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There was one thing I did at Rhinebeck that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with knitting or spinning.

First, a little background information.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have watched soap operas my whole life. As a kid, teenager and young adult it was always Days of our Lives but when they did the storyline about Marlena being possessed by the devil, well, that was just a bit far fetched even for me. Then, ten years ago, my stepdaughter, Jessica, got me hooked on As the World Turns and I’ve been watching it ever since.

So, as a long time fan of the show, I was thrilled when Norma announced that her daughter’s boyfriend, Ryan Serhant, was a finalist on InTurn and I was happy to vote for him. I was overjoyed when he won the part on ATWT and I had a sort-of-personal-but-not-really-personal connection to the show.


And then on Saturday night, thanks to Norma and Sandy, I met Ryan.

I am happy to tell you that he’s a wonderful guy. Friendly and personable and polite, handsome (oh yes) and tall and cute-as-a-button. And Norma’s daughter, Abigail, is a sweetheart. We all chatted for a bit about stuff but the best part for me was talking about the show and Ryan’s experiences and who he has worked with and what his storyline will be like. It was just so exciting for me to meet someone who is now working with the people I watch every day, you know?


I’m usually pretty cool but I think I may have been just a teeny bit star struck.

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  1. I’m told it’s OK for us to have crushes on younger men…as long as we don’t act on them! You look adorable!

  2. Cool!!

    I asked one of my friends who was a Rhinebecker bingo square if she met you and she said YES!! We were at Starbucks last night and I was all like, “Did you meet Carole from Carole Knits?” and she said, “YES!”

    I swear I was like a kid at Christmas………

    I am so there next year.

  3. Days of Our Lives!!! Dude, I was born the year it started. (Yeah. I’m old.) My Mom would give me my mid day bottle and watch it and kept on watching for years and years!! I can officially say that I’ve seen it since day one. Soaps are a fun little pleasure!

  4. Watched Days with my friends in HS. Was a GH fan with my mom when I was younger. Don’t really watch now–maybe Days when my friend is in town…for old time sake. 🙂 Glad Rhinebeck had that added plus for you AND Norma!

  5. That’s so cool! (I love the second photo.) And I wouldn’t underestimate the impact of a little positive feedback to the show.

  6. Heh. Do you remember the slightly odd movie Shelley Duvall and Robin Williams did – Popeye? Shelley D’s character keeps singing about how great Brutus is…and the greatest thing…. he’s Taaaaallllll! The look on your face in that second photo is priceless. I’m gonna be chuckling to myself all day.

  7. I love that star-struck gaze in your eyes! Isn’t it great when unexpected and memorable things happen when you are already having the time of your life?

  8. The last pic cracks me up because you look a little swoony/happy to be gazing up at Ryan! I would be the same way too b/c I do like to watch ATWT. Have been watching since I was a wee one with my grandmother over school vacations and summer breaks.

  9. I’ve never actually gotten into day time soaps (though I LOVE night ones), but I really liked reading the soap magazines when Marlena was possessed. I almost bought a few just to cut out the headlines! It’s not often I see the name Marlena in print. 🙂

    And no, I wasn’t named after her! Tons of people ask me that. My mother preferred General Hospital.

  10. I watched ATWT right after I got married when I was living in the middle of bean fields (really!) and unemployed. There was something about a musical watch, can’t remember the whole thing now, but it went on forever… which is, after all, what soaps are supposed to do.

    That Ryan is quite lovely, isn’t he?

  11. I think that’s when my grandmother stopped watching DOOL, too. I never really watched them, but I sort of followed “All My Children” for a couple years when my cousin was in the cast.

  12. I have watched ATWT all of my life, my mother and Lisa Hughes were pregnant with me and Tom respectively at the same time, I eventually married a Tom, can’t wait for Ryan to start his new gig!!!

  13. I’m not a soap watcher, but I definitely appreciate the fun (and sometimes mortification) of being starstruck. He seems like a really nice guy — and you got some great pictures!

  14. I am fanatical about ATWT and watched every ep of InTurn. You gotta spill.. what is he gonna be doing in Oakdale? Who is he working with? What did he tell you?

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