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Walk With Me Wednesday

There are (counting today) 4 days left until April 1st. I’ve got 4.95 miles to go. I think I can do it!

I haven’t been to the Y since the day I broke my toe. I don’t think I ever told you about that but, yeah, graceful creature that I am, I stubbed my toe on the leg of the kitchen table and ~crrrrunch~ broke “this little piggy had none.” Anyway, I’ve been nervous about the treadmill causing pain since that day so I’ve ramped up the other walking opportunities in my life instead. These last few weeks I’ve been doing mostly the walking videos available from my cable provider or I’ve been taking advantage of the better weather and walking outside.

The nice thing about walking outside is that it gives me a chance to take pictures of pretty things for you guys.


Like these crocuses. My crocuses, as you may have noticed, are all yellow despite the fact that I planted a variety of bulbs. My father-in-law’s crocuses, on the other hand, are all purple. Go figure.

The walk to the river has been our regular walk of late. The dog can run free (and jump in the water!) and we get to wear our L.L. Bean boots to protect against the mud. It’s a great chance for Dale and I to talk and catch up on what’s going on in our lives. Plus, we get to look for signs of spring. There are teeny buds forming on some of the trees and bushes and there are green shoots poking up through the soil. I haven’t heard peepers yet but I know it won’t be long now.


It’s still pretty winter-y looking but at least the snow and ice are gone!

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  1. Broken toes are very painful. I can understand why you don’t want to get on the treadmill. Your doing great with your ago-going. Unfortunitly my ago-go kind of go up and went!

  2. Owwwwey grrlfriend! Hope it heals up quickly. You have been so good about your walking…I’m a slug. It snowed here last night but shouldn’t be cold for too long. I plan on some long walks this week…you and Vicki have me motivated!

  3. Good for you to make your goal. Those little toe breaks are so easy to do and so pesky. Not a thing to do but wait it out. I ususally go for sandels and heavy socks for a week if I can. Not very good for hiking, huh?

  4. Ohh nooooooo…. your TOOOOOOEEEE!!!!! Ouch. Okay, well, you have TOTALLY impressed me that you kept on walking even though you had the broken toe. That would have killed my whole attitude toward the walking goal. Or maybe not – but still. You’re awesome Carole!

  5. Sorry to hear about the toe. I broke one of mine not too long ago and I remember the pain all too well. Ouch! It is really nice to get outside and walk though. I love the purple crocuses.

  6. Hopefully the toe will heal quickly! I’ve noticed the same thing with my crocus- the purple ones don’t like me so I always end up with white and yellow.

  7. Beautiful shots! Love the crocus’!! Sorry to hear about your toe…I broke mine at a Civil War event, leaving my tent snapped that little toe (it was no longer peering straight ahead…if you know what I mean).
    Amazing that you’ve been able to keep up the walking…you go girl…I’m a wimp!

  8. Congrats on nearing the 100 mile mark! But “ugh” to the broken toe. I have broken my little toe several times (a testament to my clumsiness, lol) and it HURTS! Hope it heals up soon.

  9. Carole you should have seen me yesterday! I was looking around the spot at the house where I planted the crocuses last fall and was so sad to still see snow and no crocus. Then I looked back and saw the best.thing.ever. (okay not EVER but still..) two green stalks poking up from the ground.
    Jason thought I was going to cry I got so excited. My first sign of flower life at the house. I was so happy!!

    I can’t wait for them to flower.

  10. I’ve broken toes before — no fun!!! Good for you for sticking to your walking. You are so close to your goal and must feel really good about it!

  11. Re the crocuses, could it be something like the hydrangea situation, where the color of the flowers depends on certain conditions in the soil?

    Poor little toe!–does this mean no handknit socks for a while? But since you’re still able to get into your Bean boots, then maybe the socks are still a go. Except the Jaywalkers. 😉

  12. Oh, poor pinky toe. Such a hard life, being a pinky toe (I’ve broken one, too.) I’m glad you’ve been able to get out and about!

  13. My little toe that kicked the door frame last week feels for your toe. Ouch.

    Congrats on the 95 miles. How cool that you are almost to the goal line. 😀

    My lavender is starting to come back and the tree has blossoms. I think spring is officially here… despite the freak snow yesterday. *L*

    Love your river scene. 😀

  14. Condolences for the broken toe; may it heal perfectly. I’m impressed that you had the perfect excuse and are pushing to hit 100 miles anyway.

    The last of the late pears and apples are blooming here. It’s not as meaningful without distinct seasons. Still pretty, though!

  15. congratulations on making your goal despite being on injured reserve.

    we don’t even have crocuses (well we dont’ because we didn’t plant any). but i know this is the week to start paying attention because when it starts coming it’ll seem like it happened overnight.

    and i’m sneezing in the morning. if that’s not a sign of spring, nothing is.

  16. Ouch! I hope the toe is mending quickly! I was going to say nearly exactly what Beth S said about Crocus color vs. soil conditions.

    I’m no gardener but it seems plausible. I have all yellow in my yard.

  17. We are starting to green up around here. The trees have that hint of green from the buds and the rain has woken up the lawns and gardens. But, I’m guessing if I were to go to my favorite trail today it would look quite similar to your photo. But, spring is definitely coming!

  18. I broke my finger once and it hurt like hell, I can’t imagine a toe (I have stubbed toes and man that hurts). I think that you will have no difficulty making your goal – congratulations! I am so happy spring has sprung; I personally like the slow easing we get into the hotter, humid weather – spring is such a lovely time after a snowy winter.

  19. An invitation because I love your blog and I would love to learn more about you:

    Write yourself a manifesto. Make it specific (knitting or parenting or music) or general (like mine) So that I can read it.

  20. I don’t know where you live, but having that scenery on your walks must be awfully good for the soul. It’s beautiful!

  21. Oooh lordy, sorry about the toe. That is definitely not a fun injury. Congrats on the walking though! That’s a great accomplishment. The flowers are so pretty too… thank goodness spring is really on the way…

  22. Congratulations! I believe you can make it.
    I’m sorry about your toe but I’m glad you’re being careful so that it heals. Beautiful crocuses!

  23. The biologist in me is starting to obsess about this crocus thing. Did you end up with all yellow crocuses over a period of years or did you plant a variety last fall and they all came up yellow?

  24. OUCH! Hope the toe is better. I nearly broke my little piggie that had none last week on the bookcase hubby moved into the hallway. He certainly got an earful.

    I still don’t have any crocuses 🙁

  25. I know I’m pretty close to the 100 miles but there’s no way I’ll make it…I totally forgot about tax season when I signed up (I know, how the hell could I forget tax season). I can’t find five minutes to eat let alone work out right now :o(

    Very pretty pictures – love those crocuses! ;o)

  26. Ouch! This is one of the reasons I never walk around barefoot (grin). I’m so impressed you’re so close to the goal, though–and glad I didn’t sign up for this, because there’s no way I could possibly have come close to 100 miles in the last three months. The weather throughout February was just too awful!

  27. Oh my, I hope your toe is healed soon. It’s a bummer of a place to break, since they can’t put a cast on it. argh.
    Less than 5 miles to go??? You can do it! go for it. We’re cheering for you!

  28. Just in case you need to know this, it is entirely possible to get a foot with a broken toe in a ski boot if one’s husband holds it open for you.


  29. Congratulations on reaching your goal (a little ahead of time, but I know you will)! I lost my momentum for the challenge during the Valentine’s blizzard week. I have still been putting on miles but haven’t been keeping track. I have lost 7 pounds since Christmas!

    If you could do it with a broken toe, excuses like mine sound pretty lame. You’re a determined woman!

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