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A Sweater? Really? Yes! Really!

How is it that I can knit 4 pairs of socks since the start of the new year but it takes me 4 months to knit a simple cabled sweater? I don’t know either.


Whatever the reason, I finally finished the Child’s Cable Sweater for my adorable (step)grandson, Patrick.


He chose the color green and I chose the Peace Fleece. I love working with Peace Fleece. The colors are terrific, it’s warm and it wears like iron.


Patrick wanted cables so this pattern, the Child’s Cable Sweater by Yankee Knitter Designs, was perfect. I knit the largest size and added about 10 stitches for an extra bit of width. It’s a bit roomy through the neck and shoulders but we wanted him to have some growing room.


It’s a very simple sweater and an excellent pattern. Really, I have no excuse for taking so long to finish it.


Patrick is quite pleased with the sweater and he was perfectly thrilled to model it for the blog on Saturday morning.


He was even more thrilled when he took 2nd place at the Pine Wood Derby later that afternoon. I think he had a pretty great weekend.

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  1. I love Peace Fleece, too. It’s an absolute workhorse besides having great colors. Nice job on the sweater and I love that shade of green you chose!

  2. Congrats to Patrick! Such a handsome young man. Sweater maketh kid. All right, he’s handsome without it, too, but they were obviously made for each other.

  3. Way to go Patrick!! I remember my kids doing the Pine wood derby when they were young….it was fun!

    The sweater looks great on him and just the right color for Saint Patty’s day!

  4. Wow, it looks fantastic! I would’ve made a larger size too! You want him to be able to wear it next winter too, right?

  5. I’ve often wondered the same thing myself. Why is it that sweaters take so long and socks seem to zip along —- didn’t someone do the math and figure that socks are the same amount of stitches? what is going on here?? it makes no sense! maybe the thought of seaming it at the end makes us slow down.

    lovely sweater btw!

  6. Fab sweater and handsome model. Congrats on getting it done and congrats to Patrick for 2nd place – nice job both of you.

  7. And being the owner of a Peace Fleece sweater, I KNOW how warm that baby is!!! Wonderful. Is that Shaba green, or a different green?

  8. OK – he’s ADORABLE! And the sweater brings out the ham in him – must get it from Dale?? Beautiful job Carole!

  9. Good job to both you and Patrick. He’s got the Irish name and Irish sweater… he’s all set for St. Patrick’s day! Handsome guy in a handsome sweater knit with love.

  10. Congrats to Patrick on the Derby race AND that beautiful sweater! What a handsome boy, he looks to be loving his new sweater too… who wouldn’t be proud to have him for a grandson!
    Lovin’ the Peace Fleece here also, maybe not the absolute most fun and soft to knit up but oh baby, when it’s had a proper bath? MMMMMMMMM.

  11. Love it! Well, you had me at cables and peace fleece – boy I love that stuff. Patrick looks so darn dapper in that green.

    Pine wood derbies – now that brings back some good memories. Here’s a great big congrats for Patrick. Second place, not to shabby 🙂

  12. Wonderful sweater, Carole! Socks can travel with us, but every sweater reaches a point where it wants to stay home. ;^)

    Congrats to Patrick!

  13. Looks great! Nice color. And I’m glad to hear that Peace Fleece wears so well. I have enough in the stash for the boyfriend’s next sweater.

  14. Is your color Hemlock? I knit a cardigan for myself with it last year, and used some of Peace Fleece’s handpainted buttons. I designed it myself, and every time I wear it, I find something else not to love about it. I *do* love the yarn, both the texture and the color, so I’m going to take it apart and either knit Central Park Hoodie, a Wallaby sweater, or just a simple raglan sleeved cardi. I like this yarn so much that I want to knit it into something I love and want to wear allot.

  15. Congratulations to you for finishing such a lovely sweater and congratulations to Patrick for doing well in the derby!

  16. How wonderful! He’s such a cutie in the amazing sweater. You really knit that beautifully! Congratulations on another wonderful knit.

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