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Sock Madness: I’m Done and Out

I may have been beaten by my opponent but I did not abandon my Sock Madness Round Three socks. I finished the Painted Madness Socks on Saturday afternoon and I gifted them to Hannah.


Purty, yes?


The pointed edges on the cuff are knit in a long strip. You then turn the strip and pick up the edge stitches along the length. Join that into a round and wah-la, you have the start of your cuff.


Once that’s done the rest is just knit, knit, knit with a bit of ribbing thrown in for good measure. The yarn is from Laura in the colorway “October” and it’s soft and lovely and Hannah is quite thrilled to have new socks!


And I knit my first star toe. I like this toe quite a bit. It seemed faster to me and, while I have no problem kitchenering, I didn’t mind skipping it either.

I thank you for all the good cheer you sent my way during the Sock Madness competition. I was challenged to learn new techniques like short row heels and star toes and oblique spirals and it was good to work outside my comfort zone. I may be out of the competition now but I’ll still get the patterns for the rest of the rounds and I intend to knit them all as they arrive.

After all, I am a sock knitting addict.

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  1. Gorgeous! A true winner goes on anyway, and you have warm tooties (and Hannah too) to show for it! These have such a nice cuff.

  2. Lovely socks. Hannah’s lucky to get them! Don’t you just love learning new techniques. It’s my favorite part of knitting.

  3. You are a winner, Carole, always will be, and there is no finer addiction. Now I wish I had joined Sock Madness — I would have gotten my butt kicked in the first round, but I would have benefited from the learning experience.

  4. Beautiful socks! I love the colorway you chose. I did abandon mine; I need to use a different yarn with them. My yarn was much too dark for this pretty pattern. I plan to knit them as soon as I finish the pair I’ve got going right now for my sister’s birthday.

  5. Yay Carole! Those cuffs really are SO cute! I guess I don’t know how the game works cause you are always a winner in my book. πŸ™‚

    I love how those colors came out knit up – makes me want to dye more superwash!

  6. Those are adorable. Hannah is a lucky girl.

    You didn’t really write “wah-la,” did you? I’ll pretend you didn’t. LOL

  7. Good for you for making it so long! I’d have been out in the first round or else child services would have taken my kids since I’d have had to ignore them to get any daytime knitting done :o)

  8. That edging is just too cute! I want to try it soon, though I don’t know if I am brave enough for such bright colors… missed you yesterday.

  9. Those socks are a lot of fun! I like the idea of knitting the edging and picking it up. You could do some fabulous lace things that way.

  10. Love the socks!! I keep forgetting to tell you how happy I am that you and Dale joined a CSA. I just sent in my payment (this will be the third year) and I just love it. Enjoy and I know we will get some great pictures and recipes with all those fresh veggies!

  11. The socks are gorgeous! great job πŸ™‚

    And what a great attitude, finishing the socks even when you are not in the competition!

  12. While I am sorry that you are no longer in Sock Madness I am thrilled that jumping in has taught you some new techniques. It is really hard to move out of the comfort zone and you should be so proud of yourself; the socks look wonderful Carole and I will have to try that spiral toe – my comfort zone is always doing toe up, short row yarn over heel and I know I need to try some other techniques – thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Those are very fun socks, I really like the cuff! How is the fit of the star toe? I’ve been thinking of trying one out, but I can’t ever seem to get past my tried and true toe up short row heel formula…

  14. What a gorgeous pair of socks! I’m not usually much for anklets, but the edging on these is irresistible. And the colors are right up my alley! πŸ™‚

    Now that you’ve tried it, I hope you’ll join Margene and me in the Star Toe Society. πŸ˜‰ I seldom bother with any other kind.

  15. I love the speckles in the yarn. They are so cute with the little cuff too. I am glad to hear that she likes them πŸ˜‰

  16. Truly admire you for even being in Sock Madness! The socks are just beautiful – the color is great and I love the edging!!

  17. What a great pair of socks. And you are a machine. That is a great pattern for the lovely colors. Too cute!

  18. Ooh, what a cute pattern! I also love how the yarn works up–variegation with no pooling or striping. Perfect!

  19. Beautiful sock, I loved all 3 of the challenge socks, are they a collection of patterns for purchase?

  20. Socks are lovely but I’m even more impressed at your spelling of “kitchenering” – LOL!! I have a hard enough time spelling it without the “ing” at the end πŸ˜‰

  21. The socks came out great! Sorry you didn’t make it to the next round, but now you can relax and knit the sock patterns with no pressure.

  22. I wasn’t so hot on these when I saw them on the sock madness blog but yours are really really pretty!

  23. BUMMER that you didn’t make it into the next round, but WOW you got some great socks out of the entire process. At least you “tried”. A lot of people didn’t even do that!

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