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Preppy Socks

Remember the yarn I won in Scout’s preppy contest? I turned it into some socks. They are very pretty and of course, very preppy, too.

I finished sock two on the plane last weekend. I though it would be fun to do a photo shoot in Florida but it was too damn hot to put them on. I did manage to photograph them last Sunday while we were there. They were languishing on a cactus in Brant and Heather’s back yard.



Warm and scenic. Sigh.

Fast forward to this Sunday. I photographed them in my backyard.



Cold and snowy. Ugh.

Oh well. If I lived in the land of the cactus I’d have no need for beautiful socks like these. On a day like today, though, that’s small consolation.

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  1. Snow melts and we’ll have spring…weather changes are entertaining (sometimes not) and more interesting than blue skies and beaches. Maybe.

  2. They are so pretty, Carole! I would miss my handknit socks if I lived in such a warm climate. Better that we endure the snow and ice!

  3. I’m with Margene – we need the change of seasons. I just wish winter would change sooner! They are beautiful socks and they can remind you of Florida!

  4. What a difference a few hundred miles makes! If you ever move to Florida, you could use cotton blends for hand knit socks like I do. Or, you could always revert back to your preppy days and go sockless (loved those photos).

  5. Interesting pooling or should I say wide striping! Looks like spam boy has found you… figures you need another trip to warmer climes- heh.

  6. What a difference a few days makes! They turned out very cute and very preppy! Having lived in the FL heat for 50 years – I’ll take a few cold months every year!!!

  7. They are very pretty and preppy. I think that the change of seasons is nice. It makes you appreciate the warmth more when you’ve experienced a really cold winter.

  8. They look so different in those two pictures! In the Florida one the green pops, and in the snowy Massachusetts one, the pink pops. It’s kind of cool, actually. 😉

  9. Those are adorable. Whenever you wear them, they will remind you of your first trip to FL to see the kids.

    I kind of envy your snow though. You not only get to make beautiful handknit items, but you get to WEAR them too. My poor sock drawer gets neglected for much of the year. (sigh)

  10. pretty socks to brighten your wintery day.
    I lived in Florida for about 3 years, and believe it or not, the constant,never ending, nearly perfect weather grew quite boring. I longed for the four seasons. (and moved to Ct. after that 🙂

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