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S Day

I haven’t even posted my letter A for the ABC Along but yesterday was all about the letter S.



There was snow.

And seaming a sweater.

And a Siamese cat.

I finished the sweater in spite of Mason’s “help” but you’ll have to wait for the shots of Patrick wearing it until I can get the little guy over here in the daylight.

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  1. Love the sweater!! What is the pattern? You are one busy girl!! I wish I could crank things out as quickly as you do!!

  2. I hope you got a day off! It always amazes me how tiny birds still carry out their daily errands even in big snows. Not surprising, is how a kitty appreciates the warmth of a good handknit 😉 A great S post.

  3. That little woodpecker on the branch is so sweet! I’m looking forward to seeing the sweater. I’m having the same issue photographing a vest I just finished. None of my models are home in the daylight these days!

  4. The yarn in the sweater looks great. Can’t wait to see it modeled. I am so jealous of your snow. I really want one good snow storm.

  5. Looking forward to the sweater. We have a woodpecker in our backyard. Cracks me up when there’s wood shavings all over our patio from the tree above.

  6. Lovely photos Carole! Did you have to wait forever for your bird shot, or do you have lot’s of birds around your house? Ours never hang around too long.

  7. Mason rules! And where ELSE would a Siamese spend his/her time but on the best handknits in the house – especially on a SNOWDAY!!

  8. OMG, those bird pictures are great! I took some snow pix this morning, but I know I won’t be able to top yours. (Not that it’s a contest or anything, I know.)

    Cats are so helpful, aren’t they?

  9. I am still bitter that I didn’t get an S day yesterday. Grrrr!

    That shade of green is mouth-watering. And it really brings out Mason’s eyes–in the shot where he’s awake, anyway. 😉

  10. I have always found Siamese help very useful anytime it snows or you or you trying to finish a sweater. If the word begins with an ‘S’, they think it must be about them. 😉

  11. Is Mason a seal point? My husband thinks so, so that also goes with your letter S.

    Beautiful photos! Your new camera is showing everything off beautifully. Then again, it helps that you’re a great photographer!

  12. I absolutely adore Siamese kittys, and he is absolutely beautiful!!!! Having grown up w/multiple Siamese kitties I can positivly say they are about the sweetest and smartest kitties I have known 🙂

  13. The sweater is lovely, but I envy your snow and the siamese cat’s nap! She looks particularly comfortable, it must be a comfy sweater.

  14. what a great bunch of photos you have – especially loving how mason ‘helps’
    so, you’re doing the alphabet soup version 🙂
    sounds wonderful to me!

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