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Weekend Update

It’s day 3 of a 4 day weekend here at Carole Knits. Yesterday we drove Hannah, Jessica and Patrick to the airport in New Hampshire so that they could fly to Florida to be with Brant, Heather and Ambrynn. All reports are that they are having a great time. Hannah in particular is loving the warm weather. She must get that from me.

After leaving the airport we headed into downtown Portsmouth to meet up with Cheryl for lunch. I had the world’s largest Bloody Mary.


Yes, that is a sawed off Grey Goose Vodka bottle. Please note the inclusion of the beer glass for scale. Let me just say: yummmm. My sandwich was good too but really, the Monster Mary was the star of my lunch.

Dale and I will be enjoying having the house to ourselves for the next few days. I’ll check in again tomorrow but in the meantime, be well.

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  1. I bet it was hard not wanting to get on the plane with them. Thankfully you were just there though, so that helps. Enjoy your alone time with Dale. Could be lots of fun 😉

    Holy Toledo that bloody mary is HUGE!! I think every restaurant/bar should make them that size.

  2. Wow….I bet that was the highlight of your lunch! Sounds like you had a good time! Enjoy your time alone, it will pass quickly 🙂

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