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Nothing To See Here

I got nothing today – everything is not-quite-finished. My Bloomin’ Feet socks are almost done, I tried plying from a center pull ball and wound up with a tangled mess and we are Dale is in the midst of a major closet overhaul. And, it’s still raining. And gray. Blech.

So, I’ll do what knitbloggers everywhere do when there’s nothing to talk about. I’ll show you a picture of Mason the Wonder Cat.


Even he looks unimpressed. It’s boring as hell around here, I tell you.

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  1. Plying from a center pull ball didn’t work out very well for me either.

    I’m with the cat on this one. Lay down in a comfy spot, stretch out, and take a nap till the sun comes back.

  2. Pretty kitty. We’ve been pretty wet here too. Although, I am glad it wasn’t as bad as they predicted. Stay dry and knit on.

  3. I thought he looked pissed (as in “why are you bothering me”) rather than unimpressed. Cat pics are a great backup plan.

  4. You’ve always got the Red Sox ;.) Want to try my tangled mess of Euro Flax Linen that I tried to wind- looks like a bad pile of mint green spaghetti!

  5. “boring” seems to be going around~ I wonder if it’s an epidemic? It’s definitely hit the west coast as well. Give Mason a tickle under the chin,he’s a cutie.

  6. Spring will stomp in any minute now, and change your attitude… I am sure after this last round of storms it will be a sudden and welcome change.

  7. I read somewhere that plying from a center pull ball is easier if you let the singles relax for awhile on the bobbin. I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet!

  8. I’ve done the plying from a center pull ball thing twice recently. The first time it tangled so bad I threw it away (it was just some leftover singles), the second worked out just fine. I think I kept my finger in the center and that helped, but maybe that’s just me looking for an answer.

  9. Yup, toward the end hold the ball in your fiber hand with your thumb through the hole. You can control the feed and avoid tangles at the same time.

    Never ever anything wrong with cats on blogs. Nice tummy, Mason

  10. Boring is better than the wrong kind of excitement.

    Okay now… where did I read this? Maybe on SpinningSpider? I’m thinking yes. She says that rather than plying directly from that center pull ball that you should make yet ANOTHER ball of the two strands so that you’re not trying to ply and prevent tangles, etc, all at once. I’ve tried it and by God, it worked. I did it with a 3-ply too and WOW, what a difference. Such a simple concept but I had to be told. Yes, it’s yet another winding session but it does wonders to save you from the headache of the clump of tangled singles that spews from the center of that ball while you’re happily plying along!! 🙂

  11. Damn but cats are good at conveying absolute contempt. I want to be a cat in my next life.

  12. Enh, he just looks comfortable to me (hey woman, why are you disturbing my beauty sleep?)
    I’m sorry about all the grey skies and rain. I’d mention something about April showers but that’d be too cruel. I’ll try and send some sunniness your way (not like there’s much of that here, either).

  13. Yep, I hear you. This is really sluggish-making weather. Hard to get excited about anything, though I do envy you that lobster roll from the last post. 😉

  14. Well, of course he looks unimpressed. Cats have three core skills: looking unimpressed, sitting on your lap while you’re trying to knit, and finding the most rare and expensive ball of yarn you have and unwinding it all over the house.

  15. Mason is a magnificent Meezer. Greetings to him from Minky (chocolate point), Victoria (Torie the Tortie), and Casper (flame point), my 3 Texas Siamese Rescue Meezers.

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