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Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

I have been doing a lot of knitting but still don’t have anything finished to show you.  My Acer sweater is very close to being finished and my Hemlock Ring Blanket is thisclose to being finished.  In the meantime, how about some randomness on a Wednesday?

I submitted the cupcake tree photo to Tastespotting and was rejected. Again. This is actually my fourth rejection from Tastespotting. This time they said the photo was blurry. I think I’m about done with submitting to them.  Obviously, I’m just not getting their vision.  Or maybe they really only like food blogs.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to do a program at the library on using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging. I have no idea how I’m going to do this without giving away this blog but I’m going to try really hard.

Dale and I joined our local Kiwanis group this week. I think this will be a good, civic-minded thing for us to do together. Plus they have their meetings at our favorite restaurant.

Today is tax day and I guess that means the conservatives will be teabagging. Aside from the fact that I think they are way off in connecting our current tax situation to the tea party (hello? we have representation!) I’m just wondering how come none of them know what teabagging really means. Ahem.

I reserved our week on Cape Cod last week by sending an email to the woman who owns the house we rent. At the exact same moment that I sent her the email she sent one to me asking what week we wanted this year. How weird is that?

Finally, just so this has some knitting content. Here’s my latest sock.


Yarntini. Yumm.

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  1. I’m in love with your sock yarn.

    The Hemlock Ring bindoff is epic. I think it took me close to four hours altogether. How is it turning that blanket every time??

    We don’t like the people who rejected your photo.

  2. Rejected your photo? Clearly their loss! And yes we don’t like them. Looking forward to seeing your Acer and Hemlock Circle soon.

  3. Uh well, you know that back cupcake on the bottom row? The jellybean on the back side, that we can barely see? Yeah that one. That one is a smidge blurry. Feh. What do they know. =) Obviously they need to clean their monitor. Blurry indeed. =)

    Love the sock. That picot edge gets me every time. I have been trying to find ways I can add it to all my knitting projects. =)

  4. Yeah the whole teabagging thing is completely giggle worthy. I was watching someone report on it who was trying very very hard not to bust out into giggles. 🙂

  5. Teabagging – HAHAHAHA! That got my giggle going right good!

    Yummy yarntini. And good luck with your program.

  6. Yeah, the teabagging thing got me too. I’m kinda wondering how a bunch of old wrinkly white guys teabagging each other is going to punish Obama for tax policies…?

  7. hmm, your photo does not look blurry at all!

    also, teabagging, hehe 🙂 i’m happy to know i’m not the only one with a mind in the gutter! 😉

  8. With regard to the Cape email ??? Well, I think that’s just great minds thinking alike!
    Your sock is so pretty…love the colors!
    (and there is no accounting for taste on photos – you do amazing work, and they’re petty)

  9. Those tastespotting folks are snobs. I thought the cupcake pictures were lovely.
    I saw the teabagging link and I was instantly right back in the car ride home from MDS&W last year. You really do love the gutter! Ha!

  10. You’re killing me with the socks and the cute little picots!

    One way I’ve been able to skirt the topic of having a blog and still be able to talk about the online community and my friends from all over, is by talking about Ravelry. I can talk about this person and that person, their projects, etc., and not once do I have to let it be known that I have a blog! Very handy.

  11. Pretty sock. I really do have to try a picot edge on my next pair of socks. I love the way it looks.

  12. Teabagging…and I thought I knew about all that kind of silly stuff! Your sock is beautiful. I was just thinking it was time to tackle that picot thing. (p.s. The cake was yummmmmy!)

  13. I’d really like to spend my whole day teabagging, but I’m not a Conservative. Damn liberal values – taking away all my fun!

  14. Well, those people at Tastespotting are idiots! Gorgeous sock in progress and good luck with the presentation. Maybe you can just say that you read a lot of knitting and food blogs??

  15. I love those right wing wingnuts. Have you heard about the “2M4M” thingy? They mean 2 million for marriage but are trying to be “with it” or something. I really don’t think those people are doing enough research or getting out enough. *L*

    You could make up a fake blog for the sake of your talk.

    Love the sock. How is the cast off for the Hemlock Ring going?

  16. I think those conservatives really did know what it meant and are saving it for behind closed doors like Hoover wearing a tutu.

    Gorgeous sock!

  17. I don’t get the blurry thing, your photo shows up very clearly on my monitor (maybe they need a new one or perhaps they may be in need of glasses). The sock yarn really does remind one of Spring.

  18. Lovely sock, so like a breath of spring!

    I wonder how many of the tax protesters bother to vote. If they don’t, they can’t complain about no representation. If they do, they still can’t complain about no representation.

  19. I look forward to your photos, and think they are great.

    I’ve just had to laugh at the utter nonsense.

    Lovely socks!

  20. *snerk*

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one giggling over that.

    I like Tastespotting, and I’m really surprised they didn’t take your photo. I’ve found them to be clear as well as artistic [we won’t talk about how I hungered for cupcakes]. So meh to them.

  21. The conservatives were having TEA PARTIES, the mainstream media chose to call them “TEABAGGERS”.

  22. Blurry? I’ll show them blurry.

    But, see, they’re not represented by people they like! Besides, GWB doesn’t just stand for you-know-whom.

  23. I had just copied your first sentence in the teabagging paragraph and sent it to my husband (because I have the sense of humor of a teenage boy), when I flipped back to your page and saw your urban dictionary link. I’m glad you have a little teenage boy humor yourself 🙂

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  24. WOW!!! I am absoultely stunned by your comments. I didn’t think you were a closed minded liberal, apparently I was wrong. I am so saddened by your comments about the Tea Party issue. I read your blog everyday, and while every other knitter in the world seems to be a closed minded liberal, I didn’t think you were. Please tell me what is so bad about my values: personal responsibility, smaller government, capitalism and family. Why are your values so much better than mine? Do you realize how many jobs could be created by lowering taxes instead of raising them. Do you realize if the pension system were fixed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts how much less taxes we would be paying or how much more health care could be provided to the working class (even though I do not believe in National Healthcare).

    Please open you mind a little bit. All I can do is shake my head.

  25. Teabagging? I had no idea.

    I’ve been off-line for a couple of days and am late to the party here. Just want to end this string of comments with this one:
    You are a positive, creative woman. I respect your opinion whether I agree with you or not. I come to your blog BECAUSE of your open mind.

    Have an amazing evening, and I hope your classes went well today!

  26. I just love it when synchronicity happens like it did with your Cape Cod rental 🙂
    and what a cheery spring sock!

  27. the cupcakes weren’t blurry enough to make me not want one…
    Me, too with the picot edge rave. That is so cool.

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