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Sock Madness Stealth

Thank you all so very much for your kind comments on my blogiversary yesterday. I loved reading them and I’m glad that you all like the new look for the blog, too. Or maybe you just all want chocolate. Either way, I’m a happy blogger.

I wish I could show you the knitting I’ve been doing but I can’t. You see, I have to be all stealth about it because I’m test knitting some patterns for Sock Madness 2. You remember Sock Madness, right? Well this year I’m hosting with Hillary (sounds like a show on the Food Network, doesn’t it?) instead of participating and right now we are deep in the throes of planning for this year’s competition. We had a great phone conversation last night and talked about everything from work, family and blogging to knitting, spinning and how we’re both not phone people. Believe it or not, we even managed to sort out some details about Sock Madness. Sign ups are right around the corner so keep your eye on the Sock Madness blog for details!

In the meantime I’ve been test knitting sock patterns. So far I’ve had one unsuccessful pattern but two successful ones. I just can’t show them to you because Sock Madness patterns are a big secret. Well, maybe I can give you a teeny tiny peek.



How’s that?

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  1. Heh, tease is right…. those are Gorgeous colours! and I’m guessing that second photo is a B&W… they’re great photos btw, nicely catching stitch definition.

  2. I think you’re channeling your Civil War persona: flashing just a bit of ankle to get us all excited.

    (It’s working.)

  3. Test knitting patterns is a lot of work, but it can be fun, too. Both of those socks look very intriguing. I missed out on the last Sock Madness, but I may have to sign up for this one. It sounded like so much fun!

  4. What great, enticing close-ups! You are probably saner to be the administrator, but still that is a very brave decision, I’m thinking!

  5. Pretty pretty pretty! I am such a slow sock knitter that I never join these things, but I love looking at what everybody makes.

  6. thanks for the peek!! that top one is really stunning. i love the bottom colorway too – i never think to do something in dark colors like that, but it looks great!

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