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I promise a proper post tomorrow but today I am recovering from

1) SPA

2) The Oscars

3) Possibly bronchitis. Last week Dale and I shared a scarf. This week we’re sharing bronchitis. Ahhh, the joys of a close marriage. Ahem.

I will talk to you all tomorrow. Mwah.

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  1. You did sound a bit sultry over the weekend, but I didn’t know it was bronchitis. Sorry about that. It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache.

    I didn’t watch the Oscars, nor do I have bronchitis, but SPA is quite enough to recover from.

  2. Take care—there are some wicked germs going around. I had a cold about a month ago, and it blossomed into a sinus infection. I just finished my two-week course of antibiotics today. Yuck.

  3. I thought you were losing your voice from all the laughing and gabbing all weekend; I’m sorry to hear it’s more than that. I hope you feel better real soon!

  4. You did have that sexy voice thing going this weekend…bummer thought that it is because of bronchitis 🙁

    Rest up and take care….it was GREAT to see you this weekend!

  5. I hope you and Dale feel better soon! Were the Oscars good? I watched Pride and Prejudice instead, but I always like to see the awards show gowns.

  6. Again I have fallen off the blogroll. How nice to see all your beautiful FOs out there! Love the man socks.

    Hope you dodge the bronchitis…

  7. Sorry to hear you are sick 🙁 We hope you guys all feel better soon and send our love.

  8. That’s it! No more sharing scarves. Everyone has to keep their germs to themselves.

    Take care of yourself, sweetie, and feel better soon. ♥

  9. I had a feeling you were “brewing” something more than a Lauren Bacall voice over the weekend. I’m sorry! Feet up, push the fluids, with knitting in hand and rest sweetie! Feel better soon!

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