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Jimmy Buffett!

Saturday night Dale and I went to the Jimmy Buffett concert at Gillette Stadium. It was our first ever Jimmy Buffett concert and we’d heard all kinds of tales about tailgating and costumes and outrageous behavior.

So we packed a cooler with sandwiches and beer and margaritas and off we went. I thought we were well prepared but you know what? We were babes in the woods at this concert.



The tailgating was over-the-top in a fabulously fun way. Everyone was extremely friendly and generous – offering us hot dogs and drinks and snacks. Well, except for those people with the steak and lobsters. They didn’t offer to share. Hmmmph.


I’m so glad that we got there early enough to really enjoy the pre-concert festivities. And I wish I had taken more photos. There were beach set ups and bar set ups and one group even had karaoke going. I saw the best t-shirt, too. It had a picture of a parrot on it and it said, “Screw the cracker . . . Polly wants a cocktail.”


The concert itself was wonderful although the acoustics up in the nose bleed section were slightly less than perfect. But he played all my favorites and really put on a very entertaining show. And I was very impressed that he opened the show with Luciano Pavarotti singing “La Donna E Mobile” from Rigoletto and he closed the show with his own “Defying Gravity,” which he dedicated to Pavarotti. Now that’s class.


You’ll probably find this hard to believe but I didn’t knit a stitch. And I still had a great time.

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  1. Ha! Great shot of you and the Dalester. You need to frame that photo and look at it often – it’s the super-fun times that get you through the Mondays in life. 😉

  2. My cousins were there! there are 8 couples + kids (even the babies!) and they all go— my cousin Vinny wears a grass skirt and a coconut bra:) They are parrot-heads to the hilt! We’ve been once and it was a blast! 🙂

    Sorry no lobstahs, but hot dogs are good, too!

  3. Well, of course you can’t knit at a concert, especially a JB concert! You’ve gotta dance! What fun and, grrl, you gotta find that T-shirt!

  4. You lucky duck! I had a chance to see him in the Berkshires the summer of ’77 with a friend near Mackinac Lake- I was 18 and my parents said “No!” Glad you had such good weather. And the T-shirt? I want one!

  5. As an aging parrothead myself, I’m so jealous, but I am glad you and Dale got to go!! It looks like it was great fun!

  6. It’s quite obvious from that great picture that the two of you had FUN! It was perfect summer weather for it. Glad you had a good time 🙂

  7. Glad you had such a great time. My DH and I went to a JB concert several years ago and he is definitely a great performer. We enjoyed the concert very much!

  8. I’m pretty sure they sell those T shirts in Plymouth, in one of the waterfront souvenir stores near the Rock and the motel. I remember seeing one back in July and almost buying it.

  9. Who wouldn’t have a great time tailgating? We did that once for horse races. It was pretty fun actually, although, we didn’t have steak and lobsters. Mostly sandwiches and soda. 😀

  10. You look like you are having so much fun!! I’m quite envious. I spent the weekend have serial meltdowns. It’s been six months, and from what I’ve read, the timing is about right.

    But hey, I’m at work today, so I’m not a complete lost cause!!

  11. Love the margaritas, love the steak and NEW ENGLAND! lobsta, love the parents. We miss you and can’t wait for your visit. 🙂

  12. My best friend goes every year and she said the tailgating is the best part. Like something never before seen!

    Glad you had a good time.

  13. You don’t even have to be a Buffet fan to enjoy a Buffet concert – the people are awesome! I’ve only been once and it was quite an experience. You can see how much fun you had from your picture. :o)

  14. Hey–I knit there. In the parking lot. And I brought a disposable camera in concealed in a ball of yarn into the stadium. I’ll post the pictures later tonight.

    I’m so sorry we didn’t meet up at the concert. You would have loved the pomegranate martinis we had. Looks like you guys were right above us. Next time we’re gonna have to plan this out so we can meet up!

  15. That’s is the perfect way to end the summer huh? TOO FUN! I heard the owners of WEBS talk about the tailgating festivities on their podcast, but it was great seeing your photos. Steak & lobster? Now *that’s* a tailgate party!!

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