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Peppermint Mocha Socks

There’s one less WIP on the needles because I finished the Peppermint Mocha socks on Tuesday. They are for me (I’m such a selfish knitter) and I love ’em.


All those patterned socks are great and lots of fun to knit but there’s something truly wonderful about a plain ole pair of stockinette socks.


The yarn is Claudia’s Handpaint in the colorway Peppermint Mocha and I bought it from The Loopy Ewe. The pattern is your basic 64 stitch, picot edge sock.


They make me want to drink hot chocolate, eat peppermint candy . . .


And wear my new clogs.

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  1. Done?!? Already?!? Love them. Especially with the new clogs! 🙂 (And glad to know that I’m not the only one who buys clogs based on how awesome they will look with handknit socks.)

  2. I bought some new shoes from Zappos mostly to show off my handknit socks, and the instep was cut too high and I had to send them back. I was sad.

    Stockinette socks, though, make me happy. They’re comfort knitting. And you’re rocking them w/those clogs.

  3. Yep, love the ‘pretty’ socks but it’s usually always the plain stockinettes I reach for from the drawer. Love the picot edge and those colours are fabulous.
    I have to admit I’m a bit of a clog ho, and I LOVE those new clogs of yours!

  4. Love ’em! I just bought a new pair of Mary Jane Keene clogs for the same reason. But I also got sidetracked looking around your desk. Do you have Troll pens in you pencil cup?

  5. Cute clogs and socks! I love wearing clogs. That’s actually all I wear in the fall/winter, then I switch to slides and sandals in the summer.

  6. Those socks are really cute,and the yarn pattern looks good. I just finished a pair of stockinette socks. It was so nice to have them to work on when I felt unable to work on complex ones. I love the clogs though. OK, I MUST now have some with cutwork to show off my socks. What are those clogs?

  7. Ach, you make me want to dig through my stash like a mad woman and cast on another pair of socks! Of course, it’s another pair because I have a second sock in progress! VBG!

    Lovely work, lovely sock/clog combo.

  8. Actually, they reminded me of Pippy Long Stockings. 😀 They’re very pretty. I love fall. I was so excited that I could snuggle up with my hubby yesterday and drink hot cocoa.

  9. You know. I love that pattern more than just about any other for hand-dyed yarns! They’re wonderful (so are your new clogs!!!) hmm…they’d go with my new WPS, too! tee hee…gotta go check out that yarn.

  10. Hi, I love your socks. I’m a begginer at knitting socks and I was wondering if you can find this pattern somwhere.

  11. The socks are awesome….and in my book there is no such thing as a selfish knitter. In my life there is so much “giving”, “taking care of”, “helping”, “instructing”, etc that I have to keep at least one thing for myself…my knitting.

  12. Those look good enough to eat,lol! I some peppermint mocha in my stash but haven’t gotten to it yet but after seeing yours I might have to move it up on the list.

  13. Carole–I’m beginning to think that you are plotting against my budget. First it was the cutie pie converse with the baby sheep, that I just HAD to own myself (only to find out two weeks later that my son’s kindergarten teacher dons the same pair). Now it’s the clogs that look so fantastic with the handknit socks. You are a cruel woman….but keep it up, I like this kind of temptation.

  14. It seems that every time you finish a pair of socks, I find myself gasping “MUST HAVE that colorway!” And this pair is no exception. We wants it, precious! 🙂

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