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It’s the Little Things

Last week the Wool Winder posted some very nice photos of little things around her house that make her happy. And then she asked a question. “What little things around your house make you smile?” Here are my answers.

boo_sign gourd_candles mason_couch
antler_basket pumpkin_lights ancestors
front_door_pumpkins ceramic pumpkin red_merino_tencel

Now it’s your turn. What little things around your house make you smile?

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  1. I’ve always been envious of those who could line up wee pumpkins on the crown molding above their front doors. That antler basket is cool btw.

  2. How fun! I do love Halloween and all of the decorations that go along with it. You have some very nice ones!

  3. I have my “scary” witch beenie baby with a scrabble sign spelling witchy poo in front of her…she makes people laugh out loud. I have two small beaded spiders crawing down my miniblind in my kitchen and I have a small concrete hand (birdbath) outside with a small pumpkin in it. That also makes people giggle when they see it. Oh I almost forgot I have another beanie, a ghost and a scrabble sign spelling eeek. You don’t have to do it big to have fun.

  4. Love your fall decorations! The wild things around here are so voracious, I can’t leave anything even vaguely edible out overnight.

  5. Glad to see the cat in there 🙂 Love the touches of the season all throughout your home. I finally got around to putting out a few things like that. Wish I had a front entry like yours.

  6. It’s nice to see all of your fall items. I only have my wreath up and I need to get the decorations down from the attic. The wool looks a lot like hair!

  7. What makes me smile? Usually the mess after a day of kids playing with EVERY toy in the house brings a smile to my face. Better to face the tornado with a sense of humor, right?

  8. My, what a lazy cat you have. Reminds me of the one on my couch. I found very early that after a certain age, they don’t move much. A parade of mice could be moving through the house, and they still would not move.

  9. My new couch makes me happy! It’s my first piece of furniture that isn’t a dresser and it’s totally loud and ridiculous. Love it.

  10. Pumpkins always make me smile! Thank you for the smiles! I’ll have to take a walk around my house later today and share my special things.

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