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Seraphim Shawl

I finished my Seraphim shawl in record time – only 2 weeks from start to finish! I had the perfect opportunity to wear it Tuesday night as Dale and I were going to give a talk on Civil War reenacting at a local library. I insisted that we squeeze in a photo session before we left the house.

Here’s a smirk only a husband can appreciate.

While I don’t intend for this shawl to be exclusively for reenacting, I do think it goes very well with my red day dress. And because I know someone will ask, no I did not make this dress myself. My dear friend Wendy made it for me. I did put on the trim, though.


The yarn, as you may recall, is my handspun from an Indigo Moon blend of merino, silk and alpaca. I knit one less pattern repeat than called for as I was worried that I would run out of yarn – and I would have. But the shawl is plenty big as it is so I’m not sorry about making it a wee bit smaller.


The stockinette portion went very quickly and the lace charts are easy to follow and make a really beautiful pattern all along the edge of the shawl. Miriam is an excellent designer and this shawl is just one of many gorgeous patterns available on her web site. Just sayin’.


I really love the way it comes together at the point in the back.


It’s very warm and very soft and very cozy. I spun it myself and I knit it myself and I absolutely love it!


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  1. Oh Carole what a satisfying and beautiful project. From sheep to shawl, virtually. Roving to shawl is close enough for Civil War reenacting. heh Just lovely. I know Miriam must be almost as happy and proud as you are. 🙂

    P.S. I’m so jealous of the dress!!!!! I hope your shoes are just as awesome and not too uncomfortable!

  2. Stunning shawl and it goes perfectly with the dress. (I love clothing from that era; just plain fascinated by American and English 19th century garb.)

    You look beautiful in the whole outfit!

  3. Oh, oh, oh, Carole, LOOK at you!… 🙂 You’re stunning in your period costume! And the shawl does compliment your red dress beautifully.

    Any idea how much yardage you used? I can’t tell at all that you left anything out.

  4. Gorgeous! I am currently working on that big red circular shawl in Vintage Lace Today, the one that starts in the middle and kinda fans out… I can’t WAIT to get it blocked and see the finished product because it’s my first lace product that I think I might actually finish!

  5. Stunning…and well you should be proud of it. Love it when you share your re-enactment photos – and your new shawl will work well in both worlds!

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the dress and the shawl together. I think you should wear it all the time together 🙂

  7. Do you ever just wake up one day and feel not worthy? That’s me, today, looking at you!!! Wow…just…WOW!

  8. Obviously you can tell by the gazillion comments that we all LOVE it. It’s the perfect combination of beautiful handspun in a gorgeous pattern on a lovely woman. Too bad we couldn’t have seen a photo of you & Dale together though.

    By the way, what’s your secret to responding back to all these fabulous comments, reading & commenting on all our blogs AND writing your own blog? How in the world do you do it all? Especially since you have a job AND a family. You are AMAZING!

  9. Absolutely stunning. If it weren’t for electricity, hair conditioner, and a few other things, I bet you wished you lived way back when….

  10. There is no better way to say gorgeous, fabulous stunning so I’ll have to stick with all the other adjectives already used!

  11. Carole that shawls looks so fabulous and you look fantastic in it and that dress! I love the fact that you and Dale do these enactments and are so dedicated to the history of your community. Up here in Canada we don’t usually have those types of things. The dress is beautiful. The shawl and the dress compliment each other so well1

  12. I was wondering when you were going to post about this! 🙂 It’s gorgeous, and wow, you were right about it still being big enough even though you started the lace early. And it’s in your homespun, that’s just freakin cool.

  13. OMG. You and your shawl are just gorgeous! What a fantastic outfit to model the shawl, and how great that your shawl is 100% Carole made. (Too bad you didn’t own the sheep!)

    You are such an inspiration.

  14. Wow, Carole, you look awesome in full attire! That is SO cool. Really. And the shawl really fits the look. I’ll bet your hair was a tough one to have done at the parlor. Great stuff.

  15. Hey Carole, the shawl is perfect! I have to say, the color looks a bit more like something you would wear on my side of the MD? I love it that you guys do the living history. What a great way to learn. It has to wonderful to spin, knit and wear something.

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