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A Post About Knitting

I’m knitting, in case you weren’t sure.

I finished Acer and it is blocked but needs buttons.

I finished the Hemlock Ring Lap Blanket but it needs blocking.  This is a problem.  First of all, it is pretty big and I’m not sure where I can actually block it.  Second, my knee is still bothering me from that fall last month and kneeling is pretty painful.  This blanket will require lots of kneeling to get it blocked and I’m just not sure I can do that right now.  Dale has graciously offered to help but, well, I can’t even picture that.

I have a yummy sock in progress but it hasn’t progressed much since last week when I showed you.

And finally, I have a baby sweater in progress.


This is Trellis and it’s for a baby boy due in August.  I think I’ve got enough of a head start.

So that’s it.  What are you knitting these days?

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  1. If you let Dale help you, you really need to take pictures 🙂 Sorry to hear your knee is hurting; I hope it feels better real soon!

  2. Sorry about the knee. Maybe your daughter could learn about blocking?

    The baby sweater is just beautiful! What a lovely gift that will be.

  3. I am finishing up a number of tops for me Vivian, Vixen and Fern Fitted Shell. 🙂 In fact the Fern Shell is soaking as I write. When I had to block my Hemlock Ring blanket I just did it on the office floor. You don’t by chance have a rather large round table do you? 🙂 Then you could block on that without having to kneel.

  4. I can’t even imagine how you’d block a Hemlock Ring. Some people have used their beds to stretch it out on as it’s the only big surface in the house. You’ve been knitting up a storm. The baby sweater is darling.

  5. Sounds like you need a ping pong or pool table. And some recent catalogue (KnitPicks? PatternWorks?) just advertised those interlocking rubber mats for blocking. Me? I seem to have been on a knitting-for-guys kick lately. One pair of Red Sox socks in Briggs and Little “Tuffy” and an army helmet liner for the local VA collection. My husband has let it be known that he wouldn’t mind having a helmet for himself for next winter although it would give him that terrorist vibe.

  6. The baby sweater is beautiful. I’m at loose ends with a few projects. I have to sweater for N that I have to seam, one sock to knit to complete a pair and a sweater for myself that just needs less than 1/4 of a sleeve and button bands. I always find it hardest when I have a few things nearing the end.

  7. I can’t wait to see your Acer. It’s one of “next ups”> I’m plugging happily away on February – er – April Lady!!

  8. Why not let Dale give it a try? Wouldn’t it be great to knit and let him do all the blocking? Wish I had a built-in blocker even offer.

  9. Sorry about the knee. :(. Sometimes I block big items outside on the grass. I use a big sheet and pin right into the ground.

    I’m finishing up Maplewing, then on to Olivia and some socks.

  10. It’s so nice of your husband to offer to help with the blocking. For the sake of marital bliss, I’d only let him if he’s an extremely patient man…and a perfectionist. 🙂

  11. Yes, definitely we need pics of Dale blocking the lace. This should be good. 🙂

    I love that little Trellis for a baby boy!!!!

    Me, I’m still in the red Calmer and loving it.

  12. Oh we knew you were knitting for sure!

    I have been doing more spinning and weaving than knitting lately. I told myself I wasn’t buying anything this weekend at CT Sheep and Wool unless I spun at least 4 pounds of my stash. I did get that accomplished. Speaking of CT Sheep, are you going?

    I will have photos of the above progress on my blog one of these days. I just can’t seem to spin and blog at the same time.

    Hope your knee feels better soon!

  13. My mom knit Trellis last autumn for my brothers grandson, who was born December 30. She needed a lot of help from me to remember what to do (she’ll be 82 next month) but her Trellis turned out great!

  14. Wow, that baby sweater is gorgeous.
    (I, too, would love to see pics of Dale helping you block hemlock!)

    And take good care of that knee…I’m sorry it’s still messed up from the fall.

  15. Sorry about your knee but seeing Dale blocking the blanket might just make up for the injury. Too funny.

    I really love the Trellis pattern but I can’t decide which baby to make it for.

  16. Well, you’re way ahead of me on the knitting projects. I’m trying to finish a log cabin baby blanket for a new baby that’s due any day now. Yikes! I got bored with the process but I’m trying to move on and get it done!

