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Walk With Me Wednesday – Sort Of

First of all, let me just say how much I’m loving your comments on my anniversary post. The poems and haikus range from the hilarious to the thoughtful and back again. All the sentiments are much appreciated. Keep ’em coming!

Second, I have a pair of finished mittens I haven’t shown you.


Why yes, I am all about the hand coverings these days. The yarn is Freedom Spirit by Twilletys of Stamford and I picked it up at Saftler’s when they had that sale last month. Lois told me I’d need 2 or perhaps 3 skeins for a pair of mittens. I thought that was a bit much but I trusted her and bought 3 skeins. I made the pair with only 1 skein. Lucky for me, Saftler’s will exchange yarn.

Finally, while I don’t want to bore you with another post about my adventures at the Y, it is Walk With Me Wednesday. So, I will tell you that I’m still at it and averaging about 3 times/week and 3 miles/visit. To pick up the slack I’ve actually tuned into the Exercise TV feature of my cable television subscription and done the “1 mile work out” at home on the days when I haven’t gone to the gym. It’s a Leslie Sansone thing and she’s annoying as hell but since I’m about 7 miles behind where I should be I figure it will help me to catch up. The ipod song of the week – the one that makes me want to throw my hands up in the air while on the treadmill – is Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

We make the world go ’round, you know.

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  1. Lovely mittens! Your timing is perfect with this blast of arctic air we are getting.
    You are doing great with your walking. You’ll be at 100 miles before you know it.

  2. It’s finally being mitten weather in Massachusetts. Now if only we’d get snow on the ground.

    I’ll agree with you on the song. Back when I had a rowing machine, it was a good rhythm to work to.

  3. That’s a great song for a work out. Your mittens look really nice. I put off my mitten-knitting due to the unseasonably warm weather. Suddenly it’s really cold and I’m feeling the need to create lots of mittens right now!

  4. Great-looking mittens! I am trying to come up with something really special for your contest. The way my brain is (mal)functioning these days, though, you’re more likely to get Seuss than Shakespeare.

  5. Geesh, I’m WAY behind you on the miles. I love QUEEN!!! Any song by them is great to exercise by.

    Those mittens are the cutest! That yarn is bizarre and yet wonderful. (i.e., really solid stripes on one, and muddled stripes on the other) I love it.

  6. Cute mittens! I’m 1 mile from the halfway point and it’s too darn cold to walk outside…I think I need that Y membership!

  7. In some cases, fat bottoms are a good thing. My husband hums that to his mare all the time, but her fat bottom is the reason she can carry him all day long and still have gas left in the tank at the end of the day. 🙂

  8. Be careful — annoying workout leaders can stay with you long after you’ve stopped doing their workouts. About 7 years ago I did a sting with Denise Richards’s “Hips, Thighs, and Buttocks” video (I have nothing to say for myself) and to this day her incredibly irritating little admonitions and encouragements will pop into my head at the most random times. I’ll probably be thinking of her on my death bed.

    Warnings aside, way to go with your continued progress. And nice mittens!

  9. I used to sing that song to my youngest daughter. She was born small and had a difficult start to life but she eventually thrived and put weight on at the back end first. She looked like a weeble when she was sitting down. So cute. She’s evened out since then but I still call her my “fat bottom girl”.

    The mittens are beautiful!

  10. I feel the EXACT same way about Leslie Sansone. What an irritating personality. But I love the concept and it has worked very well for me in the past.

    How in the world could a yarn shop employee miscalculate the amount of yarn needed for a pair of MITTENS by so MUCH!?? Makes it seem like they were just trying to sell extra yarn. Not that a yarn shop would ever do something like that… noooo…. hehe

  11. have you heard “baby got back” by jonathan coulton? if not, youreally should check it out—it’s available online; i can send you a link

  12. Happy Bloggiversary Carole!!! Every tme I get behind on my reading, I miss all the good stuff. I love the colors in your mittens, nice choice. You make exercising sound like so much fun! Happy Happy 2!!!!

  13. The mittens are lovely. I like that yarn and that color! I got to be at LYS when sales rep was in and showed us that yarn. Once it was in, it seemed like a dk, but could knit up smaller and larger than that. What size needles did you use? We’ve been listening to a lot of Weird Al around here (“I’ll Sue Ya” says something like I sued Taco Bell because I ate a million chalupas and i got fat). My 11 year old son thinks he’s pretty funny. He has no idea how long that guy’s been around!

  14. Happy Blog-Anniversary! I very much enjoy reading your blog because of posts like this one. I have been feeling a bit down because it seems that I cannot reach the 100 Miles by April goal. Yet you are finding a way, and are inspiring me to do the same. Thanks!

  15. I love the new mittens! The colors are fantastic ~ warm and fun. My youngest daughter likes to annoy her older sister by doing a dance where she sticks out her butt and dances (which works insofar as the annoyance factor for her older sister, by the way). Maybe I will suggest to her that she should do this now infamous dance to Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girl tune!

  16. Ah, for a minute there I thought the mittens were handspun. 🙂 They look warm and comfy. In my book you’re making excellent a-go-go progress!

  17. Great mittens! I could knit some, but they wouldn’t get worn much here in southern California!

    Thanks for the giggle on the fat-bottomed girls song.

  18. Hi, Carole,
    I met you at the Knit Out on the Boston Common.
    Your Wings of the Moth shawl was quite uncommon.
    I was drawn to your warmth and talent and have since been reading your blog.

    Until now never wanted wrist warmers, but I may just have to go whole hog

    As to why I read your blog
    I’t lovely to look at and so full of family and personal enjoyment and beautiful knitting… healthy and happy living
    And through that, giving to the rest of us.

    Best, Sherrard

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