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A Package for Mason

I do a lot of online shopping and this time of year there are packages arriving every day it seems. Dale is often home in the middle of the day and he will take whatever packages have arrived and leave them on the kitchen table. Yesterday when I came home there were 2 packages in the kitchen. But then I noticed there was one that he had left in the mudroom. That’s odd, I thought, and I went to investigate.

Turns out, it was a package for Mason and it was from his Auntie Cookie. Dale said when he brought it in the house Mason immediately came running and tried to tear into it. That’s why it was in the mudroom when I got home – away from the prying claws of a certain cat.


Of course, the package was for him and I gave it right over. He proceeded to tear his way into it, making use of his claws and teeth.


I think it’s pretty obvious that Mason loves his present of three catnip mouse hand knit by his favorite auntie.


Although, he did look a little glassy-eyed after he had played for a bit.


But yes, he’s in lurve.


So, thank you, Auntie Cookie! Mason loves you lots!

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  1. Oh, now that’s funny!! He looks like he’s saying “I’m SO drunk”! I wish I had a REAL cat, nothing “cat-like” interests Mr Ace.
    Merry Christmas Mason!!

  2. That is too funny – I wish my cats (all 4 – especially the youngest) would only get into THEIR packages!

    Mason is so handsome – he reminds me so much of my Buddha when I was growing up – he was with me from nursery school until my first year of college. No Siamese in my house at this time, but I’d take one again in a second!

    Merry Christmas from the North Shore!

  3. Ha! Tigger just loves the tape on all packages so they all have ganw marks on them! Mason has remarkable “opening” skills!

  4. My cats get new hand knit mice every year. I thought about it yesterday and realized it might be New Year’s this year before they get them.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how happy a little leftover yarn and some catnip can make a cat?

    I’m so glad that Mason got his package and has been enjoying himself. I hope he isn’t feeling too hungover today.

  6. I’ve been wanting to knit a catnip toy for my cat, but I’m not sure I want her to get the idea that woolly things are play toys. She ignores my knitting now. But Mason is clearly enjoying his present!

  7. that catnip is magical stuff. wish there was such a thing as marysenip.

    my napoleon loved the stuff. my other two cats, not so much. funny though.

  8. Mason looks like a happy kitty. It’s so much fun to see them get into their toys. Our kitty loved his toys – I still miss him!

    Thanks for the pics. I enjoyed!!!!

  9. I’ve never seen a cat do that! It is amazing…and Mason is quite a handsome fella. He looks like Killian when he’s had too much cat nip…

  10. Nothing like a curious meezer. They know when items belong to them. And I love the shot of Mason’s whole face in the envelope. He is not tipsy but stoned. He is definitely having enjoying his holidays.

  11. I love the shots of him trying to open the parcel – and sticking his wee head right inside, making sure he gets a good look. Such a cutie.

  12. Go Mason, Go Mason, Go Mason! Whoo, whoo, whoo!

    He looks exactly like the cat we had when I was growing up! Lurve him!

  13. absolutely adorable.. kitty christmas 🙂
    I have my kitty presents safely hidden (not under the tree) til christmas morning 🙂

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