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Socks for Lucy

Lucy is the daughter of my friend and colleague Amy. I have known Lucy since she was 10 years old and I’ve always had a special place in my heart for her. You see, Lucy is the one who connected us with our first Civil War reenacting group. It’s a long story but the quick version is that Lucy’s 8th grade history teacher was a reenactor and she knew that we had a burning passion for the Civil War and she got us together. We’ve taken Lucy with us to a few living histories over the years and she’s really a great young woman.

Lucy started college this fall in upstate New York and when she did I started sending her emails. You know, just checking in, seeing how she was adjusting, offering a friendly voice in case she was lonely or just needed a friend. Turns out, what she needed was socks. It’s cold in upstate New York!


The yarn is Claudia’s Handpaint from the Loopy Ewe. The pattern is just a 60 stitch picot edge sock.


Lucy told me that her favorite color is pink but that she likes lots of other colors, too. I think these fit the bill.


I wouldn’t knit socks for just any college freshman. Lucy is special and I’m so glad I could offer her a little bit of love in the form of a pair of socks.

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  1. Wonderful! She’s going to love them — and yes, it’s cold in upstate New York!! (although usually in my opinion they keep the dorms way too HOT)

  2. What a lovely gift! I had a family friend who used to send the most wonderful care packages when I was a freshman in college. Now I’m 36 & a 3rd year law student. No care packages anymore. Huh. Go figure. Maybe that’s why I keep ordering yarn? 😉

  3. Love the socks, especially the bright little green patch!! I’m sure Lucy will appreciate the handknit goodness! I hope to be a little bit faster of a knitter one day so I can churn out socks like you!

  4. Great socks! It’s important to have a good first year in college – there are so many adjustments to make and little things can mean a lot.

  5. Those will make her very happy! 60 stitches, eh? I think I’ve been making my socks too big, even 64 stitches is a bit loose. Next pair, I’m dropping a few stitches!

  6. Beautiful socks!!! Are the gift tags online? Perfect wrap for the socks!!

    60 stitches on what size needles? My socks have been a bit loose also.

    Merry Christmas,

  7. okay carole – somehow we are connected on many levels…you live near boston (my mom’s hometown and an area I hold dear due to visits to gram and gramps in Newton Centre)… you know my friend shae and taught her em to knit… you love books and work in a lib…I love books and work in a bookstore…you are a reenactor…my son dreams to be one and works at a living history museum…and his current 8th grade soc. studies teacher is one…..sooo wild

  8. Love the socks – I’m sure they’ll go to good use since it is freaking cold in upstate NY – she’ll be the envy of all her classmates! ;o)

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