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WIP ‘Em Out Wednesday

I have this tendency to show you finished objects only. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I posted about any of my knits-in-progress. So, today, I present The WIPs.

#1. Bee Fields Shawl.
I love just about anything that Anne designs and this shawl is no exception. The yarn, from The Other Anne, is equally fabulous, so soft, so sproingy and so delicate. I have finished the set up chart and the first chart and am a little more than halfway through the second chart. I won’t kid you, this pattern is a challenge. There is lace knitting on both the right and wrong sides and some of the knitting maneuvers are reminiscent of acrobatics. But I know it will be worth it when it’s finished. And with any luck that will be before Rhinebeck.

#2. Child’s Cable Sweater.
This is for my (step)grandson, Patrick. The yarn is Peace Fleece and the pattern is a simple cabled sweater. It’s fun to knit and pretty fast going, too. I originally thought I’d have it done for his birthday at the end of this month but the call of the Bee Fields Shawl has been loud and I’ve neglected the sweater. Looks like I’ll be shopping for a birthday present instead. There’s always Christmas except that I don’t knit for Christmas. The bottom line is it will be gifted when it’s finished, whenever that may be.

#3. Corrugarter Scarf.
I feel like I’ve been knitting this FORever. The yarn is my handspun from Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop Roving in the colorway “Twist and Shout.” The design, of course, is Paula’s. And I love it but I’m knitting on size 3s and it’s slow going.

#4. Peppermint Mocha Socks.
Mindless socks. Because there are always socks on the needles.

So, I WIPed ’em out. How about you?

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  1. Fabulous WIPS!!
    I can’t wait to get started on my own Bee Fields but after seeing the yarn you are using, I am now so jealous! That color is gorgeous!!

  2. I only have a couple of projects going right now–both mindless. It’s been a while since I’ve challenged myself knitting-wise.

    The Bee Fields shawl is gorgeous! And a scarf on size 3’s? That’s dedication!

  3. Bee is beautiful. I’m doing her Hypoteneuse right now and loving it. Can’t wait to try more of her patterns.

  4. I’ve always wanted to do one of Anne’s shawls. She’s such a wonderful designer. Bee fields happens to be my favorite of hers at the moment.

  5. I usually have lots of things going on the needles at the same time too. Though recently, I’ve had to put some things aside that I didn’t want to because I ran out of yarn and at the time didn’t have enough money to justify buying more. Fortunately this new job I have has allowed me to get it so I can finish up those couple of lingering projects!

  6. Love all the WIP’s – I was thinking of making the bee stole with some of my handspun, It is one of those shawls that looks gorgeous in every color I have seen it in thus far.
    corrugarter scarf from your handspun is wonderful!

  7. Do you need a reason to give someone a handknit item? I mean… really?!

    Love the Bee Shawl. I keep seeing beautiful ones. Think I can resist?

  8. I have a tendency to only blog finished objects, too. I guess it’s just easier that way.

    The Bee shawl is so pretty. I hope you are able to finish it in time for Rhinebeck!

  9. Lordy, I can’t even begin to imagine what that post would look like! I am planning on starting the Honey Bee Stole though!

  10. We in the blogiverse have started only showing FOs. I remember the WIP days. Actually, I liked seeing all yours. Gives more immediacy, and more continuity. You and cables are like this XX now, aren’t you?

  11. I love your Corrugarter scarf! That yarn is so interesting. Hope it doesn’t go too slowly.. looks like you are getting close to an FO!

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