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Rockin’ Rollin’ Colon

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the good wishes, encouragement, support and prayers yesterday. You guys ROCK. I can honestly say that knowing you were all thinking about me made such a difference in my approach to the whole procedure.

Those of you who said it’s no big deal were absolutely right. The IV went in quickly and nearly painlessly. I was able to knit the whole time while I waited for my turn and the staff at the Endoscopy Center got a real kick out of that. It really did keep me relaxed and comfortable. And I got quite a bit done on my sock since there were 2 people ahead of me! The procedure went quickly and I was sent home with a lovely souvenir photo of my colon. Isn’t that special? And – get this – I don’t have to do this again for 5 years. Woo and also Hoo, people.

I ate a big old baked potato (one of my favorite comfort foods) when I got home and then I spent the afternoon on the couch, napping a little, knitting a little, napping a little more. Blogless Sharon came by to check on me and tell me that they had already received my results (normal) at the office. Hannah came home from school and offered her own teenage version of tea and sympathy, which basically amounted to asking if I was going to live or not. I’m not sure if she got the answer she was hoping for. Heh. And when Dale got home he made dinner – grilled cheese and vegetable soup – and it was yummy and comforting. Mmmmm.

He also stopped and got me tulips on his way home. Aren’t they beautiful?


And, while Dale is a wonderful guy and husband, he never brings me flowers for no reason so this was really very sweet.

But if he thinks this gets him off the hook for Valentine’s Day, well, he’s got another thing coming.

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  1. Vote: Best title for the post of a knitblog. I’m happy everything went well. And that the results were what you hoped for.

    Your guy is SO good.

  2. What nice thing you did by sharing this. Hopefully, it will encourage others to keep up with testing for health, even if it’s not the most pleasant thing to endure. The alternatives are not acceptable. And we’d like lots more Carole Knits, thank you.

  3. Thank Jeebus! I am so super relieved that everything went fine yesterday. 🙂

    I got a kick out of your comment about Hannah – I knew I must have sounded and looked like DEATH itself when my teenage stepdaughter actually asked me how I was doing…I realize it’s very hard for them to see beyond their own angst and fabulousness. 😉

  4. Excellent! I’m glad all went well and you got a “clean” result. I went through all that a couple of years ago. I though the prep was WAY worse than the procedure. But the worst part? I was awake but lightly sedated for the procedure, and I could not for the life of me make a joke. Who knew sedation inhibits jokes. It was torture!

  5. Hooray for you! In recognition of your valor, I’m going to reschedule the colonoscopy I evaded last year.

  6. Happy healthy colon!!! My first is this year as well. I’ll channel you’re experience as I await the whole thing. Glad to hear you were treated like the princess I believe you to be afterwards.

  7. Woo hoo indeed! Getting a good report is great and not having to do it again for 5 years is fabulous. It sounds like the day turned out to be a really nice one after all.

  8. Hooray! You’re okay! Tulips are so sweet and a perfectly appropriate “I’m so glad you’ll live at least five more years” token, don’t you think? heh

    I love the not-so-subtle hint to Dale about Valentine’s. I frequently give my husband hints about things and gift ideas on my blog. Like, “I need this book like I need air to breathe.” hehe He better have picked up on that one.

  9. I’m glad everything is fine – I will remember “no big deal” verdict for future reference. That’s lovely that you got a souvenir photo. I am sure that’s just what you always wanted.

  10. Dale…that guy is a keeper! I’m so glad to read that it was not nearly as scary has you had worried it would be 🙂

  11. Glad to hear everything went well with your testing. That kind of stuff is never fun, but it’s always nice to have it over and done with and know that all is good.

  12. My boss and I are good friends, so when it came time for his colonoscopy I drove him to and from the doctor’s office. when he came out of the procedure I asked if he was ok, to which he replied “the doc. says I’m a perfect a**-hole.”

    I hope you are doing well, and is great you got some knitting in.

  13. WOW! Flowers! Maybe I should go get a colonoscopy too, although don’t you start getting those when you’re 50 unless you have high family risk factors?

    I sure hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day.

  14. Glad to see you are okay from the tests. Is nothing better than comfort food and flowers?? Okay, maybe comfort yarn and chocolates…

  15. so glad everything’s OK! I’ve had those nasty tests done myself (stupid colitis….) and it’s never the most fun experience. Take care!

  16. Hey–just catching up on reading about what you’ve been through. Whew! So glad it’s over, and so glad the news is good. Good for you for being brave and getting tested, as scary as it must have been. YOU rock!

  17. A picture of your colon! Did you put it on the fridge? Glad to hear what you had to say. I asked the doc about this (at 45), she said no not yet. Even though it is how grandfather died? Nope, she said 50. But I still wonder! Lovely flowers!

  18. YAY Carole. Now you get five years before going through it again. I swear, the embarrassment of it is the worst.

    Huzzah for you and your colon, you were in my thoughts!

  19. glad that you are not only surviving but THRIVING!
    hurrah – not again for 5 years. that’s great!
    Leave it to teenagers to give us some grief over it all… just give her about 4 more years, and she’d be worried sick (smile)
    Hat’s off to Dale for the lovely tulips.

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