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Annemor #16

I finished my Annemor #16 mittens from the Selbuvotter book and I love them!


This is my first stranded colorwork and once I got going I really enjoyed it. My only advice is to keep those floats loose. If you think they are loose enough then make them even looser.


The yarn is nothing special, just some Plymouth DK weight that I had lying around. Next time I’ll use a better quality yarn but these are washable and that’s a bonus since there’s a lot of white.


My favorite part is the back of the thumb. I just love the way the palm pattern continues there. Quite clever, that.


The entertainment factor definitely made these go fast – I finished the pair in exactly one week. And I can’t say enough about how wonderful this book is. Thank you, Jan, for recommending it. Allow me to now recommend it to all of you.


C’mon. You know you want mittens like this, too.

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  1. Your mittens are wonderful, Carole! Don’t you think the Selbuvotter book presents these seemingly difficult patterns in a very approachable way?
    I’m neck deep in Christmas prep but can’t wait to get back to my mitten knitting. Soon!
    Again, your mittens are just lovely!

  2. Nice job! I had been reading her blog and pre-ordered it – it’s a fantastic book and I can’t wait to knit something from it.

  3. Now that I have had some success at colorwork mittens I do plan on a pair or two out of that book. It’s a treasure. Adrian (Hello Yarn) linked to the errata yesterday, too.
    Your mitten is perfect! Good work for your first time out and thanks so much for the advice;-)

  4. Me thinks there will be a package under the tree that says “To Deb, From Deb”. I’m working on “Bird in the Hand” right now and loving those as well!

  5. Yep, I do want some like that!! wow, they are gorgeous~ I love stranded knitting. Can’t wait for another color project 😉

  6. I just need to stop reading your blog, my queue is getting ever so long just from this site 🙂
    KIDDING! Keep it up, I can queue it up as much as I darn well please 😉

  7. I DO want mittens like that! I was digging around in the stash last night to cast on some colorwork mittens and can you believe it – I don’t have any suitable yarn! Seriously.

  8. Oh Carole! They are SO pretty! And they match your new room! 🙂

    I love that book. There’s a pair of children’s mittens with ravens (?) on them that I want to knit with thicker yarn, so they will fit me. 🙂

  9. I would love mittens like that! I like the colors you chose..very traditional. I think that was the problem with my color was lose “enough” but still seemed really tight on my hand.

  10. I thought it might become addicting for you… 😉
    I have that book on my Christmas list. I hope Santa brings it, because OH BOY those are pretty.

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