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Sock Addicts Unite

Hi. My name is Carole and I’m a sock knitting addict. All you other sock knitting addicts out there – and you know who you are – should be raising your hand right now and saying, “Hi, Carole.” This is the part of SKA where I tell you my story so just sit back and relax.


On Saturday I finished my Trekking Ice Cream Socks.


Aren’t they pretty? Ooooh, the colors. Too bad this color combo (#126) has been discontinued. I found it on ebay, though, and you probably could, too.


These are my standard 72 stitch picot edge stockinette socks knit on size 0s. They fit me perfectly every time, even if they do take forever and a day.


Anyway, I finished these on Saturday and decided to give the sock knitting a rest. After all, I’ve finished two rounds of sock madness in the last few weeks and the sock knitting has been a bit intense around here as a result. Round Three starts tomorrow and I thought a few days rest from socks would be a good plan. Smart, right?


Ahem. I lasted until Monday afternoon and then I caved and wound up this Schaefer Anne and started the socks for my Bloomin’ Feet pal. I simply cannot be without socks on the needles.

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  1. Oh I agree the trekking ice cream socks are very prettty.

    I almost always have a sock knitting project on the needles. If I don’t I feel like something is missing :).

  2. I too am a member in good standing of SKA. Where are the meetings held?
    That icecream sock looks good enough to eat!!

  3. I have, shockingly, not been wanting to knit socks recently (I know…I Know!).

    Your darn Trekking socks may send me into relapse though…

    If I fall down the SKA hole again, it’ll be your fault. 😉

  4. Hi Carole…my name is Robin and I’m a Sock Addict! It was only a short time back that I swore I would never knit something that would go on feet and placed into shoes for no one to see…I was wrong~~I’m now addicted! I cannot be without socks on my needles…no, I don’t want help, I don’t want to be cured! I want more Sock Yarn!!!

    Your’s are LOVELY!! Love those colors…and the ice cream!

  5. Hi Carole! My name is Kate and I am sock-knitter. I have been sock-knitting for 2 years and I can’t stop! I brought a SIP (sock-in-progress) to the day spa with me on Saturday…just in case there was a break between my facial and pedicure.

    Love the ice cream socks! I just finished sock #1 of my bloomin’ feet socks (4 weeks to go!)— Jaywalkers in a helloyarn colorway–gorgeous!

    🙂 Kate

  6. Hi, Carole! My name is Ina and I was just thinking about all the singleton socks I’ve knit.

    Nice ice cream socks. I’ve got (ahem) one.

  7. Oh yes, I am also a sock knitting addict. I don’t want any 12 step program or anything, though. I’m not looking forward to round 3 of Sock Madness; I wish I could call in sick and knit, but the way things stand now, I won’t even be able to cast on until 8:30 at night! I’m dead before I begin.

    Love, love, love the ice cream socks. I’m heading over to e-bay right now!

  8. Ohhhh….Now you’ve done it! “Hi, I’m Knitnana…”
    And that color combo is wonderful….!! YUUMMY. (Ok, so’s the Shaffer Anne!)
    I have the problem too, and it’s a common one. Working on my STR Rooster Rock socks (made like your Trekking socks above) and got my next color of STR yesterday…
    It’s sooooooo hard to stop – in spite of admitting I have a problem! (What fun – SKA!!!)

  9. They look great! So, I need to get a 40″ size “0” for magic loop? I was reading the booklet the other night and want to give it a try.

  10. Pretty socks! I love that colorway. That’s too bad they discontinued it. I’m glad I have a skein sitting in my stash!

  11. Hi Carole, I’m another sock addict. The Trekking socks are great, and don’t you just love the Schaeffer colors? It takes every ounce of discipline in my soul to have only one pair on the needles at any given time.

    So many great yarns, so little knitting time…

  12. they really do look like they came out of a gallon of neopolitain! is it wrong to crave ice cream this early in the morning?

  13. I do love that colorway. I have a 60-stitch sock, though. I wonder if the patterns would be as nice at that size….Not that I’m ever going to make them. Hahah.

  14. Yummy socks! Why discontinue such a lovely colorway? Hmph.

    Oh, I think I have a very, very similar skein of Anne…

  15. I’m not much for pink, but those ice cream socks are fabulous. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”

  16. Hi Carole, I’m Wanda and I’m SKA too! That has been where my mind is lately, sock knitting all over the place. It amazes me that most of my knittng friends don’t really enjoy knitting socks, while I’m all ga-ga over it. Hmm, that yarn is trekking? When I saw this colorway at the shop, I kind of liked it, but wasn’t sure, but seeing it knit up, I’ll be getting that one soon!

  17. The socks are lovely!!! That color combination is fantastic…the schaffer yarn is gorgeous. And congrats on walking the 100 miles that is fantastic my friend…good for you!

  18. Hi, Carole! Your socks and mine should get together…both are 72 stitches, knit on 0 needles! Too bad it’s getting too warm for socks now. I washed all mine yesterday and put them in their drawer to wait patiently ’till next fall.

  19. Hi, my name is Lynette and I am a sock-a-holic. Of course dying the sock yarn I knit with and knitting the socks is my business! I usually knit 2 – 4 pairs of socks a day…but I cheat (note head hanging low) I use my 1903 LeGare Circular Sock Machine.
    Occassionally I knit socks by hand, usually when I’ve dyed a new colorway.
    How was that for confession?

  20. I think I have that color and they don’t look nearly as nice as yours — I think I’ll have to frog and start again (with a simple, straight-forward sock).

    Very nice!! ; )

  21. Hi, Carole! 😀

    My standard sock is 71 stitches on US 2 needles. o.0 I’m feeling like a sock knittin’ freak over here right now.

    Great job on the socks! You know me, I love it when the stripes match up. *L*

  22. Amen, sista. I am *hangs head in shame* also an addicted sock knitter. They’re just so satisfying! My standard sock is 68 stitches on 0s; just finished one last night. First time I’ve done the picot cuff on socks.

  23. Hi Carole! My name is Christine, and I am also addicted…………… knitting socks. I forget the 12 steps, so I’m going to go cast on another pair. What’s the harm anyway?

  24. Isn’t it normal to have at least one pair of socks on the needles. Hell, I have at least three at all times!

    Great colors, by the way. And I am jazzed about that purple/blue that is becoming the next pair. My favorite color combo, I might add.

  25. Hi Carole! You know I’m addicted too! Love the BF sock yarn. They should be lovely. And the ice cream socks? Too cute.

  26. Ya know – it is just really good to have a focus. You obviously have found yours!

  27. Delurking to admit to being a SKA also. No matter how many I make, I continue to be amazed by them! I love your ice cream socks!

  28. Ahh Carole I fully support and encourage the sock love!! I cannot WAIT for Sockapalooza to start up! And next time I will not miss out on Amanda’s sock exchange! Knit on Grrl! xoxox

  29. Hi Carole, I too, of course, am a sock addict. It’s been about 16 hours since I’ve had a pair on the needles.
    I too agree about the discontinuation of that colorway. I squeaked in on some of the last of it from Abundant Yarns in Portland. They announced in a newsletter last yearthat they would be getting a shipment of it in and were taking orders for it. I wish I’d bought another skein or two. I think they’re my favorite pair. Well, maybe not. Nearly EVERY pair is my favorite.

  30. Going to get a spoon right now. I have 5 pairs of socks on the needles – do you think I might have a problem???

  31. Hi Carole!! I certainly hear you on the “must have a sock at all times! Being a 2 project only knitter I had the Carnival Throw and the Forest Path Stole with NO SOCKS! EEK!!!
    My reward for finishing up the throw? Socks of course 🙂

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