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I Believe in Miracles

Our third annual living history this past Saturday was a big success. As always, Dale did a lot of work to pull this together. And, as always, we had fabulous friends and volunteers who helped us with everything. But there was one thing we had this year that we haven’t had before – blue sky!

Thank you all so much for your good thoughts, prayers and positive energy. It worked. Despite the forecast – which was for showers and clouds – the weather was perfect. I truly believe we owe that to the power of the knitbloggers!

If you had been a visitor on Saturday, here are a few things you would have seen:

Soldiers drilling. These guys put on a fine demonstration for the spectators. They even taught some willing participants how to be a Civil War soldier.

Me spinning. The wheel was a huge success. People had a lot of questions about it and I think I was able to teach them a bit. I plan to talk more about this tomorrow.

A fashion show. Hannah volunteered to speak about the various women’s clothing and she did a terrific job.

Campfire cooking. We ate a wonderful meal of pot roast, potatoes and carrots, along with chicken cooked on a spit.

Laughing and talking! Here is Blogless Sharon and she’s having a terrific time – can’t you tell?

And at the end of the day we went to bed. Exhausted but satisfied. Our tent never felt so much like home.

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  1. Beautiful photos – thank you for sharing! You’ve made me all nostalgic for wool blankets, hoopskirts, cooking over an open fire and sleeping under a canvas roof *sigh* (though I must say that I do *not* under any circumstances wax sentimental over attempting to use a port-o-potty with a hoopskirt)

  2. We shared the good weather with you!

    Is knitting allowed? What type of needle is authentic? Does the yarn have to be consistent (i.e. no tencel)?

  3. Ahh, the blue sky! I thought about you this weekend and was happy to see the good weather. Looks like it was a great success!

  4. oh, I was thinking of you guys while it kept on not raining, and rejoicing! Thanks for the pictures; they’re magnificent. What a cool event! You and the wheel in use is also quite the sight. Spiffy, madame, mucho spiffy.
    Good on ya!

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