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Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

I’ve been trying for weeks to come up with a new Good, Bad and Ugly post and it’s just not working for me anymore. So, I’ve got a new title for my random posts: Things That Make Me Go Hmmm.

And here are the things that have me hmmm-ing today:

*It’s very very cold here. The temperature yesterday was about 14° but the wind chill made it feel like -27°. I was desperate enough to drive the Suburban to work because of three little words: heated leather seats. The thing is a tank and takes forever to heat up but I don’t really care because my ass is warm.

*We had a snow squall on Monday afternoon. It only lasted about ten minutes but it covered everything with white stuff. I’m trying to like March, really I am, but this is so not helping.

*I finished Dale’s Cable Moss Vest last week and he’s been wearing it frequently. It fits him perfectly and he says it’s very warm. We haven’t taken photos yet but rest assured, they are coming.

*My dear friend Anne now has her own fiber shop, Wooly Wonka Fibers. Her stuff is gorgeous and the name is fabulous and I know she’ll be successful. She could probably make it just on what I’ve purchased and plan to purchase but you ought to go check it out for your own self.

*Sock Madness starts Saturday and I’m really excited. I’ve got my yarn and supplies and I’m ready to go. I don’t think my current sock in progress, pictured up above, will see much action for the next few weeks.

*I pre-ordered the new Interweave Knits Book Favorite Socks from weeks and weeks ago. I saw it in the store a few weeks ago but resisted because I knew Amazon wouldn’t let me down. Then I saw it at SPA and again resisted because surely Amazon would be sending it to me very soon. They are still showing it as only available for pre-order with an expected shipping date of April 2nd. I finally contacted them last week at JessaLu’s urging and they said the publisher hasn’t released it yet. I explained to them that it was widely available elsewhere but they said they still wouldn’t be shipping my copy until April 2nd. Sigh. I canceled my Amazon order and purchased it from Knit Picks instead. It arrived yesterday.

*Speaking of purchases, I scored a copy of Charlene Schurch’s Mostly Mittens on eBay last week for $36. Amazon is showing it for $240. I’m going to have to start re-thinking my love of Amazon.

*One thing I don’t have to re-think is my love of basketball and tonight we’re going to my very first ever Celtics game. Granted, it’s not the Dream Team of my youth, but Liz pulled this together and I think it’s going to be lots of fun.

And those are the Things That Make Me Go Hmmm today.

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  1. Mostly Mittens score! My own: I saw it listed on a yarn shop’s website (no online ordering), I called them and they said they had it! (This was 3 weeks ago) So, I asked how much (gulping) and they said since it was their last copy: 50% off….$11.00. And they overnight shipped for free. I felt kinda bad getting it cheap… for about a minute! It’s a great mitten book!

    Tell Dale we need to see some modelling! make that man strut his stuff!
    🙂 Kate

  2. March shouldn’t be this cold.
    Have fun at the game tonight. Dress warm. I heard on the radio that the Garden is freezing.

  3. There’s something up with Amazon lately. They’ll advertise something shipping within 3-5 days but then when I go to order it’ll say shipping in a month. I love their prices but I’m not keen to wait weeks for something to arrive. I think this is spelling the end of Amazon purchases for me so if I can’t find something at Knitpicks it’ll have to be Barnes and Noble.

  4. Sock madness sounds like fun! I like the colors of the current sock-in-progress, too. It looks like ice cream.

  5. Anne gave me some beautiful bunny stuff last night…ooo, it’s so wonderful. Just wait. I buy little from the local shops so I decided to give them my book money (it’s the least I could do) and I bought the sock book and Lace Style a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like that practice will be a good one.
    Can’t wait to see Dale’s vest and enjoy the game! I promise March will get better. (We have an inversion sigh….)

  6. Hmmmm….well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who had problems with Amazon on the Favorite Socks book! I too contacted them. The person who responded was aware that the book is actually out, but pointed out that I’d opted for free shipping, which of course takes longer. My response to that was: what, SIX WEEKS longer? So I cancelled the order and went over to Barnes & Noble online and ordered it there. A little bit more $$, but still discounted–and it arrived within a week. And I love it.

