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It seems like everyone is talking about diet and exercise these days, myself included. It’s that time of year, after all. So let me put it right out: My intention this year is to make physical changes, to get off my butt and get moving, to feel better about myself and the way I look. To that end I’ve started Weight Watchers online again, I’ve changed my YMCA membership to a family one so that Dale can go with me, and I’ve joined the Ravelry group lessw8 in 08.

I’m seeking chemical reactions and physical changes. A calorimetry of the mind, body and spirit, if you will.

Speaking of Calorimetry (nice segue, huh?) I finished two in the week leading up to Christmas. Both are for me, selfish little knitter that I am.



The gray one goes with my charcoal gray coat. The yarn is di.Ve’ Teseo and the striping effect is very cool. I cast on 100 stitches and knit until it was about 4 inches wide.



And the brown one goes with my red coat. The yarn is Karabella Boise and it is soft, soft, soft. I again cast on 100 stitches but knit until it this one was only about 3 inches wide.

I’m not a big wearer of hats as I like to avoid “hat head” at all costs. However, sometimes it’s just too cold to go without some sort of head covering and I think these two little headbands will see me through the rest of this winter just fine.


Especially if today’s predicted highs of 57ΒΊ stick around.

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  1. Cute headbands, and they frame your pretty face nicely!

    Good luck with your changes. I know from experience how hard it is, but from the same experience I know it can be done – you can do it!

  2. They look so cute on you! I made a scarf with Bosie a year or two ago. It really is incredibly soft!!

    Good luck with your 08 goals. I really should go join WW myself – and get up and start moving more!

  3. They look great on you! I think those are great goals for the new year and it’s wonderful you and Dale will be going to the gym togehter. I wish I could get my husband to do that.

  4. The headbands look great! I wonder if they would work over my daughter’s dreads. I guess there is only one way to tell, huh? Good luck with WW. I’m cheering for you.

  5. Very cute!!! I have pulled that pattern out a number of times, but have yet to make one. Seeing how cute it is, maybe it will get moved up the ladder!

  6. Those look great on you! I’m with you on your goals. I’m signing up with WW today. My first meeting is in an hour. Now I need to figure out the moving my body part of it.

  7. Don’t you look charming in that last shot! The headbands are a great compromise for those of us who dread hat hair.
    This pattern always reminds me of the hats we wore as kids growing up in Maine. Same shape but with ties instead of a button. I can still invoke that choking sensation when my mother would tie it too tight under the chin. lol

  8. Good luck with your ’08 goals. I’m still thinking about how I’m going to get more exercise in the new year for me.
    Those Calorimetry’s look great on you.

  9. Now those look cute on you…on me they wouldn’t look so good…and I think it’s because of the face shape…I have a really long face..and hats make my face look fuller. Of course, you have to keep the darn hat on whereever you are because the hair looks awful! Like the colors, too!

  10. Love them – that pattern is still on my to do list! I too avoid hats because of the whole hat hair issue, but was thinking these would be perfect to keep the ears warm and still look good :)! Good luck with the WW – I slowed down with it over the holidays but am now trying to get back on track too!

  11. Hmmm, I’m heading over to Ravelry to check out that group. I’ve gained 20 pounds over the past year and I want it off!

    Great Calorimetries! I think I am the only person in blogland who hasn’t knit one.

  12. They look great! I look terrible in hats, but maybe a Calorimetry would look okay. Thanks for mentioning the Ravelry group. I’ll have to look into that. Good luck with your efforts!

  13. cute calometries but you must be new to the area, because 57 degree days in january is just mother nature’s way of fucking with us.

  14. I kept meaning to make one of those – and then promptly forgot – thanks for the reminder.
    they are fabulous!
    And tell Dale that he took some great photos of you. I really like the last photo – what a great smile.
    Good for you, also, deciding to feel good about yourself in 08.

  15. those are great! i’m making my Mom a scarf with Teseo right now and think i might have just enough left for a Calorimetry – love the striping.

  16. I love the photos of you, you look gorgeous! Good luck with the your weight management program. WW and gym sounds like a good ticket. That is one of my goals for the new year too.

    The Calorimetries turned out well. I may need to try these!

  17. So cute! If I could just find my knit mojo, I would make one or two of those. You haven’t seen it by any chance?

  18. Carole you’re so Beautiful!! You’ve completely sold me on Calorimetry. Now I MUST make at least one for myself. Of course right after I finished knitting my 15yo daughter a hat for Christmas she informs me she doesn’t want a HAT but a head band sort of thing that just covers her ears. SHEESH. So she’ll probably get one too if I like how it comes out.

    Best wishes for complete success in your Personal Calorimetry Goals Carole! Hopefully we’ll be successful together at it. XOXOXOX

  19. I wish you all the best in your endeavors to lose weight this year. I’m in the same boat, it’s just that I started November 1st to try not to add any weight during the holidays.

    You look fabulous in your Calorimetries. I didn’t really care for them in the past, maybe because they looked too big, but if I make one like your brown one, the it would be perfect.

  20. Best of luck on the weight thing. I have to get back on the draconian version of the DFH, which was helping with the plumbing issues *and* the weight.

  21. Good luck Carole! You can do it! I did WW online and lost 20 lbs after the girly was born. I still keep those numbers in my head. What shocked me was that my martinis I like had SEVEN points! That’s a whole meal! That made me sad. But cutting out alcohol made an immediate difference for me.

  22. I’m on that diet and exercise bandwagon too. And I’m 1 day in… jury’s still out. At least I have karate and I think I’m going to dedicate myself to running a couple of mornings a week. We’ll see. Love the headbands – so cute.

  23. Such very cute photos of you! I will be working on the opposite side of the country alongside you to meet the same goals… like mostly dropping 15 pounds and feeling more energetic:)

  24. Good for you, signing up the family at the Y. I think it helps keep you motivated to get in shape if there is someone around to work with you and help encourage you. I hope you are able to stick to your resolution, and feel good about yourself. After all, isn’t that what is the most important thing?

    The headbands are so cute! It does seem like a much better idea for cold winter days than a hat does. Has anyone ever told you that you have an absolutely beautiful smile?

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