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Water, Water Everywhere

As you may have heard, we’ve had some wild weather lately here in New England. Yesterday’s Nor’Easter brought lots of rain and wind, local flooding, and very high tides. So, when the rain let up, Dale and I went out for a drive to see what we could see. What we mostly saw was water.

First stop:

My front yard. New daffodils blossoming. Note the water droplets.

Next stop:

The Herring Run in Pembroke. The herring aren’t running yet and it’s probably just as well because the water was rushing in extra rapid fashion. Those fish would have a hard time going up stream, even with the help of the fish ladder. The ground was very soggy but we did walk around a bit. Hopefully we’ll get back when the fish are heading upstream to spawn and I’ll have pictures to show you.

Final destination:

Duxbury Beach. The waves were huge and the wind was blowing like crazy. It was totally worth it, though, for the smell of salt water – it’s been way too long since I smelled that. A few of the roads were slightly flooded but nothing we couldn’t drive across easily in the Jeep. We saw lots of tree limbs down and some pretty substantial local flooding but it was much less severe here than in other places.

After our sight seeing expedition we headed to Plymouth for lobster rolls and then it was home for knitting and vegging in front of the television. All things considered, it was a damn fine day.

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  1. I went over to the beach yesterday too and it was windy! But fun! I wish I’d brought my camera.

  2. We were talking last night about how we used to race down to Revere Beach to watch the water fly up over the sea walls! The Charles is behind us and it’s rising..! I can almost smell the ocean from your photos. Oh… I need a beach day.


  3. You know how to take advantage of a day off! Beautiful ocean shots. Hopefully the storm will move out and you’ll start to see signs of drying out and warming up soon!

  4. WOW! Great pics from the beach. And pretty blossoms, too. We still don’t have anything growing or blooming yet, and we’re not that far north from you. Hmmm, I gotta get a call in to Mother Nature to see what’s up with that.

  5. Wow, I’m impressed. Most hunkered down yesterday, but you really got out there and soaked it all in (hopefully not too literally)!

  6. You know how to have fun! The waves are something to watch in a storm. And then capping your outting with lobster rolls. Excellent adventure.

  7. Very cool pictures! I watched NECN and saw some of their coverage which included some ocean video. It is amazing what nature does.

    We drove over the Connecticut River several times yesterday in different areas, and lots of logs, branches and other junk floating along.

  8. There is a sweet, tiny little brook meandering between back yards in my neighborhood that turned ugly over the last few days, gobbling up those back yards in an impressive display of Mother Nature’s temper. Post storm sight seeing is always impressive.

  9. In that first beach picture it looks like the sun is actually out? I haven’t seen sun or blue sky in days and days.

    I keep hoping at least we’ll get the flooding over with now and have nicer weather for the fiber festivals.

  10. Hmm…..I can almost smell that salt air. I didn’t realize you lived that close to the ocean.

    The weather up here in NH has been pretty wild too. Let’s hope for warm dry weather soon!

  11. You probably ran across my boss at the beach yesterday–he went clamming in hopes of finding big clams but all he found was a dead seal 🙁

  12. Gosh. I could almost smell the ocean when I saw your beach pictures. I love visiting the beach when the weather is not it’s best.

  13. I think I need to try some Lobster Rolls!

    It’s so awesome that we get to explore and experience different parts of the country through each other’s blogs. Thanks for the great pictures Carole. Stay safe and as dry as you can through the weather. 🙂

  14. I love the smell of the beach too. We had a lot of local roads flooded. I had to keep turning around and finding other ways to get to work yesterday.

  15. Great pictures of the ocean! I haven’t dared to venture out near the beach here. Too much damage done here; I think it’d just depress me.

  16. I’m a tiny bit jealous. I’ve always liked extreme weather. And to see the ocean that way–followed by lobster rolls–sounds absolutely delightful.

  17. That sounds like one great day but, then again, any day not at work is a good one. I really love those pictures of the waves. Stormy weather produces such drama.

  18. Oh, those pictures of the ocean and the thought of lobster rolls make me miss home. I’m glad the storm blew threw and you all are safe, hopefully without having sustained and water damage to your home. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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