very interested in knitting the thumb and hand at the same time. Keep warm!

  4. Happy Anniversary Carole!! – I sure hope there are many more. I have been following your blog for almost the full 2 years. Your knitting is inspirational and you just seem like a real person…also you are from MA, like me!

  5. Happy anniversary, Carole! I started reading you about a year ago, finding you through Margene. She’s one smart cookie, that girl. She knew how much I would enjoy your writing and your photos!

    Those fingerless mitts are wonderful!! Thanks for the link!

  6. Happy Belated Blogiversary! I’ve added your blog to my bloglines a few months ago because I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, your pictures and the projects that your work on. And I’m also from MA!

  7. Happy Blogiversary! I read because I like that you not only share your knitting, but a piece of yourself as well. I also love your Eye Candy Friday photos (actually, all your photos are beautiful).

  8. Happy Blogiversary. 😀

    I’ve read your blog ever since I was your secret pal…and I’ve enjoyed your photos and your writing style and all of that. 🙂

  9. LOL at Margene’s poem. She, um, should have another cup of coffee. 🙂

    Happy Bloggiversary! I read you because you hounded me until I met up with you in person, and then I drove like an idiot and got us all lost and I liked you (and Dale) and ……

    The End. Hahahahah. Oh, I’m so frisky this morning.

  10. Lovely pattern! Happy Blogiversary to you! I read you because I met you at Estes. I continue to read you because I enjoy your writing and all the interesting information you include on a regular basis as well as your sense of humor. Beautiful mitts too. I might need to get that pattern.

  11. Simply because you
    sound like someone I’d enjoy
    meeting in “real” life.

    Happy blogiversary and many happy returns!

  12. There once was a librarian knitter
    Who had a new date to consider.
    His name was Dale.
    He was quite a fine male,
    And now Carole’s heart is atwitter!

    Sorry. I can only do so much.

    Happy blogiversary, Carole! I so enjoy hearing your stories and seeing your knits.

  13. Happy 2nd Blogiversary! I know sometimes I use too much slang and for a fellow librarian that’s bad…
    I read your blog because…not only do we have many things in common~Librarian, Living Historian/Reenactor, Knitting, Spinning and our lives seem to parallel each other…I feel a special kinship to you Carole! Your daily posts give me something to look forward to reading each day and though I’m a new reader to your blog I enjoy so much the quality content of your posts. I do hope that some day we will get a chance to meet~~in person! I also enjoy so much your Friday Eye Candy photo’s!
    Again…Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

  14. Those are yummy. Happy blogiversary to you and the blog! And I’m not just saying that because I want a prize. I’m so glad your good vibes are a part of our little corner of the blogosphere.

  15. Happy Blogiversary Carole! I read your blog ’cause I liked you the minute I met you at Claudia’s. Anyone who can acquire, what was it? 3 wheels in her first 3 months spinning? is okay by me!

  16. Happy Anniversary Carole! I admit, I have not been there from the beginning. I only started regularly reading your blog after I met you at Rhinebeck, because I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you in person. Usually happens the other way, right?

  17. Shoot, I missed the haiku part. So here’s another go:

    I read Carole Knits
    Because she’s warm and friendly
    Thank you, good Bloglines

  18. AWW! Happy Blogiversary Carole! I’m here because our mutual friendship with Margene brought us together, I think! And you know… once you make a good friend you can’t just stop reading her blog! 🙂

  19. I read it ’cause I like you! Even if I didn’t like you, your pictures are lovely, your writing style is interesting and you make and do so many fun things. There’s always something new at Carole Knits.

    Happy Blogaversary!

  20. Happy blog birthday! I love stopping by your blog…you always have great photos, fun stories, great projects to share. I’d hope we’d be friends if we ever met in “real” life!

  21. Not only for wool
    in life she is beautiful
    knitting is there too

    (Happy Blogiversary! I bet its been a decade or more since I even tried a haiku. A tribute to your inspiration, awful though it be.)

  22. Happy Blogiversary Carole! I read your blog because it’s interesting and fun. Also, I appreciate anyone who finds value in reading the ends of books first!

  23. Carole knits and blogs
    Carole the librarian
    Carole spins and cooks

    Happy Blogiversary, keep up the inspiration for all of us. Blue Skies!

  24. Congratulations on two years! Let’s hope the blog doesn’t have “terrible twos” the way children do! I read daily because I like the way you write, and you frequently post photos that remind me of some of my most favorite road trips to your area.

  25. Happy Blogaversary!

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You write very well and have a great wit about you.
    I love seeing your FO’s too. It doesn’t hurt that you take very nice photos as well.

    Looking forward to more!!!

  26. Happy 2nd blog anniversary!

    I found your blog through Yarn Aboard
    And then it won a JenLa award.
    The blog is now two –
    rah-rah and woo-hoo!
    CaroleKnits readers are never bored. 😉

  27. Hi Carole! Happy blogiversary! Having just started my own blog less than a few months ago, yours was one that inspired me to create a blog home for myself. I appreciate your sincerity, your generosity and your realistic approach to all things. Thanks for being you!

  28. Hey Carole, Happy Blogiversary!! Why do I read you….because you are a warm and caring person and that warmth comes thru in your writing. I’m happy to call you friend 🙂

  29. Happy Blogiversary! I started my blog in April of the same year you started yours. Finding your blog was just a lucky accident. I get a ‘feel’ for you when your write so that’s why I read you.

  30. Wish I could come up with a poem of sorts, but with my mind scattering over the move, I can’t – Interesting to note that we started blogging just 2 days apart! And I ONLY just found you this year…soooooooo glad I did!
    Happy blogaversary!

  31. Why do I read CaroleKnits? Must I choose just one reason?… Okay: I read because I love your sass. I love your unique voice–so honest, so funny.

    And then there’s the spinning wheel p0rn… 😉

  32. *ahem*

    Preparing for Estes last June,
    Reading blogs of all those I’d meet soon,
    Your sweetness and hilarity
    Had me reading with regularity
    Well before that most wondrous afternoon!

    Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week.

  33. Don’t know how I found you.
    Don’t know that I care.
    I only know that reading here
    Is something that I do hold dear.
    Best wishes for another year!
    Now, can you send that pattern here? 🙂

  34. Happy blog anniversary! I read your blog because you make readers feel so welcome here. Not to mention your excellent knitting, spinning, and those great Eye Candy Friday photos!

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