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Christopher Columbus, It’s Fall


It’s Columbus Day and to me it’s the “official” start of fall. Here in New England fall means leaf peepers and festivals. Pumpkins and corn stalks and mums. But before everything succumbs to the approaching cold weather I’d like to take one last look at summer’s annuals.





They’ll be gone all too soon.

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  1. Yes, they will be. I’ve been known to cover mine up with an old flannel sheet desprately trying to delay the inevitable.

  2. Love the signs of fall in the leaves. Petunias are early spring flowers down here–much too hot in the summer. Believe it or not, it’s almost time to plant pansies. We have to grow them in the winter.

  3. Am I a dedicated reader or what? I had to google Leaf Peeping. Thank God for Wikipedia. I think Leaf Peeping sounds fabulous! We don’t leaf peep here in the Lone Star State.

    Have a FAB day off!

  4. Lovely tribute! Fall has hit us extra-early this year and many of my flowers are gone already. The color will be magnificent over the next month and I sure look forward to your New England perspective.

  5. Enjoy your day off. All of our annual are pretty much gone. And even though our calendar says fall – Saturday was 87 + degrees with intolerable humidity! Bring on the cold!

  6. I’ll post some pansies and petunias for you this winter. In the desert, they’re winter flowers! It’s still too hot to plant them here, but maybe in a few more weeks…

  7. I’ve been here in Colorado for ten years, but I still marvel that I finally live in a state with real seasons! Growing up in California kind of messes with your perspective, in so many ways. 🙂

  8. Fall? Um…Where? Not here! Well not today or tomorrow at least, but there’s hope for the end of the week! (We broke a record yesterday)
    LOVE your photos, and will do a “things around my house that make me smile” post this week!

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