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Spinning the Weekend Away

I know that many of you look forward to my Monday posts because I often have stories about exciting stuff I did over the weekend. Well, I hate to disappoint, but if you’re here for one of those type of posts, you’re in the wrong place. My weekend was very pleasant but it was far from exciting.

There was plenty of time for hanging around the house, grocery shopping, visiting friends and, of course, knitting and spinning. I suppose it could be considered dull but after the whirlwind of the holidays it was actually very nice to have a commitment free weekend. Doesn’t make for a lot of blog fodder, though, you know?

To redeem myself and entertain you I took some pictures of the spinning I’ve been doing for NaSpiMoMo.






It may not be all that exciting but at least it’s pretty.

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  1. Your spinning is beatiful.
    I love those kinds of weekends. They may not be exciting but they are great for recharging.

  2. Ooohhh, Carole – they are all beautiful! I have been staying up with NaSpiMoMo as well – spinning every day is good for the psyche!

  3. Ooh, I like that top bobbin! It’s that those crazy batts that we bought at Rhinebeck? I forgot all about that until right this minute!

  4. Beautiful!!! Makes me want to get my butt in gear and get back to my spinning wheel thats been sitting there looking back at me while collecting 2″ of dust!

  5. I think you forget your audience. I love to see your beautiful spinning, and can’t imagine a better weekend than one full of relaxation, knitting and lots of spinning! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics.

  6. Very nice and not boring at all. I meant to spin this weekend but somehow it never happened. I especially like the first bobbin and the greenish one.

  7. See now – as a soon to be, hopeful spinner, I find this to be so inspiring. I’m getting that “I just can’t wait” feeling just looking at your lovley bobbins full of potential.

  8. Oooh, you’ve been spinning a lot! I have too, ever since Distaff Day. You should give us a rundown on what’s on the bobbins! Details, details!

  9. Sometimes (like today) I would much rather have pretty than exciting. I made little knit/felted barnyard animals all day Sunday. Not very exciting, but definitely cute.

  10. Crosspatch Creations “Totally Tubular” Batt at the top there! I ran across mine in the stash yesterday. Should haul it out and give it whirl on the wheel! Did you like it? Did you tackle it in any particular way? That’s a lot of spinning you did! Nice job!

  11. For some of us, exciting means something bad has happened. Boring is good. Not that your spinning could ever be boring. It’s gorgeous!

  12. That is a lot of pretty yarn in the making!! Congrats on a nice quiet weekend. One we all need and should have at least 1/4!!

  13. Very pretty! If that’s a non-productive weekend, I’d hate to see what you can accomplish when you keep yourself busy!

  14. Excitement is highly overrated; your brilliant colorways are enough for me.

    (I’d have been here sooner, but your blog seemed to be down earlier.)

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