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The Blog Turns Turned Two!

Hey! Guess what I forgot? My blog’s 2 year anniversary. It was back on January 29th. Way to go, eh? After all that talk about wanting to have 10,000 comments before the blogiversary, I totally forgot. Thanks, Kristi, for reminding me! But you know what? It’s okay because I came up with a better way to celebrate than I would have had last week. So, really, my brain cramp is going to work to your advantage if you stick with me through this post.

I wrote last year about how CaroleKnits got started. This year, I just want to say how glad I am to still be blogging. How honored I am to have you all reading me. And how fortunate I am to have made some genuine friends through my blog. I’m not going to go all rose-colored-glasses on you and pretend that blogging doesn’t have it’s pitfalls because it certainly does. There is drama and there is angst. There are mean people and wonderful people. There are brilliant and talented writers and knitters and there are those who perhaps should study up on their grammar a bit. Of course we don’t all agree and of course we aren’t all friends. But what we are is a community of people with ideas and stories and skills to share. And that’s why I believe there’s a place at the table for everyone. You. And you. And you, too.

Still here? Good, because here’s your reward. Remember how I mentioned I was test knitting a pattern for Kristi?


I finished them last week and Kristi has now released the pattern. It’s fabulous! She designed an incredible way of knitting the thumb and hand all at once that’s perfectly brilliant. Really, you need to knit these.


I knit mine from Socks that Rock medium weight. The color is “Rare Gem” which was a bonus skein from last year’s Rockin’ Sock Club. They go with everything and they fit perfectly so I can knit and type and do whatever I want without having to take them off. That’s a real plus considering the weather we’ve been having.


So anyway, your reward. Leave me a comment wishing the blog a happy anniversary and telling me why you read CaroleKnits. I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a copy of Kristi’s Two Thumb’s Up pattern along with a skein of Socks That Rock medium weight in the colorway Fire on the Mountain. If you want to double your chances of winning then leave your comment in the form of a poem, limerick or haiku and I’ll enter your name twice.

You have until midnight on Sunday, February 11, 2007 to enter. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, February 12th. I can’t wait to read what you have to say!

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  1. Happy Blogiversary!

    Why do I read? Because you’re a kind good woman, who has interesting things to say, amazing knits to show (like those mitts) and lovely photos of your part of the world. Plus you make me hungry with your food posts. *hugs*

  2. I can’t figure out how to stick in line breaks (I’m just a clueless lurker), but here’s my poem: It is a truth universally acknowledged /
    That Carole Knits brightens my day /
    Whenever my face becomes frown-edged /
    My salvation is mouse clicks away! //

    It may be the knitting and cooking /
    Or your love of the vintage Bean boot /
    I know that it’s always worth looking /
    Oh – and Mason the cat sure is cute! //

    So I salute you with uplifted Inox /
    In thanks for your gifts to us all /
    and hereby proclaim that your blog rocks — /
    the past two years were a ball!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Why do I read you? Three words. Pink Cowboy Hat. I keep comin’ back to see when you’re going to get yourself another Pink Cowboy Hat. :o)

  4. Happy anniversary. I like the diversity of your blog. Of course I love the knitting content but I like your outside photographs and recipes. You have a nice all around blog.

  5. Happy blogiversary to you! We/I read you because we love you! Sorry I DO NOT DO POETRY! It is fun to see how differnt all of our “rare gems ” are!

  6. Carole, I read you daily
    You’re up at the top of my list
    Your wit, your knits, your stories,
    Really just can’t be missed.
    Happy 2nd Blogiversary!!

  7. Read your blog because you always have something interesting going on & you have pics to keep our attention.

    Happy Blogiversary! Keep on blogging:)

  8. No poet, me… Happy blogiversary, I’m glad you’ve reached the toddler years! I came here for knitting, stayed for chatting, and am inspired by photos and Roast Beef Stew (yummy!). Thanks for blogging!

  9. I can only hope, wish and pray
    That someday when I turn two
    I have the love from other bloggers
    That you obviously do.

    Happy 2nd Blogiversary!
    (I’m not a poet & I know it!)

  10. I read it because you are an awesome knitter. I like your style and you write because you want to actually blog. I write because i think that maybe if i write something i am not the only one who knows about my life. Happy Blogiversary

  11. I come for the Eye Candy Fridays, the photos of that Civil War hunky husband of yours, your writing, your knitting, and your own self. Happy blogversary!

  12. I just found you and when I found out you knit the mitts for Kristi I almost died. Isn’t she a doll? Well, congratulations on 2 years of blogging. I hope you enjoy it for many many more. BTW, the mitts are beautiful in your STR. I also love them in Kristi’s handspun.

  13. Happy blogiversary Carole!

    In regards to why I read you – I love your Maple Leaves, your generous spirit and kind soul, your joie de vivre and your enthusiasm for all things fibery. You are an inspiration.

  14. A very Happy Blog Anniversary to you. I read your blog for the following reasons: 1) I love to see the things that you kniw. 2) Your photos are awesome 3) I love that you share about your real life and the things that you and Dale are interested in (especially re-enactment) and 4) I love the recipes that you have posted.