  17. If I wasn’t all the way in KY, I’d help! I need the exercise-getting down on the floor to block is the only exercise I’ve been doing these days!!
    I had tried to start “Pioneer” from knitty, but had to frog it about 4 times. I put it away ( I still don’t know what I was doing wrong-it doesn’t look difficult!!). I just started on a “Darkside Cowl”. Boring compared to a sweater!!

  18. So sorry to hear that your knee is still bothering you. that stinks. And I hope it gets better soon!!

    I look forward to seeing Acer 🙂 and you know, I’ll bet that although you live a ways away, there is someone here in wizard-land (…….me …ahem..) who would be willing to block that gorgeous Hemlock Ring lap quilt if you popped it in the mail to me. (or at least I would give it my best shot.) I just cannot imagine Dale blocking such a delicate thing. (even though he is so sweet to offer).. especially something that potentially will be a bit finicky to adjust. I’ll just do it on my guest bed, and close the door to keep the kitties out.
    Trellis is adorable – I just love knitting baby things.

  19. I think that sweet young thing of a daughter probably has knees just meant for blocking! I’m finishing up a Forest Canopy shawl as a confirmation gift for a girl I’m mentoring. Also, just itching to start a project for ME! If only I could narrow the choices down to 10 or so!

  20. Trellis is beautiful! That is one lucky baby.
    I’ve got two shawls on the needles (we’re not counting the random socks floating around the place are we?). I was in my LYS yesterday and came across the most amazing fingering weight yarn. Despite already having one shawl on the needles I cast on for the new one immediately!

  21. Is there a bed you can use for blocking? Or, have Dale help and get lots of photos! That’d be more fun. I’m knitting a baby blanket – it’s taking forever, although that isn’t a surprise!

  22. Hope your knee is better soon. Knee problems are not fun!

    You have been busy! Trellis is looking good. I just finished up my two main projects and have just a lonely sock yarn square on the needles right now.

  23. I love Trellis and have been wanting to knit it for someone. E’s youth group leaders are expecting their first baby. Maybe I should knit it for them.

    Good luck with your blocking!

  24. Love that baby sweater! Those Aran patterns are just so beautiful. I’m making the Golden Vintage Cardi and I don’t have enought yarn! The search is on…

  25. I love the baby sweater! I am so sorry that your knee is still bothering you.

    Would the blanket fit on the bed and be dry before bedtime? If not, get Dale and Hannah to block it for you. You’ll need to take photos, of course.

    Me? Working on birthday socks for the Otter. I’m hoping to be able to send her a box of socks, but we’ll see how much I get done.

  26. i’m in the middle of an acer, and am almost finshed with the first angee sock. i have a forest path stole and a hepburn cardigan that are on hiatus.
    there is a big space on the guest room floor upstairs, if you would care to come to california to supervise the blocking of your hemlock…

  27. Sorry to hear your knee is hurting. I’m sulking after being eliminated from Sock Madness by knitting a Printed Silk Cardigan.

  28. Sorry about the knee!!! But, I just looked at the Hemlock Ring Lap Blanket and that is a gorgeous pattern!!! I am sure it will be beautiful when it does get blocked…

  29. Take it easy on the knee, so you don’t regress… maybe you could coach Dale through the process…sorta like his being your apprentice. Love the Trellis sweater.

  30. So sorry for the knee troubles. If I were closer, I would come over and block for you.

    That is a wonderful beginning to a great baby sweater. I should get started on some baby things. I figure that if I start while the parents are in the planning stages, I might have something ready at the right time.

    Now that I’ve finished my current sm3 pair, I think I’m going to try and relax with some lace tonight.

  31. Lovely Trellis! I actually recognized the pattern. Sorry about the knee.

    I gotta drag out the fun fur and see if I can get a hat done by the end of Taz’s marathon of appointments tomorrow. (No worries, or not many worries, it’s just his annual checkup, but still an all-day affair.)

  32. Carol
    the baby sweater is gorgeous. I can only hope to knit one someday.

    Im working on a lace scarf. It is best for my recovered tendonitis to knit loosely with light lace! And I started a much needed pair of socks to alternate knitting.

  33. Now that’s inspiring! I am in a knitting doldrums. IRS was too irritating. Must let it go…and get back to the real world of knitting 😉

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