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Corrugater Scarf

The never-ending, long-suffering Corrugater Scarf is finally finished and I love it. To refresh your memory, it’s my own handspun from Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop Roving. While it was originally going to be socks, I’m not at all disappointed that it has become a scarf instead.


Can I just say, though? This thing took forever and a day. Never again will I knit a scarf on size 3 needles. Never.


On the positive side, the length is perfect and it’s soft and squooshy and I can wrap it around my neck and my face.


The obligatory reflection-in-the-bathroom-mirror shot.


And the also obligatory outside-and-I-hope-the-neighbors-don’t-see-me shot.

Both photos presented as a visual aid for those of you playing Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo. I’m a square, doncha know. I hear it’ll probably be too warm for this scarf and it may be rainy so I’ll be wearing a green rain jacket with a bingo button (courtesy of Norma) and I’ll be carrying a big-ass L.L. Bean bag filled with fiber.

Be there or be square.

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  1. That’s a very pretty Corrugater. It seems to be a wonderful choice for handspun.
    I’m going to Rhinebeck too, but I won’t be there until Sunday. Have fun!

  2. Beautiful scarf…love the colors! I can’t say I would knit a scarf on size 3 needles but don’t hold me to it.
    Have a great time this weekend!

  3. Thank you! I just this minute finished up a scarf & was wondering what I was going to do next, hoping to find another simple scarf & here you go and just hand me a pattern! 🙂 This will make a great gift scarf.

  4. Sigh – I’ll have to be square, at home. 😉 Nice scarf – which Sock Hop colorway is that?

  5. It’s beautiful! And the only reason I’m not crying is I already saw it(unfinished) and you this fall. Sigh….have fun y’all.

  6. Corrugator turned out well. Yeah, those 3s get you every time. I just finished the baby kimono on threes…aren’t baby sweaters supposed to be FAST?

    Bags full of fiber? Predicting the future, eh?

  7. Ooh, that is very pretty! I love how the colors blend and stripe.

    (My neighbors already think I’m strange, so taking pictures of myself outside would only confirm 😉

  8. I’m bringing a little tiny bag, because I don’t want to carry a big heavy one and stretch out the shoulder of my new sweater! Ha! I’m so vain. Good thing you and kathy always have those huge bags with a little extra room for my stuff . . .

  9. Won’t you look cute, though! The colors look great on you and you will get a lot of use out of this scarf, but I’m with ya on the #3s. Have a great time at Rhinebeck.

  10. It’s lovely!! Sounds like you’ll be having some of the same lovely weather we’re having… we did see the sun for 12 minutes yesterday (it was a fluke). Now we’re back to rain and the obligatory flash flood watch.

  11. The scarf is wonderful. I just love that Sock Hop Roving. Have a great time and, just in case you need to justify more sock yarn (as if), remember that the SM2 patterns will start rolling in next week. 😉

  12. I do love that pattern. I’m planning to knit one too with sock yarn. Yikes, the knitting with size 3s or my equivalent is what is keeping me from starting it. But I will. Have fun @ Rhinebeck!

  13. It’s beautiful – but why would you ever want to cover that face! Give Vicki a big hug and smooch for me and please have her send one from you back to me??

  14. That scarf looks lovely, so soft and pretty.
    Mmmm, size 3 needles. I bought some more size 2s the other day. Can’t have enough size 2s. It’s my curse of the loose knitting.

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