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For My People

As we all know, sometimes it’s hard to come up with stuff for the blog. That’s when it’s nice to have friends that inspire you demand stuff from you. So, today is about satisfying 3 different friends. Hopefully the rest of you will also be mildly entertained, too.

For La.
Mason’s feet. Aren’t they just about the cutest kitty feet you’ve ever seen? Rich and chocolate-y brown and oh-so-fuzzy. I just love Mason’s paws.

For Margene.

Here is Seraphim in her current state. Lots and lots of stockinette and just a tiny bit of lace so far. The yarn is the handspun I showed you last week and it is so soft and silky. I love knitting with it and I can’t wait to finish it and wear it because it’s going to be toasty warm and wicked soft.

For Scout.

My tattoo is on my right ankle. Damn, it’s hard to take a picture of your ankle. But just because I love Scout (and all y’all, too) I not only took the picture but I shaved my legs for the occasion.

That should satisfy the masses. And if the rest of you want anything, get in line. Mwah.

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  1. wow! you’re moving right along on seraphim! and i need to get pics of my tattoos but they’re hard to take by myself and mr. hubby is out of town. i’m afraid i’d freak out the old lady next door if i asked for help on this :o)

  2. My tattoo looks almost just like yours except I have only one morning glory and it’s blue. 🙂

    You have made good progress already on Seraphim!

  3. Mason does have cute paws…I love his color and how fuzzy they are. Seraphim is fabu in your handspun! The color and texture are perfect for her.
    I’ve missed your tatt…thanks for the memories and for going all out with a shave;-)

  4. I am soooo delighted you are putting your beautiful handspun to such good use. YAY! It looks wonderful so far.

  5. Mason’s sweet little paws…how cute! I’m not brave enough for a tattoo!! Love the color of your shawl, can’t wait to see it finished.

  6. Very cute cat feet!

    Seraphem is looking lovely! All that stockinette has kept me at bay, but I am slowly getting sucked in the more beauties like this I see!

    Cute tat! You think ankles are hard to photo? Mine is on my low back!

  7. Oh how I love kitty toes! The shawl looks scrumptious, and I like the tatoo, I need to figure out how to photograph the back of my shoulder. That or finally make the husband learn to use the new camera.

  8. Awww, cute kitty paws 🙂

    Seraphim is looking great.

    Your tatoo is nice; I’ve wanted one, but am too chicken (and can’t decide what I want anyway).

  9. Cat feet really are just about the cutest thing on the planet. The exception would be when they are poking you a 6am because they are ready for breakfast.

  10. Such cute fuzzy feet! i miss having a kitty cat. My last cat had a few orange markings in her gray tabby coat, including ONE orange toe in the front.
    Seraphim looks great.

  11. What a revelatory post. I want a recipe for a gooey fudgy calorie-free chocolate treat. (Also, could you please move the Presidential Range a few miles east?)

  12. Meezer paws are the best. Mimi has a thumb because she has an extra toe.

    And taking a photo of your ankle is much easier than taking a photo of your back side. I will be posting a photo of my dragon tomorrow.

  13. Awwwwwwww… Love kitty feet in the morning as long as they aren’t walking across my face. o.0

    Seraphim looks wonderful!

    You must really love Scout. Shaving, taking pics and posting them. *L*

  14. Cool tattoo… is Hannah going to get a matching one? hee hee. Sorry, had to say it. Dan has one ( that i LOVE) and is planning on a few more, but he is adamantly opposed to letting me or our (future) kids get them. 🙂

    Pumpkin thinks Mason’s feet are the bomb… She likes a man with a little fur between his toes.

    🙂 Kate

  15. Mason has cute feet!!!! But, I am curious as to what he is standing on…

    The shawl is beautiful!!!

    I never figured you to have a tattoo…how interesting – it is pretty!!! Too chicken to get one…maybe one day!!!

  16. Looks like you got 3 requests out of the way in one fail swoop. Oh how I remember the days of living in a cooler climate and not shaving my legs every day. Now that I’m here in CA, I’m shaving at least every other day. CURSES on the gorgeous weather! Adorable tatoo though. I never did get the courage to get one although I still do fantasize about it.

    You must have amazing patience to be doing all that endless stockinette. WOW!

  17. I should have known you’d have a tattoo. 😉

    Your handspun Seraphim is very promising! I’m so glad you went with that pattern. You’ll be giving Cheryl a run for her money in the gorgeous-shawl department. 😉

  18. Aww the cuteness!! Move over Mason… Mama’s got a sweet tattoo! hehe It’s funny how many people have tattoos and you wouldn’t know unless they told ya. 🙂

  19. I can’t get my dogs to sit still so I can get good “feet” pictures, so these will keep me happy! Nice tattoo, though I’ve already seen it… neener, neener…

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