  15. I, like you use to be, rarely ever post comments on blogs I read, because I am blogless. I read yours and a few others I really like. Just want to say I enjoy your “eye candies” – they are super. Happy blogaversary and looking forward to many more. Hope to see you in Portland.

  16. I, like you use to be, rarely ever post comments on blogs I read, because I am blogless. I read yours and a few others I really like. Just want to say I enjoy your “eye candies” – they are super. Happy blogaversary and looking forward to many more. Hope to see you in Portland.

  17. Happy happy happy happy happy Blogiversary! I follow your blog, to drool over your food pictures, read great stories, and enjoy your beautiful knitting and spinning. I will not attempt the double entry poetry comment, I enjoy poetry but I am not skilled in that department, I will save you the torture.

  18. Thanks for the linkage and the photos – looks like a great pattern!

    Now, why do I read Carole’s blog? Because you (Carole) are one of the bloggers that I SO look forward to meeting in person one day……..((((((hugs))))))))

  19. Happy Anniversary! I just found you through knitspot and haven’t been reading long but anyone who likes soup and provides the recipe is okay in my book. Also, you provided the first reason for wearing a shrug that might make me make one (June 2005 — airconditioned restaurants in the summer).

  20. Happy Blogiversary! I started reading a few months ago. I love the pictures, and the fact that you don’t just write about knitting, you write about life as well. Plus you always have the coolest patterns previewed on your blog, like those fingerless gloves, and hypotenuse.

  21. Happy anniversary! Why do I read? Because I think you’re such a nice person, you tell interesting stories, and take lovely photographs, and . . . well, you get the idea! I’m still just astounded that I’ve been blogging longer than you have . . . how did THAT happen?? (grin)

  22. There once was a Carole Knits blog,
    I tried to comment while lost in a fog,
    To wish you a blogiversary
    While drinking DECAF coffee and tea,
    And read you have a cat not a dog.

  23. I read your blog because I am in freaking awe of all the knitting you get accomplished. IT’S INSANE! And beautiful. I also am from New England so I love all the stories and photos you take. Your blog brightens my day.

  24. Happy blogiversary!

    I came upon your blog
    I remember not the path
    Yet I return
    Again and again
    For stories and photos
    Warm and inviting
    As you share your life
    Stitch by stitch
    Thank you.

  25. Don’t have fits
    Because CaroleKnits
    I have not seen before.

    I got here from Chris
    And I sure won’t miss
    Seeing you some more.

    You made some lovely soup
    I’d jump through more than a hoop
    To show up and have some at your door.

    Those boots they are hot
    I wear boots a lot
    And the guys they say more more more.

    (well, not really, but hey, it rhymed. Don’t ever think you look silly in boots and a skirt! I used to have yellow knee high rubber boots that I wore to teach adults with shortish skirts and black tights…you can imagine THAT caused some comment. And, I’ve been thinking about posting about what makes us feel sexy…me, one of the things is comfy long shorts, a baggy sweater/shirt/or coat/ and my BOOTS-either workboots or the black knee high rubbers).

    I’ll come back and visit!

  26. Happy 2nd blogiversary!!! I started to read your blog because of our friendship. One of my favorite posts are you eye candy fridays… You truly are a great blogger,and even though I don’t knit (much) I find your blog very interesting and fun to read….Your blog is very much you!! πŸ™‚ Debbie

  27. As someday it may happen that a hero must be found,

    I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list

    Of internet contenders who I see are well renowned,

    They’re wonders in our midst, they surely would be missed!

    There are people from New England which is where I live and knit,

    And the folks whose grammar wouldn’t give the Queen a hissy fit,

    The bloggers who post photographs too pretty to permit,

    And those whose other skills (like cooking) are legit.

    There are many other bloggers whose blogs we can’t resist,

    I’m sure they would be missed, they’d all of them be missed.

    But Carole tops the list, she really tops the list,

    She surely would be missed, oh yes she would be missed!!

  28. Because being here is like reminiscing with an old friend! You’re someone I wish I could know in person, Carole! Happy Blogiversary!!!!

    PS – I just wanted to send you good wishes, not enter the contest!

  29. Happy Blogiversary Carole!
    Why do I read Carole Knits? I enjoy your photos, your knitting and the stories of your life with your husband and daughter.
    Two years and going strong! Congratulations!

  30. haiku for you

    How did I find you?
    I’m afraid I have no clue.
    But I’m glad I did.

    Happy Blogiversary! Pretty pictures and good content keep me coming back.

  31. I’m a fairly recent reader of your blog. I found you via JenLa’s “Best of” list. I checked out all of the ones on that list that I hadn’t known about, and subscribed to the ones that I particularly liked, like yours.

    Happy Blogversary!

  32. There once was a woman who knit
    At her computer sometimes she would sit
    She’d write of eye candy
    And knits that are dandy
    And inspire us all with her wit!

    Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for the contest, and for two years of great blogging!

  33. There is a nice blogger named Carole,
    She knits socks!Not so much fair isle.
    I read her posts daily,
    I rely on the way she
    Is funny, upbeat and writes well.

    omg is that lame! Whadya want, cold temps and not enough coffee! happy blogiversary, you deserve a better limerick than that.

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