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Let’s Review, Shall We?

All the excitement over my new studio and the compliments over my new mittens have left me speechless. So, in the interest of reflecting on the year past, I’m taking a card from Vicki’s hand and doing a meme.

The idea is to post the first sentence from the first post of each month. But I’m switching it up a bit and posting the first sentence of my favorite post of each month.

You just never know what pattern is going to sweep through the knitting blogs like wildfire.
In Dale’s family, Valentine’s Day is affectionately called “Cream Puff Day.”
Sit back, kids, because I’ve got a story that’s over a year in the making.
Hannah went on a school trip with the history club last week.
Most of my yarn is kept on shelves in the computer room.
Dale and I were married ten years ago today.
Hannah failed her school eye exam this past spring so yesterday I took her to the eye doctor for her first check up.
On Friday I took Hannah for her back to school haircut.
As I’m sure you’ve figured out, my trip to Utah was wonderful.
We did something on our family vacation this summer that I never told you about.
Hannah wore her finished Central Park Hoodie on Thanksgiving, for which we were both thankful.
What’s a knitter to do when she needs to wash all her socks and she can’t hang them on the clothesline to dry because it’s snowing?

You know, for something that I thought would be a quick post, this took a long time. I could have knit something new to show you in less time, in fact. Ahh well, at least I enjoyed my trip down blog memory lane.

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  1. I’m doing a review tomorrow and putting up a picture review Monday (as I’m going to be too busy for anything else). I’m not sure anyone cares but us, however;-)

  2. Some of those posts were from before I started reading your blog. I’m going to have to go back and read about “Cream Puff Day!”

  3. What a wonderful idea for a meme! I remember most of those posts.

    As an aside, I think I want to be adopted by Dale’s family. Any family that celebrates “Cream Puff Day” is a family I want to know!

  4. Oh, the great appliance debacle of aught-six-right-on-into-aught-seven. I forgot about that, but laughed just as hard the second time around!

  5. Great Meme.
    Say, I just was looking at a few of your previous posts and noticed your Eye Candy Friday post from last week. Did you have any commenters comment that it looks as though you were quoting one of my favorite Christmas songs: We Need a Little Christmas? The Percy Faith Orchestra version is my favorite. I used to have a Christmas CD with it on but lost the CD. After several holiday seasons of looking for the CD I gave up and downloaded the song to my Itunes. The best 99 cents I’ve spent this holiday season.

  6. It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?
    A nice idea for a post.
    I hope you are doing alright with all that snow. Stay warm and dry, okay?

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