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Annemor #16

I finished my Annemor #16 mittens from the Selbuvotter book and I love them!


This is my first stranded colorwork and once I got going I really enjoyed it. My only advice is to keep those floats loose. If you think they are loose enough then make them even looser.


The yarn is nothing special, just some Plymouth DK weight that I had lying around. Next time I’ll use a better quality yarn but these are washable and that’s a bonus since there’s a lot of white.


My favorite part is the back of the thumb. I just love the way the palm pattern continues there. Quite clever, that.


The entertainment factor definitely made these go fast – I finished the pair in exactly one week. And I can’t say enough about how wonderful this book is. Thank you, Jan, for recommending it. Allow me to now recommend it to all of you.


C’mon. You know you want mittens like this, too.

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  1. Your mittens are lovely! I am working feverishly to finish some old projects I have laying around in order to clear the deck for some mitten knitting. I have this book, and the “Bird in the Hand” pattern from Kate Gilbert. I agree with you on the floats—I think people new to fair isle knitting always worry that the floats will snag, but in my experience, you can never make them too loose.

  2. I love them too !
    What a fantastic piece of colourwork, especially for a first attempt. They’re stunning.
    I ordered the, signed, book months ago, and keep getting it out just to read and enjoy looking at all the gorgeous mittens. It is a wonderful addition to any knitter’s library.
    Which reminds me. What a lovely craft studio. A lovely space to relax and create. Fab !

  3. What beautiful mittens! Everyone in blogland it seems is knitting up such fabulous mitts, but yours are spectacular! I might have to add these to the list! Thanks for being such a wonderful person and knitterly inspiration!

  4. Great mittens, Carole! I’ve really got to make a new pair for myself.

    And your new studio is GORGEOUS! Dale, you’ve done good! 🙂

  5. Apparently I knew even before you posted those beauties I wanted some. I got my book last week and have …oh…. maybe 20 of the pairs in there bookmarked to try. 🙂

    Yours are gorgeous!

  6. Yes, I do want mittens like that, too. Are you offering to knit them? 😉 Just kidding.

    I think the mittens look stunning. I love the red and white. I’m guessing that there will be several more pairs of stranded mittens in your future?

  7. Well, I’d been having a terribly hard time deciding which of the Selbuvotter book mittens I’d do first. Now I know. #16! Thanks, Carole!

  8. You enabler you. These are so beautiful. I’m feeling so tempted to purchase the book, but I’m nervous mine won’t turn out as beautiful as yours and I’ll have to take photos that don’t emphasize the flaws. You’re knitting just keeps getting better & better (if that’s even possible).

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