  7. What did we do before heated leather seats? Sometimes I go for a drive just to sit on those seats. I may not have the car heater on, but I use those seat heaters nine months out of the year! I like the ones in my car better than those in hubby’s….his cycle on and off and get, um, too hot! Mine are just constant, lovely warmth from neck to knee.

  8. I love seat warmers, but I gotta tell you sitting on leather in negative temps without them is horrible as I so recently learned on a trip to Chicago.

    So far I have been lucky with Amazon, I hope it stays that way.

  9. When you get the new socks book, please let us know whatcha think of it!?!? I’ve got it on my wish list, but I worried there’d be a lot of duplicates that I’ve already got in back IKs. So…inquiring minds and all that, k?

  10. Hmm indeed! I’ve been waiting for a book (boring legal stuff) for a while and Amazon keeps sending me messages about a delay. Maybe I need to check elsewhere. Have fun at the game and good luck with the Madness.

  11. Have fun at the Celts game! Years ago (yep, Dream team time) I had season tickets.

    Can’t wait to see Dale’s vest!

  12. Amazon’s letting me down in the same fashion on Amy Singer’s No Sheep for You. It’s also Interweave Press, and also available EVERYWHERE ELSE ON THE STINKIN’ PLANET live and in person. Our LYS even has it. Sigh. One more week and I do what you did. (except for the KnitPicks part)

  13. I love Amazon too, but jeeze, sometimes…Your current sock is gorgeous! What yarn is that? Just love those colors! Keep warm, a heated seat must be almost as good as warm fuzzy slippers;)

  14. Yeah, I’ve written Amazon about the book and I’m also going to write them again and tell them how disappointed I am with their stock of craft books lately. I’ve been a loyal customer since the beginning, but if they don’t improve the craft book stock soon, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

    I love the current sock in progress. Great colors!

  15. A warm ass cannot be underestimated!

    Have you ever tried I’ve had good luck with that – I got new copies of all the seasons of 24 and didn’t pay over $30/season.

  16. Things that make you go hmmmm, I see a trend in the making here!

    March totally should not, I repeat NOT be this cold. It was -12 when I noticed the temp this am. (NOT including wind chill.)

    That SIP is dreamy!!!

  17. Heh…my parents got a Subaru a couple years ago, and when I discovered that it had seat warmers I couldn’t help but laugh. Really? Seat warmers? Is that level of luxury really necessary?

    Then winter rolled around.

    I wish my cute little Honda had seat warmers….

  18. I bought my camera via Amazon (through their Office Depot connection) about five years ago and it was such a horrible experience, I never bought anything from them again. They are trying to do too much and be all things to all people and quality control has really tanked.

  19. cool sock, what is the yarn? I also like basketball. Especially high school basketball when I go with my adult son. I can yell, pound on him and basically make a fool of myself and he is too old to care!

  20. Amazing post…so informative! Love those socks! Have fun at the game…I’m a relatively newcomer to the game of Basketball. I don’t keep up with NBA but I LUV College ball!

  21. Warm ass!!! That is the only thing that is in the plus side of buying a new vehicle right now. Turning on the seat heaters is the first thing my mother does when she gets in her car.

    Amazon allows the sellers to set the price on out of print books. And some people get greedy. I once sold an out of print book on there for half of the lowest selling price. I felt guilty about this but I also sold the book really fast. And Amazon is afraid to sell books before the publication release date because many of the big publishers fine them if they do. Interweave is the one that has to tell them the release date has changed but they obviously haven’t. I am still waiting on it to come in to my LYS.

  22. Wooo…. big difference on that mitten book, huh? Amazon is still a good place to get good prices on books – just not the *be all and end all* place.

    Now that sock yarn… whew – THAT’s going for a pretty penny on ebay!

