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Random Thursday

I have some finished knits to show you but the gray skies and rain we’ve had around here certainly don’t lend themselves to photo shoots. That stuff will just have to wait until next week. In the meantime:

~A few of you expressed interest in the Chicken With Mushroom Sauce recipe from Monday night’s squirrel/dinner story. It came from and you can find the recipe here. I couldn’t get cremini mushrooms at my grocery store so I used regular white mushrooms and it was fine. Also, I didn’t add the Dijon mustard. We had the chicken with rice pilaf and asparagus and it was delicious – squirrel be damned.

~I am almost finished with the Noro Silk Garden striped scarf. And that’s a good thing because I am so sick of it I could scream. The color changes are entertaining and all but enough already.

~Test knitting for Sock Madness 2 continues. I’ve got one left to do and then I think we’re good to go. We had 86 people return from last year to compete again. Sign ups for everyone else start tomorrow.

~Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day. Or, as we say at my house, Happy Cream Puff Day.

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  1. Oh, it is that day, isn’t it? Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I probably won’t sign up for Sock Madness, but good on you. I can’t wait to see your finished product.

  2. Happy Cream Puff Day! The signature food of the Wisconsin State Fair is cream puffs. In America’s Dairyland, they’re the size of hamburgers. In Chicago I once saw a billboard with three cream puffs and the date, which was sufficient information for cognoscenti!

  3. my husband just asked for a scarf and i was thinking of starting the silk garden scarf for him. how many skeins did you end up using? he doesn’t want it super long, but he’s over 6′ so even a regular scarf for him will have to be long.

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