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Elegant Gauntlets

I’ve wanted to knit a pair of Elegant Gauntlets since Margene made her pair. Somehow, though, they never made it on to my “to knit” list and I forgot about them. Then a couple of weeks ago Teri posted a pair and I remembered.

So as not to forget again, I went straight from the computer to the sock yarn shelf. I pulled down out some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in shades of brown – perfect for fall and perfect for a 3/4 length-sleeve shirt I was going to have to stop wearing soon because my arms would be cold.


I cast on right away and finished them in less than a week. The pattern, in Sally Melville’s The Purl Stitch, is wonderful and the shaping makes for a great fit. And I think they go very nicely with my brown shirt.


I wore them on all day long yesterday – working on the computer, knitting, driving – whatever I was doing. The town electrician stopped by my office and when he saw them he asked if he should be contacting the heating company because I must be cold if I was wearing gloves. I tried to explain to him that they are a fashion accessory but I’m not sure he understood. He’s a man and a muggle, what did I expect?


I’m already plotting my next pair!

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  1. Nice, thanks for reminding me of that pattern. I started a pair without a pattern last Friday and figured it would be good to have one for reference.

  2. They look great. I’m all for patterns that use up some of the gorgeous sock yarn that’s on the market right now.
    I made a pair of Elegant Gauntlets – in black sock yarn – for my daughter to wear at cold cross- country meets ( the black is mandatory for meets). It’s about the only thing she wears that I’ve knit her. ( A few friends must have told her they look cool). For her they are a running apparel accessory.
    If you are going to make more you should consider joining the Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL. There’s one month left.

  3. They are SO cute, Carole! I love the colors. I definitely need some of these babies. I had such a chill this morning! 🙂

  4. They are BEAUTIFUL!! I love mine too!! I made a pair a while back and LOVE THEM TO DEATH…they are a fun knit and come out beautifully – I think yours look fantastic 😉

  5. They look great! Your arms and hands will be warm all winter. Next time the electrician is working outside in the cold, I bet he’ll think of these and wish he had a pair.

  6. Gorgeous. I really like those. I’m going to have to put them on my list. The Knit Stitch and the Purl Stitch were the first books I bought as a new knitter and I really like her simple and useful patterns in them.

  7. they are wonderful! and adorable photos of you too.
    now I have to go and see if I have that book on my shelf… look what you’ve started – a TREND!

  8. Those are lovely. I don’t know about that middle pose though…are you trying to tell the electrician something? 🙂 Will they work as a re-enactment fashion accessory btw?

  9. I would love some of those.

    However. Every time I wear my Fetchings, my husband asks if I am going to go out and start a fire in a barrel out in the yard and sleep under a bridge. Apparently the hobo look doesn’t appeal to him.

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