  23. I’m *so* jealous of you participating in sock madness. I had no idea that anything like that existed and so wish I could’ve done it too. Oh well.

    It is TOO COLD there. I’m going to be sending you some much needed warmth because I’m sick of the hot weather here. Yesterday I had the a/c on *80 degree weather) and honestly I just can’t afford to be doing that right now. It costs far less to heat my house than cool it. (maybe you and I should trade houses for the month of March each year?)

  24. I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with a warm ass.

    I love the sock. What yarn is it?

    I’m sorry Amazon did that to you. That’s why I gave up on them. There are a lot of other places that sell books online… thankfully!

  25. I’ve been thinking about your Good, Bad and Ugly posts recently, wondering if they were gonna make a comeback.

    I rushed to the front of our building during our squall Monday (best view) and saw 4 turkeys walking along the grass.

  26. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Amazon is keeping this book hostage – I’m so glad you got yours (and that I was able to help)!! I hope you like it :o)

    Have fun at the game!

  27. “How did I completely miss Sock Madness?” I asked myself. “I love socks, this is right up my alley.” So I went over to look, and discovered that if I had signed up in time I would have to 1) adhere to a pattern as written 2) knit faster than other people or be publicly humiliated. Sometimes clueless is good.

    You have no idea how much I wish I were going to that game. I’m counting on you to have fun for me.

  28. I had to order the book from Knitpicks too. I don’t know what’s up with Amazon lately!

    I can’t wait for Sock Madness to get started. I wonder what the first pattern will be!

  29. I am not liking this cold snap we are having either. It’s much too cold!

    I love that colorway of Trekking. I have a skein of that sitting in the stash for when the time is right.

    Have fun with Sock Madness!

  30. I use my heated seats even in San Diego – they’re the best. Except, of course, for your sock yarn. Great colors.

  31. Hey, congrats on scoring the mitten book. I have yet to start my mittens, though the book, yarn and needles are patiently waiting.

  32. Yowsa it WAS f;;;;;n cold yesterday! I hauled the big puffy coat out of the attic. I managed 2 winters without it, but the other day was just too much. What I learned…do NOT put away a coat without checking pockets first. Two years in the hot/dry/cold/damp and those dog biscuits were rather moldy! Glad you got the sock book. I have some of the patterns from the mags, and haven’t made them yet but want to!

  33. I think Interweave releases books to yarn shops before the general bookstore market.

    I loved my seatwarmers. I got a new car recently which doesn’t have them. On the other hand, I live in mild weather – California – so I don’t really need them like you do!

  34. Two hundred forty dollars? ! gasp.
    nice score girl!
    and I’m still waiting for my book thru amazon. ugh. no one around here has it yet.
    love the hmmmmm

  35. HA! OK, *I* was watching a Mostly Mittens book on eBay last week. I bet it was the same one. I couldn’t decide if I really wanted it – I’m totally on the fence. I thought I’d get my local library to buy it or find me a copy through interlibrary loan before I totally commit. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your new books!

  36. I saw your post about Sock Madness and had to go find out what it is about. I was intrigued and wrote to ask to be included next time because I thought it was full. They put me on your team….Should be interesting. Do we knit as a team or how does that work exactly?

  37. I’m trying hard to like March this year, too. Normally, it’s one of my favorite months. But, today it snowed and now I’m not liking March very much.

    I love the colors in that sock!

  38. Same thing here….the book was pre ordered via Amazon, it’s everywhere, yet still “on order” at Amazon…2 emails stating the book is out were ignored so Sunday I called, made a big stink and got my money refunded (ordered mine from Knitpicks too) except they sent out my book Monday despite my cancellation…called and made stink #2. Final outcome, I got the book today (KP is still on the way BUT I also got my $$ refunded, told I could keep the book and got a $30 gift certificate as well….WOOT!! Now I’m happy! 🙂

  39. I was wondering about that book myself! I pre-ordered it as well but then everyone had it on the blogs. Darnit. Amazon is usually pretty good about that stuff. (like, I got Fitted Knits early)

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